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A construction company in Georgia got stiffed $175,000, and filed a Georgia mechanics lien for that amount. Then, they made a mistake that is a pretty difficult mistake to predict.  They hired the wrong attorney.

Xavier Dicks was hired in June 2007 to foreclose upon a $175,000 mechanics lien set to expire on December 15, 2007.  Dicks, however, didn’t file the lawsuit until January 2008.  The lawsuit was eventually dismissed, and Dicks took some sketchy actions to cover his mistake, including having the client sign a document promising to not file a bar complaint or malpractice lawsuit.

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This all came to a boil last week when the Supreme Court of Georgia disbarred Mr. Dicks.  Read the full opinion:  In The Matter Of Xavier Cornell Dicks.

While Mr. Dicks disbarment may be a taste of justice, it’s not a very helpful resolution to the poor construction outfit who trusted this attorney with their $175,000 claim. It’s a sad example of why companies must be careful about who they trust to file its mechanic liens, preliminary notices and foreclosure actions.

Be careful out there!