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I have a subcontractor who is pushing back saying invoice numbers are required to be included on lien waivers. I have lien waivers broken up by job/amount and through date. My template is provided by LevelSet and we did have it reviewed originally reviewed by an attorney. I can't find any language supporting their claim but want to be sure before telling them they are incorrect. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonLien Waivers
Have the recovery rights for u licensed contractors in Washington State changed since this post? I received a notice of intent to file a lien from a guy I fired, we had no written contract or agreement. He is claiming he is owed hours ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonLicensesMechanics Lien
I worked as a general partner with my mother for the last ten years. I was supposed to be paid every year for being general partner in a LLC partnership. I filed my taxes with the amount that I was supposed to be paid every year and now that my mother has passed and left me everything that was hers to give, the other people in the contract for the LLC are not willing to pay me. How do I fill out the paperwork for a lien on the LLC....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I’m a GC who has contract in place With a customer and a bank. The home owner requested Current copies of all insurance carried by the GC as well as lien waivers from all the contractors who work on the job before they would release the fourth of five draws allowed.At this point all the remaining materials needed to complete the project were on site .As the GC I gave customer what they requested. Instead of receiving a draw payment A few weeks later I receive a notice of corrections to be completed. When the GC went to the job to complete corrections the locks have been changed.GC hired a lawyer to start the arbitration process as required by contract for disputes. The homeowner sends GC a termination letter and homeowner wont pay his half of Arbitration costs to get things started and when GC reaches out to the bank the bank says it’s a legal issue and they won’t do anything until legal issues are settled. At this point GC has paid just over $30,000 in lawyer fees,2000$ to request a arbitrator,$70,000 In materials and subcontractors, the bank has held back10%( $24,000) from payments already received by GC. At this point GC doesn’t know where to turn to....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonConstruction Contract
My business (based in Washington State) is being requested, by a local City Agency, to provide a Payment Bond and a Performance Bond for window cleaning services. I do not know what these Bonds are, what function they perform, how to get them, or the cost associated with them. Help is appreciated....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonPayment BondPerformance Bond
Hello, I am looking for some construction contracts. Is there someone here who can help me with that? I am looking for the following contracts: 1. Lump sum contracts 2. Time and materials contracts 3. Cost-plus contracts 4. Unit price contracts 5. GMP contracts...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonConstruction Contract
I ordered windows in May. The project manager went against company policy and agreed to make Egress windows for my home. We agreed to terms in the contract. We were approved for financing to start the window process. He was fired in June for not following company policies. New project manager reached out to me to make addendum to repay me $3970 back, because they couldn’t complete the egress windows. I agreed. August 3rd windows were installed. Windows were missing vent covers. Notified project manager of issue with windows she said she would get me the vents. September I emailed the company for payment information. No reply to 3 emails. 4th email I received email back from the finance office on Oct 29th that my financing of the window project is about to expire and that the 2nd project manager was fired and they had lost my paperwork. Nov 2Nd I signed all paperwork and then on Nov 14th I received a letter saying that financing has failed and I owe them $24k for windows. If I fail to pay by Wednesday Nov 16th they would put a lien on my property. I tried to call them 3 times and emailed them. With no reply. What are my options? Thank you for any guidance. Dwayne Scott 19602 Smokey point blvd Arlington WA98223 More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonMechanics Lien
We are contractors and didn't get payment from a client. We missed the date to file a mechanics lien. Can we try to sue for payment?...Read More
Maria Arredondo
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The contract I have with this customer which he signed reads :MECHANICS LIEN: Property may be liened for delays or non-payment for services rendered, please contact us for more information regarding the lien process and your rights under Washington State law. Does this mean a preliminary notice was not required to be mailed? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I’m a subcontractor that was hired to complete a job, and now the contractor is completely avoiding me shut off his phone or respond on Facebook when he is online it is really affecting my family due to nonpayment. Just need to know how to go about making him pay...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonRight to Lien
I’m subcontractor, doing siding, did this job around one year ago,builder paid me but didn’t pay sales tax and he doesn’t have reseller permit, I didn’t paid attention till I got audit, now department of revenue wants that money and builder just ignoring me. I’ve been on that property three weeks ago, he just started sale that townhomes....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonBack Charges
SFW construction led me to believe a construction loan I applied for, for 40K (through their financing partner - Synchrony) would be sufficient to reside/repair the siding on my 1909 lead based paint painted home. I believed in good faith, this would be sufficient. I gave them advances up to 120K. They sided one side of the house, repaired a rotted beam under the house (plus the foor and subfloor of a small bathroom), and removed half the siding from the front elevation of my 2200 sq foot home. The project is at a halt because SFW want another draw down amount to complete the project to reside the front and the remaining sides (three sides total) of the house. SFW is now very clear that they are only a time and materials company. My home has tyvek on the front elevation and it and it is winter. My other bids were in the region of 50K to reside/repair the home. SFW openly now state that they are a "time and materials" company. They do no bids. The side which was resided has rotten old wood around the window trims. This is a decision that they should have discussed with me or given me an option to discuss if I wanted to remove. I have a new bid from a different company to do all the remaining siding on the house (three sides), add new gutters and downspouts for 50K. I would like to find a solution, whereby I accept to pay SFW construction for the work at a reasonable price. I would like the remainder of the funds (120K) returned so that I can hire another company to complete the siding on the house. This is possible if SFW accept that their pricing is well outside of the usual range to side one side of a home. They are aware of this, but I expect have not been challenged. I genuinely do not have additional funds to side the house at around 80K upwards per side (without painting). The siding bows in areas, there is incorrect top nailing. They arguably should have discussed removing the old trim without siding the house and leaving the old perished wood on the house. I had no discussion from them on this. They sent little pictures. I was not aware that the old window trims were not removed. What is my best recourse? (Inge FVR)...Read More
Inge Falk van rooyen
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Hello. I moved into a new house a couple of days ago. Something wrong with the air duct. I think it's dirty. I haven't experienced this because I have been living with my parents all 20 years....Read More
Robert Williams
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To whom this may concern, My father and I are in the roofing Buisness about a year and a half ago we did a job for one of our well known contractors and the man never paid us. he has since then opened a new company and is operating around the area. The job was roughly 27k in owed money. We had no contract but did has confirming emails,(learning lesson) is there anything we can do? Thank you ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonPayment Disputes
Main Contractor does not pay Subcontractors even we pay him in full for the same - Main Contractor failed to provide the mandatory Disclosure Statement RCW 18.27.114 leaving us the Owners with no knowledge whatsoever about Washington State principle of Mechanical liens protecting Subcontractors payments - No Subcontractors provide us the Owners a Notice of Right to Claim Lien within 60 days from first delivering labor or materials to Main Contractors Q1: Can Subcontractors put a Mechanical Lien on our Property for not being paid by Main Contractor we paid in full for the Work complete by Subcontractors? Q2: Main Contractor’s debt to Owners ran ~$K40 what are options to Owners for getting paid? To enforce collection of Owners Credit? Thanks Owners in $K500 re-modelling Project with Architect-Builder as Main Contractor ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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