Payment professionals sitting around a dining table

Throughout my 20-year credit management career, I’ve only participated in the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) conference.

Since building the Payment Professionals Community here at Levelset, I am excited for opportunities to experience a variety of different conferences and events, meet other accounts receivable and finance professionals, and expand my efforts in becoming a better resource for our community!

The Credit Research Foundation holds three yearly events: two are forums (no exhibition floor), and one main conference (which includes an exhibition floor). I recently attended the March forum that was held in San Diego, CA.

While there,  I met several credit professionals that were already members of the Payment Professionals Community. I also met many new members that have recently joined the community!  

Several topics were discussed during the open forum, including fraud management, AI, and dealing with training and labor shortages due to the pandemic.

Chad Haynie, VP of Client Engagement at Commercial Collection Corp. of New York, discussed how using various social media platforms can aid credit professionals in their efforts to educate others, spread information and post mentoring opportunities.

Attendees also shared how they prioritize collections calls, various software they use to streamline the payment and collections process, and how they have incorporated digital tools in their daily workflow. 

I enjoyed collaborating and networking with other credit professionals at CRF’s March forum. I look forward to being an exhibitor and hosting additional networking events during the annual conference in August!

About the Credit Research Foundation

The Credit Research Foundation is an independent, non-profit, member-run organization. It comprises a community of like-minded business professionals with an interest in improving and fostering the field of B2B credit while focusing on the practices and technologies of the discipline.