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Levelset Capital FAQs

Levelset Capital gets you cash payments for unpaid invoices on your projects. If you’re experiencing payment delays on certain qualified projects, we’ll provide you with cash in as little as one day so that you can focus on your business.

Additional questions? Contact your Payment Expert, chat with Support on Levelset.com, or email capital@levelset.com.

How does it work?

  1. Login to the Levelset Cash Center to see which of your documents are eligible for a receivables purchase.
  2. Fill out a short application and provide supporting documents, like your invoice, and our team will review.
  3. There is no cost, obligation, or credit check required to apply.
  4. Upon approval, you may receive an advance of up to 90% on your invoice.
  5. Levelset Capital will pursue payment.

Which of my projects qualify for a cash offer?

  1. Your project must be in a “protected status,” based on the job information and documents you’ve sent, to ensure that your payments rights are secure.
  2. You must have recently ordered a document on a project to protect your payment rights, such as payment reminder, monthly notice, notice of intent, or mechanics lien.
  3. Currently, only documents that are for amount less than $10,000 will qualify.

Where can I find my cash offers?

You can find eligible documents at the Levelset Cash Center within the Levelset App.

What’s the Cash Center?

The Cash Center is the place where your offers are displayed. You can access the Cash Center by clicking on the Cash Center button on the left-hand navigation bar in the Levelset app.

How quickly will I receive cash after I have applied?

You will typically hear back from us within two business days. If your project is approved, you will typically receive a cash payment within one business day.

What happens after I receive my cash payment?

Levelset Capital will take over responsibilities for collecting payment. After Levelset Capital collects payment, you will receive any remaining invoice amount minus a fee.