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A special thanks to Christopher Hill and his recommended Construction Law Musings blog, for letting me post for a record 5th time as part of his Guest Post Friday series. I love his construction law blog. He’s been blogging about construction law matters in Virginia for a few years, and he brings an unique voice to the construction law conversation out there on the Internets.

While I’ve focused on immigration issues my past submissions, this time, I wrote an article outlining the life of a mechanics lien claim: The Life Of A Mechanics Lien Claim: Preserve, Perfect, Enforce.

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I really like how this post turned out, as it gives a big picture overview to the entire mechanic lien process. Here on this blog, I sometimes get bogged down on the nuances in mechanic lien law, addressing the little things that differ state-to-state.

It’s important to step back sometimes and take a view from above approach to the liens laws, because while they vary drastically from state to state, there are a lot of underlying principles that are consistent. Understanding these principles can take companies a long way.

In any event, thanks to Chris, and I recommend heading his way to read the article.

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