Photo of a construction worker lifting a steel beam with "top 10" label

The steel industry is one of the most vital links in the global construction chain. 

It’s no secret that the price of construction materials has fluctuated over the past few years, and steel was particularly affected by this trend. With costs going up and the supply chain still suffering the effects of a pandemic chokehold, it’s important to have a trusted steel contractor. 

Plus, steel erection remains one of the top ten most hazardous occupations, which means a commitment to safety is an essential part of any steel contracting partnership. 

Let’s examine this year’s top 10 steel erection companies, according to Engineering News Report’s data.

RankCompanyRevenuePrevious Rank
1Schuff Steel Co.$637 million2 (+1)
2Pacific Steel Group$479 million1 (-1)
3Lexicon Inc$197.7 million13 (+10)
4Basden Steel Corp.$154.1 million5 (+1)
5Sure Steel Inc$152.3 million4 (-1)
6SME Industries$100.1 million3 (-3)
7Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group Inc.$99.7 million8 (+1)
8Stonebridge Steel Erection$95 million9 (+1)
9Sowles$84.3 million11 (+2)
10The Williams Group$73.8 million6 (-4)

1. Schuff Steel Co.

Total revenue: $637 million

Previous rank: 2

Moving from second to first place this year is Schuff Steel Co., a company that places a premium on trust and uses it as a key message while marketing itself as “North America’s most trusted steel erector and fabricator.” Schuff has held a consistently high ENR ranking for 15 years.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the group has locations in seven states total and offers services in the education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, sports, business, and hospitality sectors. 

Not only does the company cover a lot of bases, but it’s also committed to and proud of its safety advocacy, noting that “steel erection and fabrication are inherently in the top 10 most hazardous occupations in the country.” Schuff helps write legislation and advocates for regulations to improve labor safety on both the State and Federal levels.

Some of its major projects include:

2. Pacific Steel Group

Total revenue: $479 million

Previous rank: 1

Pacific Steel Group is a specialty contractor serving the western United States. Its expertise lies in providing concrete reinforcing steel bars, post tension cables, and pre-assembled rebar cages. Though the group is currently limited to its single San Diego office, its portfolio consists of projects completed in multiple states.

The company primarily works in residential, industrial, and public works industries, specifically on structures like bridges, office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, treatment plants, and more. Key leadership is experienced, with several top staff having spent more than three decades in the industry.

While Pacific Steel Group’s entire list of completed work isn’t readily available on the web, it does boast an impressive scope: “Our organization successfully completes hundreds of thousands of tons of fabrication and placement of reinforcing steel each year.”

3. Lexicon Inc.

Total revenue: $197.7 million

Previous rank: 13

This year, Arkansas’ Lexicon Inc. moved up in the ranks 10 spots from number 13 to 3. Working in both steel fabrication and construction, Lexicon believes they can help you “get it done” all under one roof — providing services in installation, maintenance, insulation, scaffolding, and more.

You can explore an interactive map of Lexicon’s projects around the US, but some projects of note include:

4. Basden Steel Corp.

Total revenue: $154.1 million

Previous rank: 5

Basden Steel Corp. is an employee-owned contractor offering steel erection and fabrication services to the surrounding areas of Texas and Oklahoma. Just three locations have generated an extensive portfolio over the past thirty-seven years of projects in the education, hospitality, healthcare, and military sectors, as well as buildings for special events and data centers.

The organization is committed to fostering retention through its ESOP (Employee Owned Stock Ownership Plan), and converts “actual stakeholder equity within the company” to “continue the legacy of a stable and profitable company.”

Some recent projects include:

5. Sure Steel Inc.

Total revenue: $152.3 million

Previous rank: 4

Next up on the list is Sure Steel Inc., a Utah-based contractor with a knack for structural steel, pre-engineered buildings, steel management, and building information modeling, among others. 

The company’s reach has expanded well beyond its home state, now serving cities like Charlotte and Dallas, and offering services for industries such as aerospace, energy, government, institutional, healthcare, retail, distribution, and several more.

Some recent projects include:

6. SME Industries

Total revenue: $100.1 million

Previous rank: 3

SME Industries is a contractor specializing in collaborative design and construction for steel erection and fabrication projects. Headquartered in Utah, the company serves a large portion of the western United States. 

Not one to shy away from larger projects, SME has completed some of the entertainment and retail sector’s most recognizable buildings, including Caesar’s Colosseum and the Paris Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas.

Efforts to partner collaboratively with both clients and other contractors have been praised. “They bring their vast amount of experience to the table in a very cooperative and friendly manner to calmly discuss construction concepts facilitating the early development of practical structural systems and connection details.”

Some of SME Steel’s major projects include:

7. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group Inc.

Total revenue: $99.7 million

Previous rank: 8

Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group Inc. is headquartered in Henderson, Kentucky, and has provided contracting services for over 100 years. Its main reach involves tanks, tank services, tank maintenance, support towers, and communication towers.

In addition to remaining a family-owned business, Pittsburg participates in trade shows and conferences to maintain a higher profile in the nation’s construction industry, and sponsors community give-backs.

The company’s payment score from Levelset is a firm B, earning 81 points out of 100 possible and a spot in the top 15% of small companies when it comes to payment history.

A comprehensive photo gallery on Pittsburg’s website provides an overview of its projects in the niche market of tanks and towers. 

8. Stonebridge Steel Erection

Total revenue: $95 million

Previous rank: 9

A major presence in the northeast, Stonebridge Steel Erection has completed iconic projects such as renovations and updates on all three major airports serving New York City: Laguardia Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Its offices serve the tri-state New York area and work in the education, aviation, healthcare, entertainment, retail, and industrial sectors. Stonebridge markets its “formidable reputation as a premier constructor of complex steel structures” and claims its process allows it to “achieve superior standards of quality and service.”

Some of the company’s major projects include:

9. Sowles

Total revenue: $84.3 million

Previous rank: 11

Making its way into the top 10 this year is Sowles, a steel erection company celebrating 90 years in business in 2023.

A staple of Minneapolis-St. Paul construction, Sowles provides a variety of steel services including structural steel erection, construction engineering, post tensioning, reinforcing steel, pre-cast concrete, metal buildings, bridge erection, and a fleet of Northwest Tower cranes. They have locations spanning the Midwest, Rocky Mountains, and Pacific Northwest.

Sowles has a long and storied list of projects, and a photo gallery of project highlights can be found on their website.

10. The Williams Group

Total revenue: $73.8 million

Previous rank: 6

The Williams Group, or Williams Industries Inc., has five locations spanning Virginia and parts of Alabama. Its steel branch offers precast and steel erection, as well as the installation of miscellaneous metals. 

Though on the smaller size, the group is affiliated with several important partners, including Steel Erectors Association of America, Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, Associated Builders and Contractors Inc., and the American Institute of Steel Construction

The Williams Group has gained recognition for its construction in multiple industries, including the 2022 SEAA Project of the Year award for its work on the Atlantic Union Bank Center at James Madison University in 2022–marking the third time in four years Williams has been recognized with this honor.

Some of the company’s most recent projects include: