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I have a lien on a property and just had the "new owner" tell me to stay off the property. I informed him that there is a lien on the property, and if he was aware of this. He said no, because the original owner and he decided to do a private sale without the title company and the new owner is financing it for 7 years and will receive the title then. What can I do in this situation? The owner is uninterested in paying the lien, which is valid, with alot of evidence to prove it. ...Read More
After getting 3 quotes, I went with a man named Eric who represented himself as a party of a company (had business card and gave me a quote with Company information. He was alot cheaper so I was happy to hire him. His workers did a terrible job, the craftsman ship was poor and grout did not match and I explained my unhappiness. He was done but I had to order a special shower door so I told him I would not pay in full but 3/4 until I was able to use shower and make sure it worked-He agreed. 5 days after shower door was installed my bathroom closet floods...I reach out to him and he agrees to help me as now shower has to be torn down and start completely over. I told him I wanted to reach a monetary agreement since the job was faulty....agreed, asked me to send whatever quotes I get to him, which I did. Now he will not answer my calls or texts. I call the company that was on my paperwork and he has not worked there for a year. SO he misrepresented himself and I am out about $5k and shower does not work! Do I have a case? ...Read More
I am a subcontractor based out of Everman TX. I began work for a General Contractor on 8/10/2020. The project was completed 8/22/2020. The project consisted of re-roofing at Condominiums located in IA. Upon completion of the work - the owner of the condominium showed me a copy of a check that was made payable to the general contractor I was working for. She asked for a signature for an unconditional lien waiver, at the time I did not know exactly what it was and, unfortunately the paper was signed. Now the general contractor won't pay the final bill. I have called and requested payment multiple times, but get the run around and harassment from owner of the contracting company. Any IA laws that can protect me and hopefully help me get the money owed to me? IE unconditional waivers needing to be notarized and stamped, proof of payment in order to waive your rights to lien and waiver be effective?...Read More
IowaLawsuitMechanics Lien
My Mechanic lien has expired and we did not respond in time to take action on foreclosure of their home. We would like to hire a sawyer that knows about this type of stuff. Any recommendations? I am a General Contractor and the client Robert Pettit would not allow us to finish the job because they ran out of money and would not pay the last invoice of work preformed on their home to the tune of $11,200.00 and we have not and can not pay our sub-contractors. We have EVERTTHING in writing and now they have sent us a letter on Barnick/Hodges Law Corp. letterhead stating we have only a few days to sign off on the mechanic lien and take it off their home. Otherwise they will sue us but they need to be sued first because they have tried everything in their power to try and charge us for clean-up to the tune of $15,000.00 which was already professionally done and paid for by Paul Norton Construction. They had another construction company out to tile and grout their whole house and then tried to have us pay to have it cleaned again after that Tile Co. They said there was too much dust and bought all new appliances and are wanting our company to pay for it. they tried to get my Bond Co. to pay and the Board of Construction but their were DENIED Both times and keep bulling us. I have tried to make this whole thing go away and say lets call it even but they want BLOOD! Not only have they been slandering my goo name of 40yrs. reputation but Mr. Pettit works for a bank and he dug into my private finances and info. he had NO RIGHT going through as I DO NOT have an acct. or loan with the bank he works for. This is miss-use of his company and he could and should be fired! Please advise on what we should do? Thank you. ...Read More
A contractor we hired badly botched our contract on multiple fronts, barely finished 50% of teh job before giving up. He has been paid 50% of the contract but thinks he should be paid on 80% of the contract and put a ML on title for 9K . We spent 3K on legal fees already and our attorney thinks we have a claim for fraud in the inducement but no longer does litigation. Whats our best approach for removing the ML. Small claims in California is 10K or less - will settling the dispute on the unpaid debt he thinks is owed in small claims bring about removal of the ML? ...Read More
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I have a contractor remodeling my home, we paid him 90% the fund and non of the job 100% completed. Now hes avoiding of calls. Initially the work was supposed to be completed in two weeks. Been over two months and still hes telling us today tomorrow and weeks passing an no show....Read More
New JerseyLawsuit
Had shingle roof replaced a year ago. Still under warranty. Leaks were detected in the walls. Investigated the source of leak, which is from the flashing. Flashing was not replaced when roof was replaced, nor was I charged for it. However, looking at shingle installation instructions the product required flashing to be replaced. Additionally, roofing company came out when leak was detected to investigate and caulked some seams and other various locations which voids the warranty and signed a document stating as such along with stating that the flashing must be replaced. Roofing company does not want to take responsibility for the damage as it is well above 50K based on damage inside and outside of the home. Do I have a case? What kind of lawyer should I be looking for? Who can I talk to?...Read More
