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[Liz at Levelset posting on behalf of user] We just got a job that has 24 different addresses. It is an apartment complex type deal. We want to see if there is a way we can secure all of that under one notice rather than sending a preliminary notice to each address. It's all for one apartment complex, but has multiple buildings & different addresses per building. I have a Material Purchase Certificate that has the address for the entire permit location on it. I'm not sure if that address would cover all of it. Last time we did this we had our attorney do it for us. Do we need to send a separate notice for each address?...Read More
MississippiPreliminary Notice
Our company is a material supplier. Our customer's role in this new project is a Subcontractor. Our customer gave us an MPC for the general contractor on the project. Our customer's name is not actually on the MPC. Would our customers still be considered tax-exempt? ...Read More
I have filed all the necessary intention to lien claim of bond and requested the bonding company information but the GC has not responded. What is my next step...Read More
I have sent several letters and followed the rules and I sent an fioa without a response What should I do ...Read More
MississippiPerformance Bond
I am a Sub Contractor working for a company that is NOT the GC. ( so I would assume they are sub contractors aswell). I did not file a notice to owner when starting this project in Mississippi back in June 2020. I have a feeling do to payments dragging the company I am providing labor for only is not going to pay me for work completed( we are at number 95% right now). Can I still sent a notice to owner ( I only know the GC on this project not sure how to find out the owner)? I also have change order which I still need to submit after completing that beginning of Sept 2020. And last I am still owed retainer which normally only gets released 45- 90 days after completing my scope of work which will be done by End Sept 2020 First week Oct 2020. As a note. This construction we are doing is a extention of a existing property. ...Read More
MississippiChange OrdersMechanics LienNotice of Intent to LienRetainageRight to Lien
If im the only one buying the supplies doing the labor hiring subcontractors such as plumbers and paying them out of my pocket for the work they do can i include their labor and cost plus the supplies i buy and or aquire and my labor per hour as well in my lean to the property owner of this house. If he decides not to pay but to sogn tbe house and land over to me in exchange is that aconsiderable payment by law for the lein ...Read More
can i file a loan against a person if they owe me money?...Read More
MississippiCash Flow
My company is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, We installed an external debris chute at a commercial property in Meridian Mississippi in January 2020. The customer made two payments then stopped and now is in arrears $12,000.00. Levelset sent out a preliminary notice when the work began. The cust does not want us to take down the chute and refuses to pay. Are we legally allowed to proceed with filing a lien to try and collect the monies owed to us? Some of your advisors, who are not attorneys keep saying something about only having 90 days to file. Please advise. Thank you...Read More
MississippiLien on FundsMechanics LienRight to Lien
My husbands license expired and he’s been stuck with 45,000 being owed on a house that he helped build by the home owners .. can he file a lien and sue in court In Mississippi?...Read More
MississippiLicensesRight to Lien
What is the fee to renew or extend a lien after 6-month sunset in Mississippi?...Read More
MississippiMechanics Lien
Hi my husband wanted me to find out how we would go about or if we could sue his former employer for prevailing wages on 2 different Naval Shipyards. NAS Port Corpus Christi, Texas and Ingalls Pascagoula Mississippi. His former employer insisted the workers get paid the rate they were hired for regardless of how much he was receiving for each of them. And then he would only pay some employees 25$ dollars a day for Per Diem. If you wanted your full $400 a week you has to pay your own hotel fees. (Which we did ) Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Olivia & Jess ...Read More
MississippiPrevailing Wages
I need to find the most experienced lawyer in the area of construction law, representing a General Contractor, involving AIA Documents, who is available for a consult leading to retention. Conflicts disclosed in initial conference. Thank you in advance ...Read More
MississippiRecovery Options
I do have a small business I've lost money and employees. But I need the info on the check and how to cash it...Read More
My wife was given a house and some land but they will not give her a deed. We moved into the house after spending about 20,000 into it. What if they say get out?...Read More
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