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We are a plumbing sub, waiting for our final retention payment from the GC. The GC states the owner is withholding the final payment until they have received our unconditional final waiver. I have already given them an unconditional progress waiver for our previous invoice, a conditional final waiver for our retention owed and uncond. finals from our suppliers... I can't provide an unconditional final waiver if I haven't received our final payment, right?...Read More
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we paid off loan on July 7 with loan care Mortgage company. BUt the mortgage company keeps on postponing sending release of mortgage lien. Till now we did not send release of lien letter and we have pay off letter only. The property is in texas. Could you tell me what i am supposed to do....Read More
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The contractor did not finish the job and make up the invalid number, which is different from the contract. They put the lien on my property. What should I do to remove it?...Read More
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Roof repair completed August 6, 2019. Insurance paid 10K and I am billed $9K more. Insurance refuses to disburse balance due. Contractor sent Intent letter to Lien Mobile Home for unpaid bill. Per FL Statute 713, I can withhold monies until Contractor ascertains all people participating on the project have been paid. I sent Certified letter to Contractor asking for a list of subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, suppliers and material-man about 2 months ago. No reply. Yesterday, I sent new Certified letter asking for Contractor's Final Payment Affidavit before I pay final bill to make sure who remain (if any) without pay. Still have not heard from Contractor. Looks to me Contractor wants to file lien without giving me this info. How can I protect myself and properly pay outstanding bill without knowing whom (subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, etc) participated in project, the pay they deserve and if they are paid in full? I need to stop Contractor on its tracks (I am under the impression they probably want to charge me interest charges, like if I am a money printing machine and that's an act of bad faith) and stop further modifications to the filed lien if it goes through. Thank you for your response ...Read More
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Who cancels a mechanics lein I filed a mechanics lein on property I have done work on. If I'm paid or if I want to cancel the lein, who has the authority to do so...Read More
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A MECHANIC LIEN 3/22/2011 2:29:00 PM was put on my property. I disputed the quality of the job performed and had the state come out and inspect it. it failed he refused to come out and fix it so I refused to pay him and now I wish to sell the property is it still a problem after all this time or has it dropped off? We both got legal support at the time we never went to court not a big enough claim and that was the end of it 9 years ago. ...Read More
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I need to purge some files, and just not sure how long I need to keep original ROL? We already have them scanned and saved electronically to the job folders, but how long do we need to keep the originals?...Read More
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I filed a lien against a project. After we filed the lien, the hiring contractor now says they are able to pay us, but only after we release the lien....Read More
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we issued a lien, they paid, they are asking us to release the lien ...Read More
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Good Afternoon My name is Elizabeth, we are going to do our first job, I don't know which type of lien we need in case the client doesn't pay, I have told something call notice to owner, I don't know the difference, will you please guide in the right direction? Thank you Elizabeth ...Read More
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We've recently been asked by our GC to onboard, in order to receive our pay requests. This is a third party lien collecting company, who holds money in a trust (?) and then releases payment once an unconditional is signed. Is this safe? Legal? to have Subcontractors sign their unconditional BEFORE payment is fully received?...Read More
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A home contractor decided to abuse the system and harass me because I do not want to work with him. He has performed no work, delivered no goods or services. Then he goes and files a statement of account on my property to extort money by making fraudulent claims. There is no contract filed nor is there any contract that exists since no work was performed....Read More
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I filed a mechanic's lien on a property that is now in escrow. The escrow officer contacted me asking for a demand letter and lien release. Do you have any templates that I can use for the demand letter? I am unsure of how to draft it. Thanks. ...Read More
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A contractor we hired badly botched our contract on multiple fronts, barely finished 50% of teh job before giving up. He has been paid 50% of the contract but thinks he should be paid on 80% of the contract and put a ML on title for 9K . We spent 3K on legal fees already and our attorney thinks we have a claim for fraud in the inducement but no longer does litigation. Whats our best approach for removing the ML. Small claims in California is 10K or less - will settling the dispute on the unpaid debt he thinks is owed in small claims bring about removal of the ML? ...Read More
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I was sent Bond of affidavit claim form from a surtey company. Do i need to still file a complaint with the courts? Can i get assistance even though ive already completed the administrative process and never got response? Or can i just fill out bond then deposit it with the court? If there a maximum i can seek for damages? Non judicial administrative process do i just go get judgement? Any and all help is appreciated.....Read More
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