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Notice of Intent to Lien
Louisiana is the jurisdiction. Need to respond for a cease and desist/breech of contract recieved. 845-866-8444 ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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LouisianaNotice of Intent to Lien
HomeWise Builders is handling a remodeling job for the Willis Property owners. The Willis Property is now unwilling to pay milestone payments per the signed agreement stating that they want more things done and wanting documentation showing where monies have been applied, etc. They are contesting change orders that were requested by them and are not willing to pay pricing given for work completed. We have subcontractors that are not able to be paid due to their unwillingness to pay invoice(s) released. Notified early this week that they are making amendments to the original contract in order to pay. Need assistance in figuring out next steps - can we stop work moving forward and push that they need to pay for work completed?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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I got a letter of notice of intent to file a lien but I paid this man cash money as he completed each job for Me ...Read More
Anonymous Property Owner
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We are currently working with GC @ a louisiana project. We are a labor subcontractor. From reading here we are not required to send a prelien notice. This job is ongoing and will be done by December. We have not been paid For may or June and would like to know what our rights are and if I can send a notice of nonpayment. We are as ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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I see that most notice of intent deadlines are measured backwards from the lien deadline, but I want to make sure I give my customer enough time to pay me before my lien deadline so I won't be rushed. When is a good best practice for sending a notice of intent?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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LouisianaNotice of Intent to Lien