Guide to filing a mechanics lien in Gulf County

Where is the Gulf County Recorder's Office that files mechanics liens?

The Gulf County Clerk has two locations where you can go and file your mechanics liens.

You can submit your documents to the following office locations in person at the addresses below:

Gulf County Courthouse
1000 Cecil G. Costin, Sr. Blvd., Room 148
Port St. Joe, FL 32456
Phone: 850-229-6112 or 850-639-5068
Ext. 2304

Clerks Annex Office in Wewahitchka
153 N 3rd Street
Wewahitchka, FL 32465
Phone: 850-639-2175

What is Gulf County's Recording Backlog?

The Gulf County Clerk does not publicly disclose information on recording backlog.

Should my mechanics lien be filed in Gulf County, or some other county?

If the project is located in Gulf county, then yes, you will want to record your lien with the Gulf County Recorder’s office.

What are Gulf County's requirements for recording a mechanics lien?

Proper preparation of documents lies with the customer, requirements can be found in Florida Statute 695.26. There may be other statutory requirements for making a conveyance valid, which are not within the scope of the recording office to dictate.

What are the margin & page size requirements to file a lien in Gulf County?

The margin and page size requirements to file a lien in Gulf are: All documents must comply with the 8 1/2″ x 11″ standard page size and must be no larger than 8 1/2″ x 14″. The top margin of the first page should be 3 inches with all other margins as 1 inch. Not meeting these margin and page size requirements may result in additional fees.

How can I make payment to the Gulf County Recorder?

You can make payment to the Gulf County Recorder when submitting your lien claim. The Gulf Recorder accepts most major forms of payment including cash, check, and major credit cards.

What are the filing fees to record a mechanics lien in Gulf County?

The Gulf County Clerk’s recording, indexing and filing fee is $10.00 for the first page and $8.50 for each additional page.

Additional Recording Fees

Indexing instruments recorded with more than 4 entries: $1.00
Indexing instruments not recorded: $1.00

Lien Fees

Transfer of lien to security: $20.00
Fee per additional lien: $10.00
Liens processed in court – filing bond (mechanics lien): $20.00
Multiple liens: $10.00

Copy Fees

Copies in public records not more than 8/12 x 14: $1.00
Certifying copies: $2.00

How do I get a recorded copy of my lien from Gulf County's Recorders Office?

You can obtain a recorded copy of your lien from any of Gulf County Clerk’s two office locations in person.

Official records can be accessed by visiting the Clerk’s Office in Port St. Joe, the Wewahitchka Annex office or online at

All official records are open to the public and anyone may obtain copies. If you are unable to supply the book and page of the instrument requested, you may use the County Clerk’s public access computers or the index books at no charge to perform your own search.

Deputy clerks are available to assist the public in searching for information at the rate of $2.00 per year, per name.

All official record copies printed in the office cost $1.00 per page. Certified copies require an additional $2.00 per document.


Do I have the right to file a mechanics lien in Gulf, Florida ?

Determining whether you have the right to file a mechanics lien in Gulf, FL depends on your situation. Generally speaking, every state gives those who have furnished labor and/or materials to a construction project the right to file a mechanics lien if unpaid for the furnishing. The same is true in Florida. However, there are some state-specific limitations as to who is qualified to file a mechanics lien that is important when considering whether you have the right to file a mechanics lien in Gulf County, FL.

You can read more about lien rights and if you have the right to file a lien on our Florida Mechanics Lien Resources page.

What is the fee to file a Florida Preliminary Notice in Gulf County?

The fee to file a Florida Preliminary Notice in Gulf is $10.

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