Photo of 2 contractors lifting a piece of wall into place while a third contractor in the background repairs a ceiling with a "Top 10" label

It takes a dedicated type of contractor to focus on some of the most integral parts of residential construction projects, and the wall and ceiling industry involves some of the most specialized work in the construction world. Besides just constructing walls and ceilings, these contractors work in areas such as drywall, insulation, fireproofing, and even spatial acoustics, meaning that they have to have a wide range of expertise.

A lot of contractors have this wide range of expertise, but only some companies have been able to thrive during the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its global effects. Let’s take a look at some of those very contractors, the top 10 biggest wall and ceiling contractors in the U.S. this year.

RankCompanyRevenuePrevious Rank
1Performance Contracting Group Inc.$1.19 billion1 (-)
2The Raymond Group$310.8 million6 (+4)
3Western Partitions$260 million4 (+1)
4Nevell Group Inc.$242.9 million5 (+1)
5National Construction Enterprises$230.8 million11 (+6)
6Precision Walls Inc.$227.7 million7 (+1)
7KHS&S Contractors$213 million2 (-5)
8California Drywall$181.2 million8 (-)
9Baker Triangle$170.2 million9 (-)
10Greater Metroplex Interiors$141.7 millionUnranked

1. Performance Contracting Group Inc.

2020 revenue: $1.19 billion

Previous rank: 1

Performance Contracting Group is a wall and ceiling specialty contractor based in Lenexa, Kansas. The company has a large range of expertise, with commercial and industrial services in areas like doors & hardware, fireproofing, insulation, metal studs and drywall, and painting and coatings.

Outside of their corporate headquarters in Kansas, Performance Contracting has a large reach, too. The company has over 60 offices across the United States that focus on different parts of the industry, often with multiple in major cities that each handle specialized projects.

Performance Contracting has had success as a specialty contractor in multiple areas, showcasing their abilities in a wide number of areas. ENR ranked the company as the eigth-best asbestos abatement contractor in the country on top of its work in walls and ceilings.

The company has a good background in their payment history, as well. They earned an A payment score from Levelset, with 86 points out of 100.

Some of the company’s largest recent projects include:

2. The Raymond Group

2020 revenue: $310.8 million

Previous rank: 6

Raymond Group is a wall and ceiling contractor based in Southern California, with four locations throughout the state. The company touts its ability to self-perform much of its major work in modeling, planning, framing, drywall, lath, plaster, and exteriors. Additionally, it has a focus on theming, putting it in a good position to assist on projects in the entertainment industry.

Raymond Group has an average background with payment in the past year, earning a C payment score from Levelset and 75 points out of 100. Some contractor reviews have been very positive regarding the company’s payment process prior to this period, with one saying that “Raymond Group was great to work with. Easy process and kept it simple on our job [in] early 2020.”

The company has a wide portfolio, working often in residential construction, healthcare, and the entertainment sector. Some of its recent projects include:

3. Western Partitions

2020 revenue: $260 million

Previous rank: 4

Western Partitions is an interior/ exterior contractor based in Portland, Oregon. The company markets its core specialties as walls, with a “comprehensive list of services ranging from exterior building enclosure to drywall installation and specialty finishing.”

The company’s specific work includes areas such as acoustical systems, commercial coatings, drywall, insulation, framing, and general carpentry, with a portfolio that includes work in areas like education, entertainment, public works, and technology.

Western Partitions has a strong reach throughout the west and midwest United States, with 10 offices in addition to their Portland headquarters stretching from Ohio to the west coast.

The company has a very solid history with payment in the last year, earning an A payment score from Levelset with an 85 out of 100.

Some of Western Partitions’ major projects include:

4. Nevell Group Inc.

2020 revenue: $242.9 million

Previous rank: 5

Nevell Group is a commercial wall systems contractor headquartered in Brea, California. The company has a background in a number of sectors including healthcare, commercial, retail, and public works.

The company offers a number of services in wall construction, such as framing, plasterwork, and fireproofing among others. They additionally have larger capabilities in preconstruction work, offering prefabrication services, an in-house design team, and a design-build/design-assist team for its projects.

