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I've already filed a Mechanics Lien. What is the next step to begin to file suit to enforce that Mechanics Lien that was already filed, in Cook County?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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IllinoisLawsuitMechanics Lien
So how would I figure out if I'm an employee or an independent contractor The only thing I have in writing from him or text messages back-and-forth but our agreement was verbal but he did say our agreement in front of other people Because hes over 90 days Delinquent as an extreme urgency dream urgency to me needing to get paid you get paid I am facing an eviction right now And have other bills that are past due and late fees are piling up So I need to get paid as soon as possible...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I started working for a friend's LLC about a year and a 1/2 ago Flipping houses and doing remodels Our friendship a whole lot of simpathy stories and lies have allowed him to get 90days behind on my pay Our agreement is he would pay me a $1000 a week for 6 days plus $3000 per house when it was sold I've been seeing him by supplies throughout the properties and vest without other people on properties and pay a whole bunch of other employees except me I am facing a vision I need to know how I can get him to pay me Or if I can Sue him in court I did also get injured on one of our job sites That I have about $4000 worth of medical bills for...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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What help is there when construction companies take advantage of woman of color by over charging, months of delayed service and never completing the job? my other estimates are thousands of dollars less than I was charged. And the work has been incomplete for six months....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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North CarolinaLawsuit
I have a question, I also want to file a small claim sue to this client, I already have all the papers filled out, but I wanted to know whether to send the paper work by mail to the court now? or wait for the first lien notification to arrive?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
2 answersAdd commentSep 10, 2021
New JerseyLawsuit
Hi, I've purchased 80% of stock worth $80 from a construction company with the intense of to run the company and make some money. With a contract in hand and a promise from this person that to help me to get the ball rolling and will refund my money whenever i want to quit. Two years later Things didn't happen that way, and so i've returned the comp back to that person and took my name out of State board License and that like a year ago. Until now i didn't receive any money back from that person, i need to know what's the fastest way to request for it back ? Since this person keep telling that he has no money. Please advice...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaDesign ProfessionalLawsuitSlow Payment
I had a leaking roof in February from ice daming. A company came out in early March and repaired my roof to the cost of 6200 . Originally the cost was about 2K but the price jumped once he started working on the roof. ( I was away on a business trip at the time.) A few weeks later the same spot that was repaired began to leak, every time it rains the spot drips, I have to keep buckets there. I have reached out to the company several times for him to come make repairs. "I'll come this day" and never shows I have all the proof in text messages. I was given a 10 year warranty on the roof, from him. Can I take him to small claims court to recoup the losses to have someone else properly fix the roof?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyConstruction ContractLawsuit
In California once a lien is filed on a property I have 90 days "after" recording the lien to file an action. So I have read it on several legal & law sites. It is my understanding that the day has 24 hours, typically counted midnight to midnight. It is also my understanding that "after" in the English language means, after that day of the filing and thus aforementioned day is not included. Otherwise it would not, could not be 90 days. It would be only 89 days. As a fictitious example: if I register a lien at 3:55 PM at the recorder's office there's nothing thereafter I can do on that day as all government offices close at 4 PM. If hypothetically there would be a government office that operates 24/7 and I record the lien at 11:55 p.m. I would effectively have only 89 days and 5 minutes. A lien was recorded at the recorder's office on August 1, 2018 (no time stamp). An action was filed, after the fruitless settlement offers, on October 31, 2018 10:51 AM My action was filed and deemed [suspiciously] on the 91st day after a few month long fruitless attempts to settle and work out the payment issues with the client. Also, between August 1 and October 31 is at least one official government high holiday; Labor Day. Everywhere else and everything else I looked up in this state or other states it appears that government holidays do not count as well as counting begins after the filing day for obvious rational and correct reasons. So what is the jurisprudence and truth in California in all this? With kind regards, Rob ...Read More
Robert Dorner
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CaliforniaChange OrdersConstruction ContractLawsuitLien ForeclosureLien ReleasesMechanics LienSlow PaymentSubstantial Completion
I was GC on a new building Owner refused final payment including change orders We filed mech lien They in turn are suing stating the lien is false and they say building wasn’t built to specs ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
2 answersAdd commentAug 26, 2021
I have written multiple emails to the contractor requesting they give us advanced notice when the road is planned to be blocked due to a panic and anxiety disorder and have received no replies. Cars, vans and trucks involved in a new building construction on my block are constantly blocking my driveway. I have made several attempts to communicate with the contractor about this problem. I have a panic disorder and anxiety and every time it happens, it causes a panic attack. 10 minutes is enough to delay emergency response and cost somebody’s life. I’ve requested they give us advanced notice when they have work scheduled so we can park below the construction and plan ahead and they won’t. No one replies and the problem continues. I’ve reported it to the city. I call the police and parking enforcement. What else can I do? Do I need an attorney? Can I take them to small claims court for emotional distress and mental anguish? How much do I sue for? