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Frequently Asked Questions about Finding the Best Construction Management Contractors

I’m a GC, how should I be reviewing and evaluating Construction Management Contractors?

General Contractors should typically be checking a Construction Management Contractor's past job performance and what other GCs have said about them. As a GC on a residential or commercial project, it’s important to know and trust the people on the project whether you hired them directly or not. GCs should be checking reviews and pictures of a Construction Management Contractor's past work but also their past payment efforts. Did this Construction Management Contractor hire a supplier or a sub-subcontractor on a past job or will they on this job? If they do, it’s critical for you as the GC to know how that Construction Management Contractor's has paid their vendors in the past. Not checking a Construction Management Contractor's payment to a sub-sub or supplier could result in a filed mechanics lien on the project that can delay project completion or hurt a GCs relationship with the property owner. You can check a Construction Management Contractor's past job performance on the Levelset subcontractor profiles including reviews from other GCs.

I’m a supplier, what should I care about in the Construction Management Contractors I work with?

As a supplier, analyzing a Construction Management Contractor's risk are critical to keeping low outstanding accounts receivables. Suppliers should be looking at industry reports, credit reports, talking to other suppliers who have worked with the Construction Management Contractors, reading reviews, and checking past payment performance. Doing thorough research and risk analysis could mean getting paid when you expect it or waiting months for the money you’re owed.

How can I check for references for a Construction Management Contractor?

There are a few ways a company can check for a Construction Management Contractor's references. You can ask the company directly to ask for past customer references; any reputable company with a good track record can easily share some people you can reach out to. You can also google reviews about the company’s past quality of work. You can also use Levelset’s Payment Profiles to see a company’s past job and payment performance including what their payment process was, how communicative they were, and how to best work with them.

What should I be looking for in my Construction Management Contractor?

First, customers and vendors should be checking for a Construction Management Contractor's quality of work. Look on the company’s website or on review sites for examples of their past work. Second, you should be asking about their payment process. If a payment problem comes up, do they communicate and answer the phone? Do they send preliminary notices to make sure everyone is aware they’re on the job and transparent about their work? Do they make the payment process easy by communicating upfront what you need to do? The best Construction Management Contractors not only do great work but are also great project partners by making the payment process smooth and easy for everyone.

How can I find the best Construction Management Contractors?

There are a few ways to find the best Construction Management Contractors to work with. First, you can check industry reports and industry awards given to great Construction Management Contractors companies. Second, you can check third party awards and websites that aggregate Construction Management Contractors information (like Levelset). Lastly, while not an award, the best way to find the best Construction Management Contractors is to ask in public forums or in your neighborhood social media groups who people have worked with in the past, what they liked, and what they disliked.

How do I check a Construction Management Contractor's license?

The more sure proof way to check for and verify a Construction Management Contractor's license is to look it up on your state government’s website. Most state government websites have this information publicly available and free for anyone who wants to check. Alternatively, many third-party websites also collect and publish this information. You can also check for a contractor’s license status and license number on the Levelset Payment Profiles.

How can I check if my Construction Management Contractor filed a permit on the job I hired them for?

Like licenses, permits are public information so you can check for a filed permit on your job by visiting your local county recorder office or county recorder website. Permits are public information and you can browse filed permits. Alternatively, you can find them on third-party websites like Levelset. Wherever you check for permits, be sure to check where the permit information is coming from and how the company is aggregating some of this information. The best third-party websites make finding permits easy and have a relationship with the county recorder offices, getting this information directly from the counties.

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Been 8 months and still can’t get paid

2 months ago

Austin General Contracting Inc4.5

Speedy payment. No issues. Great group to work with !

3 months ago

AG Construction Management Inc.3.7

Not professional whatsoever. If you do any work for this guy he refuses to pay!!!!

3 months ago

Cooper Steel2

Pay on terms.

3 months ago

LMC Corporation General Contractors1

Some of our payments were delayed more than 15 months. Multiple invoices never paid at all. Through all the delays and non payments we can not get an honest response to any inquiri... Read More

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slow, break contracts, going or are out of business

4 months ago

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cant get any better

4 months ago

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On time

5 months ago

3DL Construction Management3.4

Great company. Reliable and high quality

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We would advise any subcontractor to refrain from working with this GC. They have horrible billing and payment practices that are not normal in the construction business. They ha... Read More

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True Professionals, Exceptionally fast pay

6 months ago

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Payment was Not fast and not the full amount

7 months ago

Delta Steel Construction1

Very arrogant and anti social field supervision.

8 months ago

Covenant Steel Warehouse Inc4.1

They are a little slow paying, but still good to work with.

10 months ago