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What jurisdiction do I file a suit in?

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We are filing a Small Claims lawsuit against a non paying customer here in CT. I wanted to get clarification on where the filing needs to occur. CT guidelines are: "If the plaintiff is a person and not a business and the case does not involve a landlord-tenant matter, the place where the hearing (trial) will take place (venue), if a hearing is necessary, will be a court in one of the following places: (1) where you live; (2) where the party you are suing (the defendant) lives or does business; or (3) where the thing or injury you are suing about took place. If the claim is a landlord-tenant matter, the trial will be in the court location where the house or apartment (premises) is located." Can we file in the jurisdiction where we live, or must we file where the defendant lives which is also where the project was completed? Thank you.

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Aug 3, 2020
The above passage appears to leave the decision up to the claimant. Either location should be acceptable - generally, it's up to the claimant's discretion where to file their claim. Still, if the defendant and the location of the dispute are in the same jurisdiction, it might be wise to go ahead and file there - particularly if it's not a huge burden.
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