Office Manager’s Guide to Mastering Lien Rights

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Office Manager’s Guide to Mastering Lien Rights

Here’s how we’re going to tackle lien rights.

Part I covers the basics. We’ll discuss what lien rights are, and how you determine your company’s lien rights on a project.

Lesson 1: So What Are Lien Rights?
Lesson 2: How Do I Determine My Lien Rights?

Part II will cover how to secure lien rights for your company, and how to leverage them to secure payment. We’ll start with an overview of the four stages of the process, then will dive into each stage individually.

Lesson 3: Stages of the Lien Process
Lesson 4: Stage 1: Preliminary Notice
Lesson 5: Stage 2: Notice of Intent
Lesson 6: Stage 3: Mechanics Lien
Lesson 7: Stage 4: Enforcing a Mechanics Lien

Part III will cover how to manage the lien process effectively by creating a lien policy, then will discuss three important elements of a lien policy in depth.

Lesson 8: How to Manage the Lien Process
Lesson 9: What Information to Get Up Front
Lesson 10: How to Monitor Deadlines
Lesson 11: How to Use Lien Waivers Safely

Finally, we’ll conclude by explaining how you can make managing lien rights easy.