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Hello, I'm a GC. I hired a subcontractor to do a full interior paint of a 4000 sq ft residential property in Ohio. Where as they were contracted to After merely 8 days they "finished" Upon inspection of the job I found it to grossly standard. Contract which had no terms was to do all surface preparation, prime and paint all walls, ceiling, trim, doors, frames, etc. The all rooms were individually listed. Including the closets, etc. We added caulking everything, which they up charged for, We also added painting the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Which was another monetary addition. With this we specifically wrote in remove cabinet doors, and drawer faces, sand, prime, paint, reinstall, and install clients new hardware. The SC sent out 4 mexicans to do the work on a Monday after 7 days work they were supposedly done. Removed there equipment from the home and left us a mess. As a result I wrote this email to the subcontractor. Dear ******** Subcantractor, I wish I were writing you under better circumstances. We’ve been going over the paint job since Thursday. Unfortunately, I find myself disappointed and a bit intolerant of what we see. It’s a very poor paint job at best . Most certainly not what we expected. There are easily over couple hundred places we’ve marked. Majority of which are on the ground floor, as I ran out of tape and couldn’t mark the entire upstairs or basement. Issues range from dirt in paint, missed prepping in regards to caulk and joint compound, runs, smudges, show though, paint spatters, etc. In addition, to inconsistencies with texture of paint. Where as there are places where it’s was rolled very heavily, others are light, and many not back rolled properly. Paint on basement steps, glass doors, counters, and all over sink. Lots of light streaked paint on trim. Especially the playroom. I also have issue with fact that all rooms walls and ceilings were primed as they were supposed to be as discussed and in the contract. All the cabinet doors were not removed. Nor were they sanded then primed, painted, then reinstalled. I also found more than a few trim areas and even doors that weren’t painted at all. Drywall dust and other debris were left on everything. They didn’t put drop clothes down anywhere but where they pilled all their stuff. Didn’t cover the granite counters or fireplace mantle and hearth. As a result there is now paint on hearth all over mantle, and specs all over the countertops. There is also paint on light fixtures, door knobs, stove top, bathroom fixtures etc. as they were not removed nor taped off. As such we now will have to go over everything. Buy paint etc and try and get this done in time. Given all these issues I feel that the project wasn’t done properly and is breach of contract. Thus, I can’t in good faith complete this transaction as intended. I will consider remitting payment to you for the labor paid to your guys and the cost of the paint used. That way you are not in the hole for their labor depending on what it is of course. I figure you spent 1500 or so on paint. Your guys worked 8 days. We’ll not all of them. But for the sake of an example. If they make $15 p/hr each. Which I’m betting they don’t all make 15. But fir the sake of argument and for this example I’ll use that. Labor would be $3,840. So total would be around $5717.15. Minus $3500 deposit. Remainder would be $ $2227.15. Please forward me the detailed info in that regard and I’ll No. I don’t want any of you all back in the property, you all had your shot and I can’t waste more time on having more sub par work being done. I took many photos and videos. I’ll include a few short vids below so you get the idea. Subcontractors response was basically I'm and idiot, don;t know anything, wasn't there so no way I know what they did or didn't do. Which is incorrect. As the sub's 4 man crew made up of mexican 3 of which who didn;t even speak english only worked 7 days. Of those 7 I checked on them twice and my crew was in the home the last three days they were there. Thus we checked there work 5 out of 7 days. To the point. the sub is threatening to sue me if I don't permit him to come fix there work and pay him in full. I figured out and offered a settlement of which should cover the labor and paint, but only constitutes about half of the full project cost. I would rather we fix everything as we must sand and repair many many places then put another coat on everything versus giving them another chance to possibly do more spotty work. Does the sub have a legitimate case against my company? Can he do anything to the client like placing a lean on the clients property. I hired him. Not the client. Thanks for your advice on the matter. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I’m a home owner some guy that did work on my house filled a lien on me he never finished his job I hired someone else he came back 4 6 weeks later and he was all pissed I hired someone else and demanded money we agreed on a price I paid him some of that money after when 30 days hit he filled a lien on me! Should I take. Him to court...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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South DakotaLawsuitMechanics LienRight to Lien
My grandmother got some damage from a storm in November 2020 and she called her Ins. comp. they came out and wrote an estimate. My uncle met a roofer sent him over to look at everything and he did and my grandfather passed away from covid January 3rd, We had been waiting for them to start work for two months already. they came on the 5th to finally pick shingle colors etc. I asked him did they have an quote or scope of work for her and he said they work off of the insurance comp. est. which was approx. 10,000( for notes and pricing est. this is a mobile home roof) so that the homeowner doesn't have to pay a ton of money out of pocket. My grandmother with all going on signed her shingle choice on order his name is on it but its only his first name it isnt even a signature. Well in March they still hadn't started this job and lied to us continuously. Well roof has been done and now there is an 0utstanding balance of about 7500 and they sent a claim of lein yesterday. I'm pretty sure they let that time run out already to even be able to file it noone has done any work here since approx mid march. Worse than all this they apparently don't think 90 yr old people can get on the roof and maybe she can't but her grandchildren can and we discovered the Solar powered pricing they used for the attic fans (I used to work in restoration and they use xactimate pricing program that i still have access too) 4 fans for 2100 well the fans on her roof i have photos and video are used empy metal shells for a fan but there is no fan no motor nothing but a hole and lot of moisture in her attic. There are lots of other things they have tried to pull but during all the chaos of losing our patriarch of the family, her husband of 65 years. I feel they are trying to take advantage of the situation claiming the long process was to give her time to grieve etc. and permits were holding up the work . She didnt ask for time she asked for a new roof and I got the permit nonsense cleared up in less than an hr. I haven't even told the company we opened the covers on their used rusted spray painted mock fans on the roof yet. I was trying to get further insight on what options we have either criminal and/or through civil court system. I have all of our conversations recorded with this comp. bc they have lied so many times. my name is Anne casteel my phone numer 308-385-8275 this is a claim in Florida....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaLawsuitLien DeadlinesLien ReleasesPayment Disputes
I did not take the preliminary steps to secure my lien rights and now we’re worried about not getting paid on a project… what are our options? What if a NOI or lien do not work?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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ArizonaLawsuitLien DeadlinesPayment DisputesPreliminary NoticeRecovery Options