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Hello, My name is Jamal. I recently started a project at a customer home and didn't get paid. I had a contract with the customer but didn't have a notice of lien. Is there anything you all can help me with?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Can we file a notice of Termination and have it filed with the county if the homeowner never signs it? Will that give us lien rights as we have not worked on this property for over a year!...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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We have not worked for a particular contractor for 2 years, the contracted time to have retainage released (their contract that we signed), so we routinely sent a letter asking for the return of our retainage. The contractor now denies he withheld any retainage from us and has conveniently manufactured a $5,500 "advance" payment for a job that he says we owe him. We never invoice for any work that is not completed. And I find it highly interesting that this "advance payment" record has no check number on it like all his other payments to us. He is now demanding $5,500 from us after zero contact for two years. I would have noticed if we were paid an extra $5,500 unattached to an invoice. It always took an act of God just to get a check from him for jobs we HAD completed....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I am a prime contractor that a subcontractor working under me was paid by the homeowner the subcontractor directly. Therefore I have not been paid. ...Read More
Rhonda Lange
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LouisianaPayment Disputes
we maruti suppliy LLC based in California shipped 2 consignments 01. date 05/24/22 and 02. on 06/22/22 and customer refused to pay. Our customer is in Batonrouge LA....Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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LouisianaCollectionsPayment Disputes
I as being asked to be the qualifying party for a company so they can be a Licensed Contractor and open the opportunity for bigger jobs. They have offered me 5% ownership of the company and 5% of the profit split. I would like to know if 5% ownership and 5% profit split is reasonable for the risk of me becoming the qualifying party for the License....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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LouisianaConstruction ContractLicenses
My company (Pro Submittals) dose Submittal Packages for Cmmercial Roofing Contractors. I have a client (Groumd Zero Roofing) in Blanchard Oklahoma with a State Project in Louisiana (Baton Rouge Public Safety Headquarters Building) that the Lien Deadline was missed on. Can I still file for non-payment?...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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How do I get an judgment lien?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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LouisianaLien Deadlines
Can I renew my Lien?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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LouisianaLien Deadlines
We had a contract signed on 5/24/2022. We Tarped the customers roof. We supplemented the insurance claim and optained a total of $58k for the code upgrades and warrantiable upbrades for the installment of the roof. We worked and completed the roof on or around Sept 30th. We still have to re-install the solar panels on the customers house. The customer hired an attorney Amanda Butler and referred us to her. We want to lien this customers property and obtain our funds. What are the appropriate steps. We currently have just filed a notice of intent to lien....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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LouisianaLien Deadlines
Can undocumented laborers file a lien if they aren't paid? I just watched Immigration Nation on Netflix where the laborers came in to South Carolina to work after Hurricane Michael and did a bunch of work for Winterfell Construction, but didn't get paid. I was wondering why none of the immigrants have tried filing a mechanics lien against Winterfell or the owner, Tommy Hamm. I haven't seen anything in the laws that would prevent it. Of course, the company they filed a lien against could just report them to ICE, since they have to provide their contact information on the claim. Is there any way for a laborer to file a lien and protect their identity at the same time? Can someone else file a lien on their behalf?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I’m a subcontractor that worked out of state for a roofing Contractor that never got paid for a job i project managed and had labor on...Read More
Matthew Shenett
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LouisianaConstruction ContractMechanics LienPayment Disputes
If we have a lien set to go into affect on the 16th but we told the company we wanted FULL payment....they only sent a partial one...if we cashed it would it void said lien? ...Read More
Prudence Bennett
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I need to know the laws around mitigation vs renovations when it comes to lien laws. Now I am under the impression that you should send a notice of contract before any work begins, does this pertain to emergency service calls such as tarping roofs or installing an emergency temp tarp on a property? We have contracts that range from $10k to $400k and we need to know our rights around filing liens. We need help and assistance asap we have literally $10M in outstanding AR and we need HELP collecting! We hired levelset as our lien platform but we don't want to send out liens for properties that they just simply won't stick! We want to understand if we sent a notice of contract in levelset, today for example would it extend our lien rights on a property for 7 months even if we tarped the roof in January of this year and just got the customer approved for a new roof in Nov of 2022 (for example) We are firing away notices of contracts, notices of intents to lien and notices of non payments like its no tomorrow in this application. We just need to make sure we are doing it correctly and our liens will stick! Please advise!...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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I bought a suv on eBay and never received it I have all the info and want my $1500 back what can I do...Read More
Devin Meyer
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