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I started working on a project as a consultant. Working with subs, Architec, engineer, sending important information since last October....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MinnesotaMechanics LienRecovery OptionsRight to Lien
We are a fabrication company who fabricated a large project for another businesses facility. We estimated the project and they submitted 2 PO's for us to proceed. The project was completed the end of January of this year and we invoiced them at the time of the last shipment. We have been trying to get payment from them and they have been unresponsive. I did not file a notice of intent to lien since I missed the deadline but I did file a mechanics lien and after Levelset did all their research to get it done it was 2 days past the deadline. My question is what is the best route to get our money from this company? Can I still foreclose on the lien? We are a small business and cannot afford to not get paid on this project. We supplied all the material, labor, consumables and had to pay the labor, vendors and taxes. I would appreciate any advice on how to move forward....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I own window cleaning business. Can I work now during virus order? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Scenario One I am a sub-contractor working for a prime doing Information Technology work. I submit my time sheet every 30 days. However the prime informed us via phone within 3 days to obtain payment but payment took 10 days, is this acceptable? Scenario Two Sub-contractor creates a time sheet every 30 days, then Prime indicated two weeks after time sheet submission. Prime will pay the sub-contractor two weeks of pay (80 hours), and continue to pay sub-contractor every two weeks until contract expires? Seems prime is hold funds back for 30 days (160 hours), is this acceptable?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MinnesotaPay When Paid
I work with a company that provides engineering designs for projects - is the start date when someone begins initial conversations with the customer about the design, starts working on the design, or when the design is provided to the customer? This is primarily for MN or CO projects, but can spread throughout the midwest....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I need to file a lawsuit to foreclose...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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I put a lien on a job that was paid. How do I get that off?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
2 answersAdd commentMay 3, 2023
We are a subcontractor who finished working on the job site in December 2022. I have sent a Preliminary notice to the people at the job site and the owner of the building. What can we do now or is there something we can do to enforce our rights?...Read More
Jodi Gilyard
2 answersAdd commentMay 1, 2023
MinnesotaMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
I have questions can you call me 763-706/7300. Property I have a lien on went into probate will be meeting with inheritors and their attorney is there anything I need to do. Is their anything I would need to bring to mediation besides receipts and the lien notice?...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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MinnesotaBonding Off Lien
I'm a sub and was painting new construction for a gc. We had an arraignment on payment and when I asked to be paid for work completed pet our agreement he kept putting me off. So I stopped worrking until I received a check. When I did get check it was not the correct amount and he then told me I couldn't not show up for a month and then come back and finish. Then he refused to pay me the rest of what I was owed. So I sent him an intent to lien if no payment within 10 days . Now he is demanding I come and complete within 24 hours or he says I'm refusing. I still have not been correctly compensated. I told him I would come but I want a punch list and clear parameters on payment and amount and he refuses. Says I'm playing games. I feel he is trying to intimidate me. What are the legalities here with this and time frames....Read More
Erica Burgess
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Curious as to what insurance certificate we should be asking for if we are the ones renting out equipment to customers and companies?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Suppose that a contractor does not do the job they were hired for, or more specifically, does it so poorly that no reasonable person would accept it. Can they file a mechanic's lien?...Read More
Mike Borgen
1 answerAdd commentMar 27, 2023
We filed a Claim on Bond on 11/01/2022. tn e the last date we furnished labor/material was on 04/28/2022. The bonding company has pushed off the bond claim stating that this is a bone fide dispute between parties. The Contractor is holding our money and is refusing payment on this public project. What is our next step to enforce the Claim on Bond? Thank you...Read More
Nancy Predatsch
3 answersAdd commentMar 8, 2023
Customer has $20450 contract, and owes us $10571.09. We opted to no file a mechanics lien because we thought the customer would pay, but they didn't. Now we're in a situation where we can't file a lien. We could possibly try to get this settled in small claims court but not sure what the limits are, try to submit to a collections company but not sure what options we have. Customer isn't returned any calls or emails....Read More
Kelly Le
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GC on a residential project in MN....Read More
Kasey Kollross
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