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can i file assement liens with your service for an HOA


We have Home owners not paying HAO dues

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Sep 7, 2017
zlien's platform does not currently assist with HOA or Condo Association liens for nonpayment of dues or special assessments. However, our software is always expanding.

Alabama passed new legislation governing HOAs and HOA liens last year. HOAs have liens for unpaid assessments once the assessment becomes due. However, the HOA must provide the property owner written notice of both the assessment and lien. Such notice should provided by personal delivery or first-class mail. Further, the HOA must record a the lien within twelve months from the date that the assessment becomes due.

Foreclosure or enforcement of the lien may be accomplished as set forth in the HOA declaration or documents, or if not set forth therein, as set forth by the Alabama Homeowners’ Association Act.
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