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Office Manager’s Guide to Mastering Lien Rights

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Office Manager’s Guide to Mastering Lien Rights

If you’re an office manager in the construction industry, you likely have a lot on your plate from day-to-day. Sometimes paperwork, project communication, and weekly accounting can keep you from the equally important, but often stressful, process of managing lien rights.

We know how complex the construction payment process can be, so we put together a crash-course in lien rights made specifically with office managers in mind. This free guide will help you master mechanics liens, increase cash flow, and become the hero of your construction business. It covers the basics, like what lien rights are and how to protect them, as well as more advanced topics, like how to secure lien rights for your company, and how to leverage them to secure payment.

We’ll start with an overview of the four stages of the process, then will dive into each stage individually.

Stages of the Lien Process:

  • Stage 1: Preliminary Notice
  • Stage 2: Notice of Intent
  • Stage 3: Mechanics Lien
  • Stage 4: Enforcing a Mechanics Lien


It also outlines how manage the lien process effectively by creating a lien policy, and provides an in-depth look at the three important elements of a lien policy.

  • How to Manage the Lien Process
  • What Information to Get Up Front
  • How to Monitor Deadlines
  • How to Use Lien Waivers Safely

Levelset is here to make sure you never lose a night’s sleep over payment. After breaking down the basics, this guide also explains how you can make managing lien rights easy with Levelset.