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Suffolk Construction for Subcontractors

This page lists all the steps for subcontractors needed to work with Suffolk Construction. This includes how to get paid, the subcontractor prequalification process, finding open bidding opportunities, and the forms you should send on the job.

Guide for Subcontractors and Suppliers

See the steps to working with Suffolk Construction, including:
Getting Prequalified
What to do before the job begins
How to apply for payment from Suffolk Construction
Tips from other subs and suppliers

For full steps, see Suffolk Subcontractor Guide

Subcontractor Prequalification and Bid for Work

Apply to work with Suffolk Construction

    Forms at Start or During Job

    Start of Job
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    Change of Job Items

      How to Get Paid

      Apply for payment
      Need Progress Pay for Completed work
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      Finished Job and Need Final Payment
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