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Built to get contractors & suppliers paid faster

Join the thousands who use Levelset to get what they earn on every job.

uilt to get contractors & suppliers paid faster

Make getting paid the easiest part of your job

Levelset makes managing payment and paperwork easy, so you save time and your company gets paid faster.

Track your deadlines

Track your deadlines

Enter your jobs or sync them from your system (e.g Quickbooks) to see your deadlines and next steps. Scout Research even verifies and fills in missing job details for you.

Send and organize paperwork

Send and organize paperwork

Manage all your payment paperwork in one place. Send notices, waivers, pay apps, and invoice reminders with a few clicks, or set up rules to send documents automatically.

Get late payments moving

Get late payments moving

Speed up late payments or resolve payment issues by sending warning letters and reminders, or by filing a lien. Levelset makes it simple to secure your payment rights on every job.

Create and send documents in minutes to keep cash flowing

Create and send documents in minutes to keep cash flowing

  • Preliminary notices (prelims)
  • Notice to owners (NTO)
  • Monthly notices
  • Mechanics liens
  • Waivers
  • Invoice reminders
  • Payment applications
  • and more…

Legal-approved templates
Use your own document templates, or the pre-made templates crafted by licensed construction attorneys.

Mailed based on state statues
Documents are mailed according to each state’s specific requirements (first class, certified mail, or return receipt.). And you always have the option to email them too.

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Always send the right documents at the right time

Never miss a deadline
Never miss a deadline

State laws are built into Levelset, so your lien and notice deadlines for every job populate immediately. Plus, you’ll get a reminder email when a deadline is getting close.

Save time with custom doc rules

Add custom workflows to remind you to send a document at a certain time, like sending an invoice reminder 30 days after the last invoice was sent. You can even set it up to send a document automatically.

Make Texas monthly notices a breeze

Easily manage monthly notices in states like Texas. You can prepare all your monthly notices in advance, and wait to send them until the day they’re due so you have time to cancel if you get paid last minute.

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Verified and accurate project info

Verified and accurate project info

Accurate information is critical. That’s why Scout, Levelset’s team of expert researchers, will personally investigate your jobs to ensure that your documents are valid.

Scout uses advanced databases and other sources to find and verify job information including:

  • Property owner, GC, and surety information
  • Legal property description
  • Project type

Need additional help filling in the data gaps? Our Scout Ultimate team will pick up the phone, send emails, and get creative to find information on other job stakeholders.

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Expert help

Our five-star support team is always available to help. You can also ask questions to a network of attorneys and accountants for free.

GC ratings & reviews

See thousands of reviews and ratings, about GC payment behaviors so you can make informed decisions.

Onboarding is a breeze

Get up and running in no time with the help of an assigned account manger and education expert to guide you thought the process.

Save time by syncing your jobs from other tools

Adding jobs to Levelset is seamless when you integrate your current software with Levelset.


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