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Hi i moved into a property that i was told needed some work but that it was very minimal.When i moved in with time i found out the whole roof was needing to be replaced and alot of the structure was infested with termites.I explained this to the owner who stated he didnt have insurance so he was going to sell the property to me instead.Well 7 months in he decides he wants the remaining balance in one lump sum i ckearly didnt have it.i inly owed $6,000 to own the place.Long dtory short he decided to back out and is trying to evict me after i have done over 10,000 in work to the place.Should i file a lean?He used me to just fix the place then try to sell it for more and kick me out after i put all my money into the place....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I have a contract signed for129,760.00 I've received 2 of the scheduled 5 payments. The wrote me a termination letter and said my work thus far is satisfactory. My deadline was April 14. I believe they got a better price to finish the job. When I got this job last year they couldn't get anyone else. I could have had many other jobs but I dont overbook. Now I have no other work. I believe they are in breach of contract. Please advise....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
2 answersAdd commentFeb 25, 2021
New YorkRecovery Options
I have a cleaning service and a particular property is 60 days late with an Invoice for February service going out tomorrow. I get no reply from phone calls left, email, or text. I spoke to an office contact for the particular party in January and they said a check was mailed for services performed on 12/8/20. And that the mail in Virginia was slow due to Covid - 19...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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VirginiaRecovery Options
This comany has file a lein, I disputed it refuse to pay for poor incomplete work. what avernues can I take against the Company? BBB? is their a Maryland construction division? what are my options. I dont want this lean on my property....Read More
Anonymous Property Owner
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MarylandConstruction ContractLien ReleasesRecovery Options
I am a property owner that hired a contractor to renovate an old home (100+ years). Plans were developed, expectations were set and work begun. The contractor in question never completed the necessary renovation permits and systematically lead us to believe all was well. However, at every turn there was more and more demolition with little to no regard for the preservation of the structure. I firmly believe he intentionally misrepresented himself and mislead us into thinking he was going to complete a renovation but it was obvious to us that he planned to steer us into "new construction". Ultimately we fired him and are now having to complete new plans for a new home due to the original structures being demolished / disassembled to a point that would no longer support the effort of renovation nor allow the ability to secure a renovation permit. Was this fraud? And, what actions could we take against the GC? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentJan 19, 2021
LouisianaRecovery Options
Contractor for large repair/remodel of my elderly parent's home left stair coverings installed incorrectly a leaky roof, bathroom exhaust fans not vented to the exterior (as specifically stated in change order, and charged for), doors not closing, etc., States they aren't coming back because "I am mean." Their liability ins. adjuster has an estimate of nearly 10k. They want out of their explicitly stated warranty. We need it fixed, and we need the warranty. Help!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentFeb 12, 2021
LouisianaRecovery Options
I have a project I've worked on in Portugal for a US based Engineer. I'd like to send a demand for payment at a minimum. I 'd like to understand my lien abilities to recover our outstanding balance. Due to us $10,770 last work performed in December 2020...Read More
Anonymous Architect / Engineer
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OregonRecovery Options
March 12 20 Our sink was blocked called Mr. Rooter 4 emergency plumbing & plumber Robert Nelson tried 2 clear drain by snaking & could not clear it... sewage back up.. they had 2 come back & jettline camera paid plumber Robert Nelson $379.63 he came back & jetlinned & cleared drain but sewer line was broken & we need new sewer line /given invoice & agreed 2 pay a total of $5429.50 we paid an additional $2420.37 2 replace sewer so far we paid $2,800 2 mr rooter Plumber Robert n 4 a job that was $5,429.50 we paid him the money after he snaked & used the camera & water jetted ... the rest of the job would b done 1-2days l8r permits & digging & replacing sewer & line in our back yard ... a man from Mr Rooter came 2 dig out & replace ect..after he was done ... he said we owed him $5,000 & said all other $ would b returned by Mr Rooter I went 2 pay by charge & he said only cash or check so I wrote check 4 $5,000 2 Mr . Rooter & he said no write it out 2 him & he spelled his name Nick Nubeck but after job was all done .. when I called mr rooter 4 $2800 refund they didn’t kno what I was tlkn about I found out that mr. Rooter used a contractor that wasn’t part of mr roooter & we paid him $5,000 more! He didn’t take charges only cash or check... 4 $5,000 dollars he had me write it out 2 himself not a company ... he promised us a receipt w/his license# copies of permits they had 2 pull & inspection done & signed off by city & detailed invoice of why & what they did & a detailed list of materials they used..., they haven’t & won’t help us or give us anything.... So now after it is all said & done they r treating the job as if the contractor was not part of mr rooter & we have 2 get the $5000 back from Nick but we had a contract /receipt w/mr rooter & alone & we thought the contractor was a mr rooter employee that is how they passed him off 2 us & why would we think any different... so that means mr. Rooter charged us $2800 4 only 2 things they did water jet & snake camera totaling $800 .. but we paid them an extra $2000 & they owe us the $2000 4 work they never did!!! & they say they owe us nothing!! & remember the job was a total of $5400 so we owed only $2600 more but we paid a $5,000 check 2 Nick 4 a total of $7,800 4 a job that was supposed 2 only b $5400 & actually not cost us a penny bcause of the policy we have w/a company that royal Oak passes on 2 us 4 coverage on water & sewage that regular home owners insurance does not cover ... all we wanted was paperwork permits 2 give insurance company so we would b reimbursed 4 every penny we paid ... but since this happens last March & started insurance claim it is 2 l8 4 insurance 2 reimburse us & we still don’t have any paperwork 2 submit 2 insurance even if they would reimburse us!!! Please help me!!!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganRecovery Options
