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The Bond Claim Process in 4 Steps

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The Bond Claim Process in 4 Steps

Submitting a bond claim is a powerful tool to prompt payment on a construction project. But just like the mechanics lien process, the bond claim process can be very complicated and confusing.Bond claim process guide

This guide breaks down the process of filing a bond claim into four easy steps, so you know what documents and deadlines are required to maintain your rights.

Our guide makes it simple to use the bond claim process to get paid on your construction projects.

Find out:

  • What project information you should compile to complete the bond process on a public construction project
  • How a notice of intent can help you get paid on a public project without needing to file a bond claim
  • What a preliminary notice is, who to send it to, and when to send one
  • How a notice of intent to proceed can help you enforce the claim and speed up payment, as well as how and when to send one
  • Ways to get paid without resorting to a bond claim and intense legal action

This guide is helpful for anyone who works on public construction projects, whether you’re a subcontractor, equipment lessor, material supplier, or general contractor.