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How to I argue back that I did not pay

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I got a letter of notice of intent to file a lien but I paid this man cash money as he completed each job for Me

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Apr 30, 2020
If someone has sent you a Notice of Intent to Lien, then their contact information will typically be included on that Notice of Intent. And, reaching out to that claimant to discuss payment - or dispute the debt - would be a sound next step to help prevent a lien claim. If you've received a Notice of Intent to Lien sent by a Levelset user, you can always enter the reference number here: levelset.com/your-document. There, you'll be able to communicate with the claimant who's sent you a Notice of Intent to Lien. Finally, I think this article might be useful, too: I Just Received a Notice of Intent to Lien – What Should I Do Now?
May 26, 2020
One other suggestion to avoid this in the future: use lien waiver. Whenever you are paying a contractor for work, a lien waiver (sometimes called a release) can be good protection against potential liens or double payment. The lien waiver acts sort of like a receipt and is can be kept in your records, and work in your favor when a lien is threatened.  Lien waivers in Lousiana do not need to be notarized, so in the case of cash payments it should not be an issue. With a signed waiver, the contractor who you paid has effectively "waived" their right to file a lien on your property for the amount paid to them. You can download a free lien waiver form here. There are 4 types of lien waivers. This video does a good job of explaining what the differences are and when to use them. Good luck!

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