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I’m being forced to pay project manager under the table for work received and when I finally confronted him I stopped receiving work and been waiting on final payment Homevestors franchisee ...Read More
Joshua Fontenot
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Put a aprox. $7000 into remodeling a property, that is now been quit claimed from a business, to the owner of said buisness's son, and now back to the buisness's owner but him personally. And the property taxes weren't ever in any of there names. Are still on property tax account of the deceased owner from 2006...Read More
Aaron Hardaway
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I am a home owner in Indiana. I have signed a contingency contract with roofing company. Roofing company never return signed contract back to me and they helped to process the claim with an insurance company. Insurance company not approved 100% estimate provided by roofing company. They have rejected contractors overhead and profit charges due to not complex project. Roofing company asked me to hire a public adjuster and i refused as it was not mentioned in the contingency contract. I told them to cancel the contract based on insurance not approving their O&P charges. Now roofing company is threatening to file a lien on my property as i am not moving forward them. They are asking $2000 for cancellation fee and few emails they sent to insurance company. They have not performed any work , not provided labor or material . Only they sent few emails to insurance company to get my overall claim approved. Please let me know if roofing can company sue me and what are my options. Thanks and appreciate your help....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I had my roof replaced around September of 2020 a couple of days ago I installed a carbon monoxide alarm near the water heater and the alarm went off a couple of days later come to find out when the roofers put the vent cap on they pushed it all the way down to where the carbon monoxide was being pushed back into my house and being circulated through the house we are currently trying to figure out what health issues it has caused. All of us in the house have noticed a decline in health over the past year and a half...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We're a subcontractor that completed a project and have not been paid by the GC. We have filed a mechanic's lien and it expires in January. Would like some advice as to what our next steps should be and whether it is worth us pursuing a lawsuit. Unpaid balance is about $36k...Read More
Manuel Garcia
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I did a job for a GC on the gov. site. i proved the labor and have not been paid yet so i filed a bond what is the next step in getting paid. ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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South DakotaBond ClaimsCollectionsLawsuitMiller ActPayment Bond
I have a lien placed on a house which was listed for sale yesterday. I am considering contacting the Real Estate Agent to see if she can help getting the balance paid. Any downside to this? Is there any additional action(s) I should take in the meantime or should I just wait for the house to go under contract? I'm guessing they can't transfer title until the lien is released. The house has a mortgage, but to my knowledge there are no other lien holders....Read More
Adam Shepherd
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Can someone have an attorney contact us about the case we have a current lien on in Florida....Read More
Jessica Tucker
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Im a subcontractor working on a residential property for the past 3 years. They owe me $14600 from the frame of this house and they have been stringing me along forever saying they will pay me when the occupancy permit is complete which is not even my responsibility all other contractors have been paid but me i just dont want to get screwed ...Read More
Patrick Doran
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MassachusettsLawsuitMechanics LienNotice of Intent to LienPayment DisputesRight to LienSlow Payment
My sisters inlaws hired my girlfriend and I to renovate some units they own. They liked our work and made us their property management. Money was never an issue at first. She boasted about my work and couldn't be happier. Then, something happened, not sure what but slowly but surely getting materials slowed down and production slowed as well. I started buying materials to finish up and was told to bring receipts. Jobs finished, sent invoice and she didn't want to pay. Wants discounts and paid half. Two 1 bedroom units I did for $13000.00. Painted top to bottom, removed and repaired molded sheetrock behind cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms, taped and bedded, textured where needed, made custom countertops from travertine and granite, travertine backsplashes in kitchens, travertine floors in kitchen and baths, new tub surrounds, new valves, new anglestops, 1 new tub, new cabinets, everything new. She's taking off stuff on my invoices and paying what she wants. I have 5 invoices with remainders on them and what she has paid has kept me broke barely paying my bills, incurring late fees, and I'm borrowing money from family to make it. She's loaded and there's no reason other than She's punishing me for something I didn't do. Can elaborate more if needed, way more bs going on too. She's kicking me out of a house I'm renting knowing I have no money to get a new place cause she's my employer. One day about a week ago she left my house mad and that night one property I was doing got hit and I lost over $1000 in tools. I can go on and on....Read More
steve penton
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Essential Home Improvement,LLC PO BOX 454, Mount Pocono, PA, Residential lawsuit The following is a letter sent to the plaintiffs lawyer and gives my overview of the situation: I have received your clients claims and request for a refund of four-thousand three-hundred seventy-five dollars ($4,375). I have contacted your office multiple times to discuss this matter and have not received a response. I do not agree with this claim for the reasons listed below. Your client breached the contract by adding additional work to the original scope of the project. Drywall in living room ceiling with a 16' peak. Drywall, tape, spackle, prime and paint the entire downstairs floor, two bedrooms upstairs; this was also completed on the living room ceiling. Your client imparted changes to the existing sliding door to be relocated. They also requested two rooms to be closed or altered. Your client also changed the original paint choice from non brand specific to semi custom paint; which resulted in approximately four- hundred dollars ($400) which they did