How to Find Accurate Job Information for Your Vital Paperwork

Exploring Levelset’s Scout Ultimate Research Solution

When you’re sending a notice, filing a lien, or working on any paperwork related to collecting payment, having the correct job information is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, when you work on large jobs with lots of moving pieces, the property stakeholder and job site details you need can be time-consuming or just downright impossible to find on your own.

At Levelset, we help construction companies find these necessary job details with different tiers of research solutions. Our Scout Ultimate solution involves a team of expert researchers who will partner with you to personally track down those hard to find details. 

In this live webinar, you’ll get to hear from two of our very own Scout Researchers as they walk you through their process for finding job and property information so you can see just how easy it is to add accurate job information to your paperwork and successfully protect your lien rights.

In this live session, you’ll learn:

  • How the Levelset Scout team finds accurate information 99% of the time
  • How growing construction companies have partnered with Scout to secure lien rights and speed up collections
  • A detailed breakdown of the different levels of research solutions available to you



30 minutes

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“Having a great subject matter expert was a tremendous advantage for all who attended.”

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