Took a metal roof job with a contractor over the phone at 12:30 January 27 2021 Wednesday met up with the contractor the next morning Thursday January 28th 2021 at the job and start installing roof and contractor informed me that he had to take off for the weekend to take care of his wife health issues and offered me. to subcontract. my help so I then gave the contractor my estimated cost and we agreed that he would provide supplemental labor and I would reduce the cost by 50% and we agreed that I would try to bring help and he would pay them out of his 50 percent and we would see each other and try to complete the project the project together the following Monday .The contractor left early with the supplement labor and i stayed. Then before I ended my day on Thursday the homeowner came out and i asked him if it would be okay if i left my tool trailer there for the weekend which was of course okay After i unhooked the trailer the homeowner asked me to give him my discretion on certain items and the roof that were completely done wrong against agreed contract between him and the contractor (ie that old Eve drip be removed new would be secured accordingly for wind load) at this point a lot of the house at already been roofed. by the contractor with numerous discrepancies and complaint by the homeowner that he was not pleased with the quality of work and now 50% of the already installed roof would have to be removed to allow old Eave drip to be removed and installation to continue. At this point I decided it would be in my better interest to consult with the contractor before I ended up doing work that I have not agreed upon and suspended my work *which was not under any kind of time schedule* that was agreed upon in our original contract and that renegotiations would be in order which would have to take place Monday after his return from taking care of his business over the weekend I had talked to the man has several times on one of my phone number and was certain he had that number and he did but he failed to call the number and communicate me anyway and went to the job Saturday after I excuse myself for Friday due to certain discrepancies that would inhibit my my work and payment for agreed work to be done Plus it rained on that Saturday so I didn't think twice about what was going on with the job Then before noon on said Saturday without any authorization or consent of the homeowner the contractor intentionally and vindictively with malice did call the tow truck company and fraudulently impersonated the( homeowner) property owner to the tow company and had my tool trailer towed away and placed in their impound yard . by the way I didn't even have all the materials needed to complete the task( sidewall flashing) that needed to be installed as the roof system is being installed so I was kind of had a stagnant point in the performance of completing my agreed work they homeowner have no complaints with me leaving my trailer there I knew that I would be back to help complete his roof cuz I would not leave my trailer with over $3000 worth of equipment inside. And not come back. Without any thought I showed up on Monday morning and discovered that my tool trailer had been towed away and that the homeowner had no involvement in action the contractor eventually showed up to the job and I am that he had permission from the local police authorities do what he did but that was not true I checked so I had the same sheriffs to come to the scene so there wouldn't be any violance or anything bad happen and when i explained the infraction to the sheriff they basically told me that it was a civil issue and I would have to sue the contractor for his previous Act against my person which I have already checked and found out that Fraudulant impersonation is definitely a criminal offense but on top of this my job was terminated with the contractor with no reason or notice of default and I was forced to leave the property without pay and equipment even though I had to gather up my ladders which were still on the job, he may have needed those but my trailer was still impounded with a $300 Tow and impound fee attached and I was given no relief to correct the problem or work it out or caught up correct things and resolve the situation so I would like to pursue any and all avenues to be reimbursed for my time not work equipment the tort that was imposed against me punitive damages losing work and life to deal with this situation and having to go retrieve my property that was taken without any due process of law and in fact there's a violation of my 14th Amendment rights what a mess huh I can't believe that people act and react and do evil to each other when we're all trying to work together to accomplish a task...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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MississippiRecovery Options
One day I was working on the job close to the end of our finished date I had went home for the night after telling her that the refrigerator that she had ordered upon herself did not fit and I gave her the answers on what to do to fix them I went home for the day upon that she told me to get out I'm done I took too works not a good enough wasn't as described mind you what I had to do left was they three more boards in the bathroom then I would have been able to install the vanity and toilet that would have been done room complete both bedrooms carpet baseboard done kitchen countertop installed boom done sink and dishwasher boom done all everything was there just needed hooked up but she then locked the door to the group house which they're only one interest to the garage and that's the garage door which you have to have a button to push to get in but then she demanded that I had a police with me to get my own tools which I feel is unnecessary...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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OhioRecovery Options
