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Levelset Subscriber’s FAQs

What is postage?

Depending on your subscription plan, postage may be an additional cost for sending your documents. To see if postage is included or not in your plan, you can check your contract or reach out to your Account Manager. Levelset handles the printing, stuffing, and mailing of your documents through a 3rd party service. The purpose of this is to save you time and to allow us to handle the project load in a timely manner.

How much is postage?

First Class = 0.47 postage cost + 1.12 mailing fee (per contact)
Certified Mail = 3.92 postage cost + 2.20 mailing fee (per contact)
Certified Mail Return Receipt = 5.42 postage cost + 2.50 mailing fee (per contact)

How is research done?

Research is handled by our Scout Team. It is a department filled with full time researchers that locate the property records through county assessor sites, GIS maps, and other 3rd party title companies.

How do I archive a project (mark a project as paid)?

After clicking view on the project that you would like to close out, hover over the amount due. Click on the bubble and select Mark as Paid. This will close out your project but it is still available under you “archived” filter.

How do I retract a notice?

Click on the documents tab in your account. Select the document you would like to retract and click view. Under the contacts section click retract for the contacts you’d like to send a retraction letter to.

How do I edit a project/document?

If a document hasn’t been ordered yet, you can hover over the projects details and click “ edit details”. Make sure to click save if you make any changes. If a document has already been ordered and you would like to make some changes, reach out to our support team so that they can properly communicate with our processing team.

Where do I find my document number?

Click on the documents tab and underneath the document’s name you’ll find the document number.

How do I cancel a document?

If a document is still marked as “New” “Alert Pending” or “Alert Solved” you can click view and then Cancel on the next page.

How can I download my document files?

To download an individual document, click on the documents tab and then the document you’d like to download. Click view and if the document has been processed you can download or print your own copy on the left side of the screen.
To download multiple documents, click on the gear in the top right corner of your screen and select settings and system data. Click on Download documents and select what copies you would like to download.

How do I see more details on my research alert?

Click view on the alert that you would like to resolve. Click on the three dots to the side of the Resolve button to view the attachments and any messages from the Scout member that sent the alert.