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We provided equipment rentals, housing rentals and labor services. Invoices are within the 6 month range for liens. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasRecovery Options
Homeowner is refusing to balance balance that is owed, I filed a Lien is there anything else that I should be doing to try and get our money?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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TexasLien ForeclosureMechanics LienRecovery Options
Hello, I just recently built a house in Texas. To keep it simple, we found a contractor we liked and vetted and paid them to build our house. At the end of the building, we were happy with the work they had done and payed the final installment. About 8 months later we are discussing with our CPA about making tax write-offs since we are using it as a business. He agrees we can make tax write-offs for certain expenses. We (he) examine the books and realize we were double-billed for certain building materials for the house. The total double-billed was around $35,000. My question is how do we go forward with this to get our over-billed money back? Thank you very much!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasConstruction AccountingConstruction ContractPayment DisputesRecovery Options
I have a lien placed on a house which was listed for sale yesterday. I am considering contacting the Real Estate Agent to see if she can help getting the balance paid. Any downside to this? Is there any additional action(s) I should take in the meantime or should I just wait for the house to go under contract? I'm guessing they can't transfer title until the lien is released. The house has a mortgage, but to my knowledge there are no other lien holders....Read More
Adam Shepherd
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TexasCollectionsForeclosureLawsuitLien DeadlinesLien ForeclosureLien PriorityMechanics LienRecovery Options
customer is refusing to pay me job was 98% completed all but a door that they knew was a few out and every attempt to locate possible replacement was made to no avail. Job was build 150 ft of fence and demo 52ft of fence and build a 10x12 shed with certain additions to it. Owners last told me that they wanted their home inspector to inspect it before they would make payment and of course their paid inspector came back and said there were all kind if issues and work was substandard job was in city limits and was permitted I verbally informed them of intent to file and was sent a email stating that I am to cease and desist any further communication with then or they would file harassment charges with local law enforcement ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasCollectionsConstruction ContractMechanics LienRecovery OptionsRight to Lien
I DID some labor work for my dad's girlfriend. We agreed upon $15 hr and I worked for hours. She has been giving me cash here and there. However, now that the job is complete she is arguing over the hours I worked and how much is actually still owed to me. Now she has sent a check via certified mail and on the memo line has written Cash Paid $775\Paid in Full. The check amount is$225. She still owes $1636.00. I seriously need to cash the check as she hasn't paid me anything since mid October. There is no contact in writing as this was only a verbal agreement. Could you tell me the law in Texas regarding this type of matter? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasCollectionsMechanics LienPayment DisputesRecovery Options
How do I collect payment if the customer wrote paid in full on the check. I haven't cashed it yet as she still owes me over $1,600.00 and the check is only for $225.00. ...Read More
Crystal Cavinder
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TexasCollectionsConstruction ContractPayment DisputesRecovery Options
We are a material only supplier. No on site labor. Our final shipment date to our customer was in June and our lien rights ended in September. Do we have any other avenues to try to collect our final payment? Our customer still owes us $16K. Is a claim on their bond the only step left available?...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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MichiganRecovery Options
My husband and I did major repair & remodeling work on a home that we planned to rent from a (former) friend. The original oral (I know) agreement was that our labor and materials expenses would be used toward our rent - so no rent to pay for nearly a year! However, once we finished the remodeling, my husband got a new job that required us to be closer to his work. So we opted to move into a different rental. How do we get repaid for all the labor & materials we paid for to fix up our former friend's house? It was about $18,000, so not sure how to do this. And it has been several months since we asked him to pay us back. He just ignores us. (and there was nothing in writing. we just have all the receipts) Thanks ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoLien ForeclosureMechanics LienRecovery Options
I have read from multiple sources that for Arizona owner-occupied residential projects, "Only parties who have a written contract with the owner-occupant may file a lien against an owner-occupied residential project.". Does this mean that a subcontractor who is only in contract with the prime contractor does not have lien rights? If so, what alternative recourse does the subcontractor have to recuperate funds owed?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaMechanics LienPayment DisputesRecovery Options
We have a situation where we paid for a handyman/contractor to do some work for one of our clients at our client's residence. Unfortunately, not long after the work began, we realized that this handyman was not doing a good job, so we stopped working with him and asked him to refund us the down payment we gave him to start the job. He has not given us that money back. So my boss is requesting that we send in a Notice of Intent to File Lien, but I want to be careful to not involve the client who lives at the job site's address, since they are not really a part of this transaction. How would I fill out the form for the Intent to Lien in such a way that the client will not receive any notices, but that the negligent contractor does?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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New JerseyRecovery OptionsRight to Lien
I have a contractor that has been paid for specific phases of a rehab project home in Grand Rapids. The bulk of these phases are either incomplete or not even started and no one has been on the job for a couple weeks. What can I do? Thanks for your help! Mike Robins 775-833-1228...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganConstruction ContractPerformance BondRecovery Options
I originally agreed to pain afew Rooms and as the job went along he kept adding work and filighting me the whole time to do things properly the house is below grade and the 30 feet of sill plate and joists are rotted, the basement is full of mold and he was having 4 contractor's bid the job at once, now he will not answer my calls and is in possession of about 5000 in tools alone, I was licensed, 17399 but it ran out because I had a hourly job, and Rhode island has a class u have to take, I havea written estimate that he will deny ever seeing ...Read More
James Beaucage
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Rhode IslandRecovery Options
I hired contractor as a concrete sub on a project. He installed 90% of the work and I paid him for the project (approximately $6500.00). Unfortunately, the concrete didn't pass inspection and had to be removed. I tried a dozen times to reach him to correct the work and even sent a 24 hour notice to comply. All communications were ignored and I had to remove the faulty work at my expense. After I removed the concrete, the GC i was working for decided to take the concrete over and complete it themselves. Within 24 hours of them informing me they will be handling the concrete, my contract was terminated due to the concrete subs inability to correct the work. Do I have a good case to go after the concrete sub for the money that was paid to him for the faulty work, the cost to remove the faulty work and the damages I incurred from being terminated due to his poor craftmanship?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaDefectsRecovery Options
Hi there! I completed work on a home in la jolla Ca for inside and out window cleaning. The home owner is now reporting that there are scratches on 6 Panes of glass and is refusing to pay. The windows in question were cleaned the same way every other window in the house was cleaned and the home owner was informed of the equipment we would be using to clean the windows. I told the home owner that he should contact the window installers because it looks like the window was installed backwards and the low e coating is on the outside. The home owner is insisting on running my insurance even though I explained to him that the damage was not caused by faulty workmanship. I already filed a 20 day preliminary notice for a lien but I want to know if he would have a case if he chose to take me to court for damages and what I should do to protect my company....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaDefectsMechanics LienRecovery Options