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Hello, I am looking for some construction contracts. Is there someone here who can help me with that? I am looking for the following contracts: 1. Lump sum contracts 2. Time and materials contracts 3. Cost-plus contracts 4. Unit price contracts 5. GMP contracts...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonConstruction Contract
I have a subcontractor who is pushing back saying invoice numbers are required to be included on lien waivers. I have lien waivers broken up by job/amount and through date. My template is provided by LevelSet and we did have it reviewed originally reviewed by an attorney. I can't find any language supporting their claim but want to be sure before telling them they are incorrect. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonLien Waivers
Hello. Does a heavy equipment oiler / greaser / fueler qualify for prevailing wages?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Hello We signed a construction contract with a builder where we make payments on a turnkey project. The payments are now more than 50% of the contract sum but the actual work is about 30% done. Since we would like to exit the contract on the basis that the builder had done little on our premisses but keep on demanding advance payments. The builder decided to send us unreasonable additional costs. How to deal reasonable negotiate with him and how to get back our balance? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonChange OrdersConstruction Contract
The contract I have with this customer which he signed reads :MECHANICS LIEN: Property may be liened for delays or non-payment for services rendered, please contact us for more information regarding the lien process and your rights under Washington State law. Does this mean a preliminary notice was not required to be mailed? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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Does a demolition/moving company (hauling away jobs site materials after demo) have lien rights? If so, no NOI was filed to the owner. We are located in Washington State...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonRight to Lien
We've recently been asked by our GC to onboard, in order to receive our pay requests. This is a third party lien collecting company, who holds money in a trust (?) and then releases payment once an unconditional is signed. Is this safe? Legal? to have Subcontractors sign their unconditional BEFORE payment is fully received?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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WashingtonConstruction ContractLien ReleasesLien Waivers
My business (based in Washington State) is being requested, by a local City Agency, to provide a Payment Bond and a Performance Bond for window cleaning services. I do not know what these Bonds are, what function they perform, how to get them, or the cost associated with them. Help is appreciated....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonPayment BondPerformance Bond
Our customer is acting as their own general contractor on the job to try and save money. On our final invoice for our scope, she shorted us 70% of the final invoice value ($39k). She wrote on the check that "By cashing check, contractor accepts this as payment in full". She provided her list of reasons for shorting the amount, but they are completely unwarranted/previously addressed, and the only legitimate item called out was incredibly vague detail on the plans (insulation for slab on grade above and beyond normal building code) and she failed to provide any answers when consulted at the time, leaving it up to interpretation by us. She also failed to mention she was going to withhold payment for it at that time, and allowed the complete interior of the building to be completed preventing us from even fixing the item even if we were willing to. If we cash the check are we agreeing to it being payment in full even though we do not agree and wish to process it as a partial payment of the balance due?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonPayment Disputes
I asked a similar question earlier, but I don't think my question was very clear. We are an aggregate and ready mix supplier. A customer placed an order with us but provided the wrong address. We delivered to one address (the actual property that received and used the material) then sent a preliminary for a different address. The properties are very close. We believe the customer did this to prevent us from properly establishing lien rights. It does not appear the customer owns the correct property, but is the general contractor. What are our lien rights under these circumstances?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
I hired a contractor for a remodel of my house. On our contract it had materials listed as an estimate. He is now refusing to show me receipts for some of the materials. Is this legal? Does he have to show me receipts for materials he purchased and used?...Read More
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We hired a roofing contractor to install insulation, replace new plywood sheathing and new asphalt shingles. There were the following six total suppliers and subcontractors on the project: a) Insulation and plywood sheathing supplier b) Shingle Supplier c) Gutter Contractor d) Electrician (since they accidently cut some wires in the attic) e) Dumpster Service f) Portable Toilet Service The roofing contractor is only providing me with 4 lien releases (a, b, c, and d). The contractor is saying that in WA State only vendors/contractors that provide more that $1000 in goods or services need to provide a lien release. Is this true? We have had the dumpster sitting on our driveway for over 1.5 month and they have had to switch out the dumpster 3 times so I'm worried that this might be a huge bill. Also, with the portable toilet (honey bucket), it has been sitting on our driveway for over 1.5 months as well. I have called WA State L&I and they suggest I get the roofing contractor to provide signed lien release on all supplier and subcontractors. When I asked the roofer a second time, he again stated that only vendors and suppliers over $1,000 is required to provide lien release. What do I do now to protect myself? Is he correct? Thanks! ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonLien Releases
We're a custom metal panel fabricator (materials only, no inventory/standard products, no installation provided, no employees go to jobsites). Our office (our only facility) is located in Washington State, but our product is shipped all over the country, as well as to Canada and Mexico. (Our employees work only in our Washington office.) Because all of our products are custom-made, there are multiple steps to the process performed sequentially with times that vary between each step. Therefore, it's not easy to determine what date to use as the job "start date." Would that date be different/specific for each state where a job is located, or could it consistently be defined? Which of these progress benchmark(s) would be used? 1. when design/CAD work for the project begins 2. when customer approves unique design/specifications for their project 3. when fabrication of the designed and customer-approved products begins 4. when finished product is shipped to customer, always via third party carrier 5. when finished product is delivered to customer by third party carrier Assistance with clarification on this subject would be greatly appreciated!...Read More
Jennifer Seelig
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I filed a lien on Rosewood Villa and it appears I may need to file a judgment at this time. I need help with this and I was wondering if you can provide that service for me please let me know....Read More
Jon Gwinner
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I want to remove a lien how do I do it...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
2 answersAdd commentJun 2, 2023