Webinar: How Finance Teams Manage Jobs at Scale with Lien Rights Software

Construction Finance Teams and Software Webinar

The credit and finance team at any growing construction company is vital to the success of the organization as a whole. As a company takes on more jobs and bigger clients, securing receivables and managing cash flow can become more challenging and time consuming.

However, cloud-based software and automated solutions like Levelset can remove these challenges and help finance teams operate more efficiently without wasting resources.

If you’re interested in what it looks like to use Levelset to manage payment paperwork and cash flow  on jobs at scale, join our upcoming webinar to hear Toby Brutsman, the Regional Credit Manager at Morsco share his expertise and insights.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why a full lien rights management solution is more effective than a notice service or manual processes
  • How credit managers can streamline the notice process using automation
  • Tips to help your finance team successfully secure receivables while taking on bigger jobs



60 mins

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“Having a great subject matter expert was a tremendous advantage for all who attended.”

Troy Wakefield

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