Five years ago on this day, I published our first blog post “ Levelset launches its Blog.”  The post promised that with the announcement of our Construction Payment Blog:

…[w]e’re taking another step towards making the liening procedure more accessible and simple. While legislatures all across the country have drafted lien laws with the intent to protect those who work on construction projects, without an understanding of those laws you’ll rarely be able to use them for leverage in a non-paying situation.

So sit back, relax, and keep track of Levelset’s new blog. We’re here to help you protect the interests of your company. With the proper positioning, you’ll come out of the ugliest payment situations with leverage.

Through the years, I think we’ve done a good job at staying true to this core purpose. Construction Payment Blog was created to provide companies a resource to help them better understand the mechanics lien and bond claim procedures. 5 years later we have a mountain of content doing just that.

There’s a lot of content on this blog that we’re really proud of. We’re also proud of how the content has been organized.  Here is a review.

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Since September 19, 2007, the Construction Payment Blog has published:

  • Over 750 blog posts.
  • 325,000 words
  • Each post is an average of 433 Words

Lien Law Alerts

This is probably the blog’s most popular category (Lien Law Alerts), and one of the most useful to anyone interested in mechanics lien and bond claim law.  Every time a state legislature proposes or passes a bill, and every time a court anywhere in the nation publishes an opinion of significance to the lien world, we publish a blog post reporting on the change.

There’s not a more comprehensive service out there providing these kind of updates, and our updates are absolutely free.

Frequently Asked Questions and Scenarios

I’ve put these two categories together because they are a lot alike and contain some overlap.  Frequently Asked Questions provide short and layman discussions of some of the most frequently asked questions folks have when dealing with liens. The Scenarios section analyzes different factual scenarios that companies encounter and questions whether there are lien rights under those situations.

We try to keep this content as simple and matter-of-fact as possible.  We’re also always open to new ideas and scenarios you’d like us to analyze.

Pick A State. Any State.  Even Canada or a Territory.

Over the years we’ve published content about nearly every state in the union, as well as some of the territories and Canadian providences. One of the coolest things about how we’ve organized our content is that our users can select any state from a dropdown and see content specific to the lien laws and bond claim laws in that state.

This is an awesome feature of the blog because it allows you to drill down on our massive collection of content and read about articles that are only relevant to your particular state’s law.