Notice of Intent to Lien

One of the best tools in any contractor’s payment toolbox is the Notice of Intent to Lien. It’s also called an intent notice, notice of non-payment, Notice of Intent, or NOI. This document serves two basic purposes. 1. It protects your right to file a lien. 2. It tells the general contractor or project owner that your company is waiting for payment. It lets them know that, unless they pay your invoice, you intend to file a mechanics lien against the construction project. 

While a Notice of Intent is effective everywhere, in some states a contractor must send an NOI in order to file a mechanics lien. It serves as a formal notification of what will happen if any unpaid invoices remain outstanding.

Sending a Notice of Intent is a very effective way to speed up payment. Neither project owners nor GCs want the complications that a mechanics lien can bring to their project. An NOI gets the attention of the people at the top of the payment chain on a construction project, and puts significant legal pressure on them to pay.

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