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Dating back to June 2020, at least three contractors and two material suppliers are seeking a combined $1.16 million for their services in constructing the five-story, 115-room Aloft Waco Baylor hotel in Waco, Texas. 

General contractor Byrd Building Services filed the largest unpaid construction work claim — also known as a mechanics lien — against the disputed hotel on December 11, 2020, claiming just over $1 million. 

According to the McLennan County clerk’s office, at least two subcontractors and a material supplier are owed a combined $72,644.80 from Byrd Building Services. 

The Marriott-branded Aloft Waco Baylor hotel opened its doors on October 19, 2020. Just four days prior on October 15, an electrical material supplier filed an $8,000 mechanics lien against the property. 

All five mechanics lien claims were placed between June and December 2020, according to the McLennan County clerk’s office. 

Mechanics liens are widely used by contractors, material suppliers, and equipment lessors who struggle to receive payment for their services. The lien works as a debt recovery tool by hindering the property owner from selling or refinancing until the unpaid claim has been satisfied. 

Each unpaid work claim was processed pursuant to Texas mechanics lien statutes

Three contractors, two material suppliers owed $1.16 million  

The three contractors and two material suppliers are owed a combined $1,162,806.51 in unpaid work at the Aloft Waco Baylor hotel, located at 900 S 11th St, Waco, TX. 

General contractor Byrd Building Services is still awaiting a total of $1,081,876.01 pursuant to a contract with the hotel’s owner, Central Texas-based 3S Hotels Group

Two subcontractors and a material supplier have since filed mechanics liens against Byrd Building Services, alleging they are owed nearly $73,000 in combined unpaid work. 

Subcontractor WDS Electric filed the largest lien against the GC on November 3, 2020, claiming they are owed $52,988.55. The earliest known lien was filed on June 12, 2020 by material supplier, A-1 Building Supply, which argues they are still owed $1,188.87 from Byrd Building Services. 

Several weeks later on October 15, 2020, material supplier Crawford Electric Supply Company filed a mechanics lien worth $8,285.70 pursuant to a contract with WDS Electric. According to the lien affidavit, Crawford Electric Supply Company serviced the Aloft Waco Baylor hotel between June and September, 2020. 

On December 15, just four days after Byrd Building Services filed their lien claim, subcontractor Precision Roofing filed a lien worth $18,467.38 against the GC. Precision Roofing serviced the project throughout the month of August 2020, as reported in the lien affidavit.