Levelset Full Team Photo 2020

At this point, most people are familiar with the term “company culture.” It’s a buzz word used by companies all over the world that want to be known as the best place to work. Companies define their culture in various ways. Some claim their culture is strong because they host a huge, exciting annual event. Others will tell you people love their culture because they have an office ping pong table and free snacks. You may even hear a company boast about their top-notch culture and then reference their vacation policy or parking benefit. In reality, company culture isn’t any of these things. What makes an award-winning company culture?

As the Director of People Operations at Levelset, it’s my job to think about company culture constantly; but culture has nothing to do with the events we plan or the benefits we offer. It’s about the personality and soul of our company.

I can confidently say that of the organizations I have worked for or worked with, Levelset’s company culture is special. It’s hard to explain because there is no one thing that makes it so unique, but that won’t stop us from trying. The Levelset Life blog is our attempt to share the unique aspects of our company, our people, and our culture.

For the second consecutive year, Levelset was recognized as the number one Best Place to Work. Before winning this award, we had already racked up a pretty notable list of awards in 2019. We received recognition as a company that provides a meaningful careerComparably acknowledged us six times as the best company for work-life balance, perks and benefits, professional development, leadership, outlook, and CEO for women. We made the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List, and CEO World Awards recognized a bronze winner in their Technology Software Start-up of the Year category. A survey conducted by an outside company concluded that 100% of Levelset employees surveyed look forward to interacting with their coworkers when they come to work. ONE. HUNDRED. PERCENT. 

Levelset team Best Places to Work Trophy

But why? What is it exactly that makes this company’s personality and soul so special. It’s easy to find plenty of people willing to talk about what’s wrong with their job/company/boss, but I work for an organization where people genuinely like being here; employees are passionate about their jobs, and our team keeps winning? 

As I reflect on how our company culture has continued to evolve this past year, I can conclude that there isn’t a single answer. There are so many unique aspects of this company that make it special. It’s our purpose and our people. It’s how we provide service. It’s our growth and opportunity. It’s the challenges we face daily and the way we celebrate our wins. It’s the way we learn from our mistakes. It’s our commitment to make an impact. It’s how we take care of one another when someone needs help. It’s how we have fun. It’s our environment. It’s how we live our core values. It’s our leadership and our work ethic. 

Countless things make me proud of this company and set us apart, and this year I decided I want to share them all with you. So, welcome to the Levelset Life Blog, where we will discuss everything that makes this company tick from the inside out. Here you will find out what makes Levelset the best place to work directly from our employees. You can discover ways to improve your own company culture and get tips on how to develop better relationships with your employees and coworkers. You can dive into the exciting projects we are working on and the job openings we are looking to fill (maybe you are the person we are looking for), and you will get an inside look into our award-winning culture. 

Welcome to Levelset Life. We are happy you are here! 

Jami Smith, Director of People Operations at Levelset