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Get paid during the COVID-19 crisis

Learn the specific steps that construction businesses can take now to reduce coronavirus’ impact on their payments, cash flow, and overall financial health.

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Protect your payments and cash flow during the coronavirus epidemic.

Bond affidavit of claim form?

I was sent Bond of affidavit claim form from a surtey company. Do i need to still file a complaint with the courts? Can i...

How is the process with Covid???

We used to send an employee with the papers, but with Covid we do not know what to do?

Can you increase pricing due to Coronavirus?

I heard that due to the Coronavirus you can increase or add a percentage to your pricing. I was wondering if this was true? And...

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Additional Resources

The construction industry is already seeing huge impacts from the coronavirus pandemic, from delayed material supplies to shuttered projects to legal disputes over non-payment. We’ve assembled a list of resources:

  • Preparing for supply-chain disruptions
  • Coronavirus and business interruption insurance
  • County Recorder and Clerk Office closures
  • FAQ’s about coronavirus and cash flow