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I did for some work for a contractor out of Castle Rock,Co., but the job location was in Watford City, ND. He sent me home for the holidays and was supposed to have called me back when job was ready to start back, but never did. I found out that he bought in another crew to finish my work. My contracted work amount was just over $100,000 and he only paid me about 15k of that amount. Is there a way to sue to for breach of contract and collect lost wages / profit, which would have been @ $50,000.00 ?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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North DakotaConstruction ContractLawsuitMechanics LienPayment DisputesRecovery Options
Clients have refused to pay for Invoiced Labor. Clients called a Work Stoppage. This was intentional, so that they could get out of paying for the Invoiced Labor. Clients hired another General Contractor to complete the Job. Clients have filed with the California Better Business Bureau and the Contractors State License Board against my General Contractor's License. Clients are demanding that I pay for the completion of the work, even though I was only 5 days into the Work. I have tried through Mediation with the Contractor's State License Board to meet all of their demands, even agreeing to $0 payment in order to save my license from having a Strike against it. I have filed the Mechanic's Lien on August 8, 2017, then drafted and sent a Termination Agreement via the CSLB for the Clients through Mediation, that they are now refusing to sign. What forms do I need for the Enforcement of Foreclosure on the Mechanic's Lien?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLawsuitLien ForeclosureMechanics Lien
I had a client that did not pay the full invoice because she said that I damaged her pool. She had asked and requested I use a specific machine to compact the area where I was installing pavers. I let her know that the specific compacter she wanted me to use would cause damage to the pool's plumbing. I suggested we use another type of compacter. She refused, so we went ahead and used the compacter she wanted. Of course, it damaged her pool's plumbing. So she hired a pool contractor to fix the problem and discounted it from my invoice. So i started a lien and now she is suing me and wants me to cover her lawyer fees....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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I'm run a solar sales organization. I have a client who paid cash for Solar, Roof and a new HVAC unit with ducting work. The HVAC construction company I subcontracted fir the job was a total mess. He came out to give an estimate and while we were still negotiating the projects cost. He started the job without a signed agreement between us and without any form of pdown payment exchanged for him to begin the job. He installed the unit that he knew a part in the furnace was on a recall. So it didn't work. He left a whole in the drywall near ducting system. He left gaslines unvalved and then was unreachable when we were trying to get him to schedule to come back to fix all the issues he had left on the project unfinished. We had to hiring another subcontractor to correct the issues inorder to pass the HERS test. Which added to the overall project expenses. When we sent him an invoice of the additional charges to fix his mistakes and for having abandoned the project. We deducted the additional expenses from the verbal agreement he made with us at $12,500.00, we did not hear back from him. In fact we have still not heard back from him since. However, he filled a Mechanical Lien against the homeowners and their property for $14,000.00. The lien he filed is fraudulent we never signed a subcontracting contract with him or his company at any time during the process of the project and installation. The property is in Napa County but their court house says the lien wasn't filed in their courts jurisdiction. I need help getting to a resolution for both the homeowners and my company. Considering that this contractor has numerous suspensions and violations on his licenses. I have a feeling that the lien my have been improperly filed and granted. Is there a way to determine if he also committed fraud when having the lien put against the homeowners property? How can my company dispute the lien validity in order to have it removed and/or expunged?...Read More
Nicole Alonso
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CaliforniaLawsuitLien ReleasesLien WaiversMechanics LienRetainage
We sent a notice in June. Missed the July deadline, because they paid part of the money they owed us. Now we are hitting on the date to file a suit for the balance due. Our attorney has a conflict of interest and can't help us with the case. Can you help us, please?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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AlabamaLawsuitLien on Funds
