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Four unpaid construction work claims worth a combined $1.1 million have been placed against the Grand Hyatt Nashville hotel as of December 15, 2020, according to the Davidson County clerk’s office. 

Located in downtown Nashville on Broadway, the 591-room hotel has left at least two subcontractors seeking payment from the project’s general contractor, a joint venture general contractor known as Clark/Bell (Clark Construction Group, Bell & Associates Construction). 

A subcontractor and a material supplier are both awaiting payment from fellow subcontractors that serviced the 18-acre hotel project, which opened to the public on October 1, 2020. 

The joint venture general contractor Clark/Bell could not be reached for comment. 

The lien claims against the property were filed just before two men were caught on camera parachuting off a rooftop bar at the Grand Hyatt Nashville on New Year’s Day of 2021.

According to Nashville authorities, both men have since been banned from the property. Reports state the jump apparently caused mass hysteria amongst the rooftop bar patrons. 

When active against a property, an unpaid construction work claim — known as a mechanics lien — can prevent a property owner from selling or refinancing their property until the payment dispute is settled. 

Each mechanics lien was filed pursuant to Tennessee mechanics lien statutes.  

Four subcontractors allegedly owed $1.1 million 

The four subcontractors are allegedly owed a combined $1,105,775.81 in unpaid work at the Grand Hyatt Nashville, located at 1000 Broadway, Nashville, TN. 

HVAC and plumbing subcontractor Lee Company placed the largest lien claim against the property on December 15, alleging they are owed $1,042,778.90 pursuant to a contract with Clark/Bell. According to the lien affidavit, Lee Company serviced the project between July 2018 and October 2020. 

Nearly four weeks prior to Lee Company’s $1 million unpaid work claim was filed, material supplier Ram Tool Construction Supply Company placed a lien valued at $29,346.91 on November 18, 2020 against the Grand Hyatt Nashville hotel. 

The material supplier’s lien claim was filed directly against their hiring party, fellow subcontractor Allan Spear Construction. 

Indigo Installations Group filed the third-largest lien claim to date, worth just under $19,000 on September 29, 2020. The subcontractor’s unpaid work claim was filed against fellow subcontractor Sam Tell & Son

On November 3, 2020, subcontractor Apex Building Company placed a lien valued at $14,700 against the property pursuant to a contract with fellow subcontractor Sunbelt Pool Supply

Two men banned from Grand Hyatt Nashville after parachuting from rooftop 

On New Year’s Day of 2021, two men were caught BASE jumping from the rooftop of the Grand Hyatt Nashville. 

According to CNN, the two men caused a “mass panic” as they parachuted off the rooftop bar of the hotel. 

Video footage from a bar patron on social media shows the two men leaping off the 25th floor of the hotel before parachuting towards their parked vehicles, which they used to escape the scene.

CNN has reported as of January 3 that both men were confirmed to be guests of the hotel at the time of the jumps. On January 4, a Nashville ABC affiliate reported that both men have been banned and evicted from the hotel

BASE jumping is a “recreational sport” involving jumping from fixed objects. BASE is an acronym for the types of objects that can be jumped from — building, antenna, span, and earth.