not cover. In addition, my company fronted the installation of a new 50 gallon water heater at the cost of one-thousand two- hundred dollars ($1,200.00) which was to be refunded to me by your client. Your client requested electrical modifications for lighting and fixtures which are not included in the original scope of work which cost four-hundred thirty-seven dollars ($437.00) Your client fired me without warning, on the spot, and gave my less than 24 hours to clear the project site. This action negatively impacted my work flow, schedule and payments to workers. Your clients action also potentially cost me additional work and working partnerships as this was done in the presence of outside workers and an outside company. I'm willing to forgo legal proceedings if your client agrees to a settlement of two- thousand three-hundred thirty-eight dollars ($2,338.00). I would like to resolve this matter as soon as possible. I look forward to your reply. Essential Home Improvement, LLC. CORRECTION: 5 bedrooms + 2 lofts ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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Our company performed 4 COVID cleanings on 4 boost mobile properties, all operated by a single person. We have contacted him many times by phone, both leaving messages and speaking with him personally. We have sent multiple emails, both directly to him, as well as other emails that he has provided (supposedly the owner, but we have received no response.) At this time we believe that he has no intention of remitting payment, and perhaps never did. What is the process (if any) that we would go through to file a criminal theft of services report? The total amount of his bill is over $2,000, which I believe would constitute a class A misdemeanor....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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If a company or individual does not have any type of contractors license in the State of Georgia can they file a mechanics lien or enforce a contract for payment? This question is for residential remolding in the amount of $90K in Georgia....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaConstruction ContractLawsuitLicensesMechanics Lien
The contractor used sand to fill 8-foot slope to build a pole barn garage upon. Contract called for gravel, compaction prior to building erection . Original contract for $21k, I gave $8K prior .Contractor dumped sand built on it and was gone in 2 days, then demanded balance. Sand washed out I withheld monies owed to repair, I had all sand around build removed as best could be and dirt and gravel brought in properly compacted and errosion blanketed and seeded. The contractor filed lein which fell off after 1 yr , now 4 yrs later the contractor is insisting on inspecting property and demanding money and having his lawyer demand 21K. I still need the floor jackhammered up and replaced. My questions: Does the contractor have a right to keep coming on property 4 years later and harrassing me. I live in Oneida County NY and contractors do not need to be licensed.Have I done the right thing ,to withhold and use that money to fix his wrongs? Thank you...Read More
Donna Donhauser
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New YorkConstruction ContractDefectsLawsuitLien Foreclosure
**PLEASE READ ME, I NEED YOUR ADVISE** So I was introduced to someone by a mutual friend that needed some metal to be welded together for gates around his house. Knowing the fact of the contractors license issue in California I gave a quote to that person for the gates all in separate jobs because the job wasn’t going to be consecutive days and be done. I had to work on one gate and wait for something to be done from someone else and then I would work on another gate. So I gave the guy the quotes for all the separate gates that totaled $2500. He agreed to it and agreed to it being all separate due to the fact also of what I explained above. So I started the first gate and finished that in 3 days and I had to install it but I was never in our agreement that I would have to take out some existing posts that was left by the last guy working there. To make it short this guy added a bunch more stuff to the original work I had quoted him that ended up adding more days and I had told him that if other stuff get added it would be $500 each job and they were all separate jobs not one job related to the other. He had me pour concrete, he had me put the wood on the gates which was not part of our deal. The other guy was supposed to come finish that. So all in all it ended up being about $4500. Now here is where it gets interesting, this guy would buy and fix and sell motorcycles and he had one that I was interested In. So I figured I can strike a deal with him to get that bike in Lew of some of the money he owes me. So about a week ago I talked to him and he said he would sell me the bike for $1500 and that was fine so I went to his house and the bike wouldn’t start there was a fuel pump issue which he temporarily fixed it and said come back tomorrow to put in a new one. So as I was about to leave he asked me aren’t you going to pay me? Mind you I’ve been working on his house for 2 months now and he has not paid me $1 for any of the work I had done and I had two more gates til I was done complete finished. So I didn’t pay him anything and by the time I had gotten home it was 4am and the whole next day he kept texting me about sending him money and that I’m stealing from him and it’s not right not paying him and I kept telling him you owe me X amount of money so far for what I’ve done which u haven’t paid at all. Well he wouldn’t stop and started being insulting towards me towards my family kept asking for the bike back which it became to mouth so I decided to take it back to him and it was around 2am, on the way there the fuel pump seized, so I tried to fix it on the side of the road and the cops saw me and decided to stop because I didn’t notice the bike didn’t have any plates. That was my mistake I should’ve checked. Well the cops in our city are real hard asses, Glendale Ca police department. So they end up running the vin and the bike ends up coming back with no registration since 2005!!!! 15 years no registration!!Whatt!!??? Needless to say they tow the bike and hit me with citations! The real kicker is that the scumbag new it didn’t have the registration and that the bike has a lien on it for the original person that sold him the bike and that guy is long gone nowhere to be found and there’s no way the bike can be registered because there is a lien on the bike! So basically he was trying to screw me over and now won’t pay me my money because his bike got towed! What can I do? I’m sorry for the length of this. But o felt like you needed to hear the whole story. Thank you!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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