Events: -Subcontractor claimed he did not get paid by GC that abandoned my property project with 20% of work done with fully payment in hand. -Sub represented himself as wanting to help after GC abandoned, so I hired him directly to complete work. -Now direct contractor, he collected full payment from me, and he also did not complete work, and left damages. -I requested refund for work not completed, contractor agreed to only half refund of payment as per their refund policy and them starting the project -Credit card reversed payments filing in my favor, after proof was submitted that work was not delivered. -Contractor is now proceeding with lien claiming he did work and provided materials for property that he was not paid for. -Contractor not only didn't complete work agreed to, but he left damages that had to be repaired for additional cost with another company. -I have records of another company I hired after the contractor, that did the work the contractor is claiming he did. -I also confirmed that when he was subcontractor for property, he was paid for work he did not do, which is inconsistent with his claim that he wasn't paid by GC. Questions: 1. Can I claim funds that I paid to GC who then paid subcontractor, that subcontractor did not deliver for? 2. Can I represent myself in Small Claims, contesting lien? 3. If contractor wins suit, what will I face?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaLawsuitMechanics Lien
Thank you for taking my first question. I would like to know how a homeowner goes about firing the contractor to insure he has nothing that could come back to the homeowner. Does the homeowner need a lawyer to fire the contractor when a signed contract is involved? What if the contractor attempted to write a new contract with 48 hours to sign? The contract was to replace the original contract with part of the original contract removed. ...Read More
J MacKenzie
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OhioConstruction ContractLawsuitLien DeadlinesMaterials
I was hired on a public project to replace the metal roof under a contract from my company to the township of summit county ohio board members. It was a parts and service building next to a police station that we agreed on a certain amount. I also put about 2000 extra dollars into the project. Long story short they swindled me and ended up not paying anything on 7700 dollar invoice. this was completed in June of 2020 and shortly after during my attempts to get paid I came down with covid and it kind of mixed everything I had going up. Im not sure if I even have the right to still pursue and I was hoping I could get some insight on those rights ...Read More
Travis Dyer
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OhioBond ClaimsCollectionsConstruction ContractLawsuitMechanics Lien
We are homeowners who hired a general contractor for house renovations. We both (homeowner and contractor) signed the contract so a construction loan could be secured. The contractor has failed in so many ways there are too many to mention. According to the contractor, he is owed $25,000 but not the homeowner but the bank will not relinquish the funds, because, in the bank's opinion, the contractor had not completed the work he is requesting to be paid for. The contractor tried to write a new contract after not being paid for the purpose of asking for $20,000 to complete the job with one exception, he took it upon himself to use this new contract and eliminate a large job that was in the original contract. If we signed the new contract he would send a few workers to finish what in his opinion would complete the work and give us 48 hours to sign the new contract. We respectfully denied the new contract, and this was done without the knowledge of the bank that holds the construction loan. Within the contract, we had specifically asked for a particular manufactures siding, and the contractor had the audacity to bring and install a different manufactures siding. The siding the homeowner requested was even in the contract that both parties signed. The contractor even lied about being a certified installer of the product he installed, and the reason I say that is because the manufacturer of the siding that was installed will not warranty their product due to all the installation problems. We found out later the manufacturer had no certified installers in Ohio. Eventually, when pressured the contractor admitted he was not a certified installer. So what are a homeowner's rights in a situation like ours? ...Read More
J MacKenzie
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OhioConstruction ContractDefectsLawsuitMechanics Lien
Under contract to remodel a duplex. Estimate and invoice is line itemed and paid at completion of item. Mid way through owner changed way of payment. I've completed the job but haven't received any payment since September 9 2022....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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FloridaBack ChargesConstruction ContractLawsuitLien DeadlinesRight to Lien
I am a real estate broker with a client may who intent to sell their property to someone, a customer i introduced while under contract. ...Read More
Marlon Mungen
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MaineLawsuitLien DeadlinesMechanics LienPayment DisputesRight to Lien
I hired a contractor to do my whole house renovation, I paid him 19000 for the renovation but he didn’t finish. Can I put a lien on his license? This happensed in April....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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IllinoisLawsuitPayment Disputes
Through levelset I filed a lien on a residential property. It was approved through the state of Texas and now the homeowner is suing me for claiming false lien filed. What can I do as I believe I had every right to file...Read More
Sandra Rowland-Munoz
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