How can I easily Download a Lien for a Property...Read More
CaliforniaLawsuitMechanics Lien
I filed a mechanical lien, and the house has sold. I thought a house cannot be sold with a lien on it. ...Read More
TexasLawsuitLien Foreclosure
my lein is up in 4 days and I need to file a suit to keep the lein in place while I take her to court....Read More
I am looking for an attorney to file a lien foreclosure and was wondering if you could tell me how much you charge for this service. My lien is set to expire in 7 days. ...Read More
A customer has called me off the job of painting his upstairs interior with aspects of patch and repair walls and ceilings due to a preexisting water leak in roof . During the course the customer has had two house fires downstairs in his kitchen in two different locations which the fire dept was called each time. His 50% deposit was paid for. He now holds all my equipment and has hired a new crew to go over my work because he could not wait to be rescheduled until a full arson investigation was completed (still pending). My wife who works with me as a partner, and I both suffered smoke inhilation and I hurt my back. Trying to put out the first fire. This customer has had me served in Small Claims for his money back without discussing with me. The nature of his dispute is I cost too much compared to his newer hire. And he could not wait in due course for us to reschedule. After he praised our work he has publically bad mouth my work on social media. And my company holds a 5 star rating with home advisor and angie's list. We have never had a complaint. I am now forced into this fight for my reputation and will have to file mechanics lean. We have photos and documentation plus he breached our contract with this arson investigation which we have not yet been cleared....Read More
Can a contractor put a mechanics lien on my property but never did any work to my property? In other words they didn't touch my house at all. Plus it's been more than 90 days in Broward County state of Florida....Read More
FloridaLawsuitRight to Lien
I want to know how I can get this contractor to lower my bill or redo faulty work due to fraud, lies and damages. I am a senior living in a senior mobile home community. I thought I was vetting this company well and they had good reviews, the correct licenses, and had been in business many years working on mobile home. I had 3 other quotes but theirs seemed like the best value because they including new plumbing in the contract for the same price as others didn't. $15,000. The problems began and continued after each stage of the work. First they did the plumbing and said it would cost more to take out the old plumbing out so, suggested they should leave it. When they did the new plumbing they caused the toilet to run constantly and it wouldn't flush. It took them 2 weeks to send someone to fix it and it ran up my water bill by an additional $50. After two tries they ended up replacing the toilet with a round seat instead of the oval one I had originally. So they had to replace the new toilet with the another new toilet. They caused the kitchen sink to leak and eventually resolved that leak. I kept a pan under it until they returned. Also they hooked up the washing machine wrong and caused it to leak and ruin the floor so they had to replace the laundry room floor which was not in the contract quote. They left large holes under the sinks and old pipes sticking up out of the floor. Those were eventually fixed when I complained. Then they wanted to put the insulation and moisture barrier in before they took out the old wet water damaged floors. I talked to the General Manager and told him that I thought they were scheduling it backwards and the old wet flooring would fall into the new insulations. He assured me it was okay. It took 2 men the first day and one the second to take out the old smelly wet insulation and put in new. They didn't finish so I had a call from the contractors office late afternoon that "Nick" was coming to finish the work. He never showed up to finish the work BUT he LIED and told the office that he had. When Ian, the foreman, came to correct the holes in the floor he verified that the insulation wasn't finished. So the next thing I knew men came and did the new insulation / moisture barrier in spite of my warning. When the men came to replace the floors I peeked in and saw what had happened. I took photos of the damage that was caused when the floor subcontractors cut into the old flooring. The insulation was cut and wet debris from the old floor had fallen into the new insulation as I had said it would. They tried to vacuum it out but the damage was already done. I emailed the office and asked for them to redo the insulation or reduce my bill. A week later they wrote back and LIED saying that the foreman, Ian, had replaced it. My son and I know this is another LIE because Ian worked on the laundry room floor all afternoon and told us he replaced the insulation and moisture barrier under the laundry room floor when he went under the house that day. If he had replaced the damaged barrier under the 2 bedrooms and hall it would have taken at least 2 days as it did when the work the first time. Also, we would have seen him remove the material from under the house. We also would have seen him with new several rolls of barrier. We didn't!...Read More