Nevell Group has a tight focus on the west coast, with three offices in Brea, Carlsbad, and Concord, California, and a history of work mostly in California and Nevada.

Additionally, the company has an average payment history in the past year, earning a C payment score from Levelset with 75 out of 100 points.

Some of Nevell Group’s major projects include:

5. National Construction Enterprises

2020 revenue: $230.8 million

Previous rank: 11

Based in Pontiac, Michigan, National Construction Enterprises is a parent company that manages a group of subsidiaries which focus on a number of sectors in the construction industry. In the drywall and carpentry sector, these include companies such as Ann Arbor Ceiling & Partition, Gibson-Lewis, Pontiac Ceiling & Partition, and Wal-Mark Contracting.

Given its status as a parent group for smaller subsidiaries, National Construction has a large reach across the country. Besides extensive experience across the lower 48 states and Alaska, the company has also worked on projects internationally in cities like Paris and Prague.

The company has an average history with payments in the last year, earning a C payment score and 75 out of 100 from Levelset.

The company’s recent major projects include work in multi-family, healthcare, entertainment, and public works projects. Some of National Construction’s major projects include:

6. Precision Walls Inc.

2020 revenue: $227.7 million

Previous rank: 7

Centered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Precision Walls is an interior and exterior specialty contractor that is focused on the southeast of the United States. The company has a large presence in the south, with 10 locations spread throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The company has a large range of work it can perform, including not only the standard work expected of wall and ceiling contractors (such as drywall and stucco) but also expertise in providing services such as rainscreen systems, projection screens, and pharmaceutical cleanroom systems.

Precision Walls also has a strong recent history of payment, earning a B payment score from Levelset with an 82 out of 100.

Some of the company’s recent major projects include:

7. KHS&S Contractors

2020 revenue: $213 million

Previous rank: 2

With branches around the country, KHS&S Contractors is a specialty contractor that has a particular focus in themed construction. The company’s foundation is in central Florida, with a large background in working in the area’s theme park industry, with now six total locations in Florida, New Jersey, and Texas.

In addition to working with interiors and exteriors, theme finishes and rockwork designs are major parts of the company’s expertise which set them apart from other contractors on this list.

KHS&S has a solid recent history with payment; they received a B payment score from Levelset, earning an 81 out of 100. Their payment habits have earned some praise from partners in the past, too, with one repeat collaborator saying that they are a “great team” that is “friendly and easy to work with.”

Working so often in the entertainment world, the company has taken on some major projects. These include works such as:

8. California Drywall

2020 revenue: $181.2 million

Previous rank: 8

Despite the name, California Drywall has a reach and focus that goes far beyond the state and just drywall. The company offers a number of different services in-house to support their work with interiors and exteriors, such as sustainability research, design-build and design assist, preconstruction, and value engineering.

California Drywall has a good history with payment in the last year, as well. The company earned a B payment score from Levelset with an 83 out of 100.

Though their three offices are limited to locations in California, the company has taken on some huge projects in recent years. Some of these include:

9. Baker Triangle

2020 revenue: $170.2 million

Previous rank: 9

With nine locations in Texas, Baker Triangle offers services in drywall and acoustics, prefabrication, plaster, metal paneling, and window treatments. The company puts significant emphasis on its prefabrication work especially, touting its ability to be involved in a project from the very beginning of design through to its installation.

In the past year, the company has an average payment history, receiving a C payment score from Levelset with a 75 out of 100. However, some reviews have been more positive; one recent review from a contractor noted that the company is “Very easy to work with” and “pays on time.”

Some of the company’s major recent projects include:

10. Greater Metroplex Interiors

2020 revenue: $141.7 million

Previous rank: Unranked

Climbing onto the list after previously being unranked, specialty contractor Greater Metroplex Interiors has a large background of work involving multi-family construction, hospitality, education, healthcare, commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

With the majority of its work focused in Texas, the company has offices in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

Additionally, Greater Metroplex has an average recent payment history, earning a C payment score with a 74 out of 100 from Levelset.

Some of the company’s major projects include: