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I’m a renter on this property the owner was arrested on the property for shooting one of the tenants friends in the back as he tried to run away. Then the owners mother and father took over and asked me to collect rents and do the maintenance work at this property I remove Two 40 yard roll off dumpsters with nothing but house hold trash from the people that owned it before these people bought the property the owners mother was supposed to pay me for the removal of all the garbage these peopl looked like had been tossing out the back door for years in took me two weeks with a rag and snow shovel to get it done then I started removing the inside of the house the people that lived here their hole life out of the house I’ve paid out of my pocket for evictions I’ve paid out of pocket for fixing the plumbing replaced hot water heater toilets and they have not paid me anything for my labor or out of pocket expenses. I also have a ticket for another tenet burning his house hold trash which is 590 dollars she said she would pay now she said she paid for dumpsters and refused to pay this burn ticket can I file a lien on this property for my labor an out of pocket money...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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I am concerned that being a Sub-contractor on commercial private and Public projects ranging in the millions we would have substantial documentation if we do not file with the CC. This is whether or not the Preliminary is required by a certain state or not! looking forward to your prompt response. Thank You!...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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GeorgiaPreliminary Notice
Hi! We are a paving subcontractor in Georgia. We are working in a subdivision with different phases and contracts. We filed a Preliminary Notice of Lien Rights for Phase 1. The builder was unable to complete house closings due to the Preliminary Notice. We got paid and released the notice. We are now working on Phase 2, which is a separate contract, but the same subdivision, and want to file a new Preliminary Notice of Lien Rights for Phase II. However, we don't want to interfere with the house closings in Phase 1. What can we do to protect ourselves? Thank you!...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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GeorgiaPreliminary Notice
Due to the extreme volatility of the current lumber market, some of our big jobs are being sold across multiple purchase orders to reflect changes in lumber prices. For example, one of our current projects only has a firm price for the first building of the job. As the project continues into the other buildings, new purchase orders will be issued accordingly. This makes it difficult to determine the total estimated contract price. Is this something to be concerned about as far as sending the notices with an estimated total contact amount? ...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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GeorgiaPreliminary Notice
He is an architect, a design professional, with a contract directly with the client. He has been paid nothing. We know we have 90 days to file a lien. 89 days which would be Wednesday March 3. Do we need to file a preliminary notice or intent to file a lien prior to filing one. if so what are the deadlines we need to meet. The property is located in Bibb county Georgia Thank you, ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We are a metal building broker in GA that sells customized metal buildings. We require a 20% deposit when the building is ordered. After the building (approx 8-12 weeks later) has been manufactured, we require payment of balance by certified funds on delivery. We have a customer that paid by ACH transfer a couple of days before delivery. The day of delivery, we were notified that ACH funds transfer was being reversed due to insufficient funds. Therefore the building delivery did not take place and we have possession of the customized building in a storage facility. ...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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I do most of my work in Florida on final cleaning on commercial construction jobs. However, I now have a project in GA. For GA jobs, do I still file a notice of lien and are there any other nuances I need to know for GA? Also, this is for a community college. The owner is Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission. Thank you...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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We have a job in Georgia where the owner of the property demanded they be removed for the preliminary notice we sent because they did not order the service we are providing. I retracted the letter from the property owner after discussing their rights Georgia laws protecting them. However, I feel that we should still have the right to have the owner of the property on the preliminary notice/lien claim regardless of their involvement with the leasee and services requested. Although we are not expecting any payment issues with this particular company, it would still be good to add someone to the notice if that would help preserve our lien rights. Is it a good idea to add the leasee to the notice or resend the preliminary notice to the owner and hope that we do not have to file a lien?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaPreliminary Notice
We were notified by a supplier that the contractor we are doing work for has a record of not paying customers. Our contract with them has a waiver of lien rights, and we just started the work this week. Can I send a letter of commencement? And what can I do to ensure we are paid and can file a lien if needed. Do we have any way to ensure we are paid? We've also been notified that if we submit an invoice more than once, we will be charged. What can we do? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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What do we need to file now to protect our lien rights as the project progresses? Can you handle this for us?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I am an architect. I have a client who will not pay an old invoice (from December). That invoice also has pash-through engineer expenses. The invoice is $11,900. I have sent a notice to file Lien to the client today....Read More
Anonymous Architect / Engineer
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I sent a Notice of Furnishing based on an old Notice of Commencement - apparently for an earlier phase of the project. After a few months of working on the job, a new Notice of Commencement was filed which included the work I was performing. Will my original notice be effective to preserve mechanics lien rights? Or was I required to send a new notice after the new Notice of Commencement was filed?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We don't currently have a mechanism to record the first date that we supply materials or labor to a site when we are a subcontractor. However we usually require a down payment upon placement of an order, or when we don't we would be invoicing within a couple weeks of first supplying materials or labor. Could we use the first invoice date as a trigger for sending the statutory notice to the property owner? Does the statutory notice have to list the date of first supply? (This is for any state that requires statutory notice - not GA as it made me pick a state below.)...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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GeorgiaPreliminary Notice
We've already sent a Notice to Contractor in GA for this job that originally listed as a $100,000 contract. Over the months the job has now increased to almost a million dollars in supplies. Do we need to send any other type of document or notice to be able to protect this large change in amounts? We also didn't file a Notice of Lien Rights, would that have any impact in our lien rights for this?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Many of our General Contractors do not want their customer seeing how much they are paying us. Do I need to put the amount on there before sending it off?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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