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These guys are GREAT!! Always so helpful, have an answer or solution for every question I've got. Most helpful in every way possible.


Can't believe Levelset filed a 'first time notice' for me via Certified Mail for free!! Superb client contact and follow up. Well Done!


Attempting to file liens in the past proved to be exhausting and frustrating. Levelset simplified the experience with knowledge, research and execution! The free is well worth the simplicity.


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Over 15,000 contractors across all fifty states trust Levelset to send and file payment documents including notices, preliens, liens, and waivers.

Our team of trained researchers find missing information critical to filing your documents by searching our database, and through emails and phone calls.

With Levelset, you can be assured to file your paperwork quickly and accurately.

Legally Compliant in All 50 States

All documents comply with the state laws that apply to your job, and they are mailed as required.

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Easily manage your documents from your Leveset account and track when they are delivered.

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