We remodeled a home and built most of the new patio cover on a client's home. She broke our signed contract, and she charged back her credit card all of the monies she paid us for materials. Her attorney (her sister) bullied us and let us know we could not afford to fight it in court, and our work was shoddy. We are a small family owned company. This was 2019. Now she's got her home finished after using the structural components we built! She charged back 25k and screwed us over. I missed mechanic's lien bc she was buying her time. What can we do?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasRecovery Options
I am a subcontractor in the state of Texas, hired by a general contractor, to complete a flooring installation for a commercial business funded by the state. For the sake of the following argument, please take my words at face value. The situation: the owners/GC are exceptionally difficult to please, beyond reason, and created weeks (months even) of delays due to their indecision and lack of communication. We had (FINALLY) reached an approximately 90-95% completion mark, and we were at the "fixing defects and completing punch list items" stage when everything all went to hell. We offered a few different solutions to the alleged defects and vague punch list requirements ("I don't like it over here, I don't like that section over there, this piece of flooring has too much variation, that piece doesn't have enough variation, etc.). The GC said, in an email, "to standby for a decision." We received no opportunity or clearance to proceed with the job, only several emails putting us on standby and/or delaying any sort of completion, followed by over a month of silence and crickets. During this timeframe, the GC hired another subcontractor to "fix" our work. (We know this because other friendly subcontractors, also working in the building, told us as much off the record and sent pictures of the altered floor.) In short, the other subcontractor messed it up really, really bad and to the point the floor looks absolutely nothing like we left it. In fact, the majority of our installed flooring was removed or damaged. Honestly, even if we were to fix it, it would basically have to start from scratch, materials and everything, but I digress. SIX WEEKS WITH NO RESPONSE LATER - The GC sends us a 48-hour Cure Notice, basically stating that we are in default for not completing the work, not holding up our end of the contract, we might be responsible for costs and other subcontractor fees and legal fees and all that jazz. We responded to the Cure Notice the same business day we received it, addressed the claims therein, and again offered a variety of solutions/actions. Crickets again, no communication whatsoever. Now, over a week after THAT email and our response, the GC leaves a voicemail about trying to reach an amicable solution and how he hopes we'll be honorable people considering how we've held up his project so long. Mind you, this is the first time anyone on that side of the project has responded cooperatively to our attempts at communication. The GC/Owners have caused inexcusable delays, even perhaps deliberate lack of communication, with a side of shadiness by hiring another company to redo the floor while we still have an active contract. (For the record, we've been paid just about everything except retainage, and our proposed solutions and implied completion would have taken, at most, two more business days once approved.) What actions are open to us? What state law allows us, in the absence of any other definitions or agreements, to quit and close the contract if something doesn't give? Secondly, the contract states that the subcontractor (me/my company) is not obligated to warranty the manufacturing of another entity, but it doesn't discuss what or when our "product" is no longer "ours." As I mentioned, the floor has been altered/destroyed beyond our recognition and, officially, without our knowledge or consent if that matters. What law designates when a product stops becoming OUR product and is no longer our legal or financial responsibility? How does a subcontractor fight back in these instances when they're being unreasonably pushed and pulled around and threatened? What law or statute or anything can I reference, beyond my own documentation supporting my claims, when our latest attempt at communication/completion goes sour again, as I'm sure they will?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I am the general contractor who used a subcontractor that walked off the job and did not finish the job. I had to correct his mistakes and hire additional help to complete his job. We went to arbitration and I was awarded two different award amounts as i had two different contracts with him. The total is $20,500.00 and he paid $10,000.00 to date and its been a year since the CSLB awarded me the money. I need the additional $10,500.00 paid so what do i do?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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CaliforniaRecovery Options
My parents hired a sub contractor and paid him $2,500 upfront for a $4,750 natural gas pipeline replacement. He dug the trench & has gone missing. The company he subcontracted under is saying that they dont know him & he didnt work for them but they pulled the permit for the job. He never installed the line and just took the $. What do we do to get our money back especially since the company isn't acknowledging him as an employee...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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TexasLawsuitPayment DisputesRecovery Options
I got into an investment opportunity with somebody who I came to an agreement of giving $5000 before January 1 which I did, and then return would receive $500 weekly for 52 weeks. They paid me early the first week and did not pay the second week and Have had little contact with me. They also live in Peru but are a US citizen. Able to get my money back? I also missed rent and had to liquidate investments at a loss or a potential gain Because I was promised the money by Monday and every Monday....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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