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I need to run a lien on multiple private parties and businesses over bitcoin currency and facebook money (Filter) not sure on proper lean form not a common lean ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaJoint ChecksPay Applications
Invoiced a contractor and was paid accordingly, now the contractor has changed his mind and is saying he agreed on a different price and wants to deduct on other invoices...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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KansasPay Applications
I had a construction contract in which the government included the payment of taxes. In the end he did not want to pay us. The project was outside the US. This was 2 years ago. I need advice to claim that payment....Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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TexasConstruction ContractPay ApplicationsPayment Disputes
Hi, I'm a welder fabricator for a general contractor in Carson city. My employer has had numerous prevailing wage contracts that I have built a lot of stuff for. He insists that if I am not on site that I am not eligible for the prevailing wage and we weld and fabricate and try to do as many tasks as possible in the shop for our regular wage. Can you tell me exactly how this is supposed to work? I would greatly appreciate any answers. Thank you for your time ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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NevadaPay ApplicationsPrevailing Wages
Hello i have been trying to get payment from a contractor who hired me to do some work as a subcontractor. I turned in a pay application on 10/22/2020. They said it was good and would process it for payment. On 12/22/2020, which i still have not received payment, i get a call from them saying that i would have to revise my pay application. I believe one of my equipment vendors filed a lien on this project since we have not been able to pay them. I believe they are telling me to revise my pay application to put blame on me for non payment. My question is how long do they have to ask me to revise my pay application? This has been over 2 months and they barely asked me now. And the application is more than correct. I have had so many issues getting paid from them this whole time....Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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New MexicoPay Applications
We've been using the AIA forms for progress billing, and now that the project is complete, I need to bill our client for the retainage. Can someone explain how to complete the AIA form for this piece? ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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OregonConstruction AccountingPay ApplicationsRetainage
Is Materials on Hand the Same as Stored to Dated?...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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TexasPay Applications
For my current project I am submitting my second pay application. However, I have not yet received the payment from my first pay application. So do I put $0 on line 7 since I realistically have received $0 in payment or do I put the amount due requested on my first pay application, $65,184.77....Read More
By Anonymous Subcontractor
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IllinoisPay Applications
We are installing an elevator for $38,000. The contractor has asked for a payment schedule of $17,000 up front, $14,000 when elevator is delivered, $2000 at completion of site of install, and $5,000 at completion. This seems in violation of California’s 10% down. However, the contractor has excellent BBB rating, good reviews, and has a valid California license. What lien waivers should I obtain and at what point?...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaConstruction ContractLien WaiversMechanics LienPay ApplicationsRetainage
I'm a plumbing sub working g for a gc. 144k project. Gc gave a task to another sub and sent me a change order to subtract 18k. And other things. They have chipped away at my numbers and have not issued me change orders for things I have done at thier request. I kept working as to not violate and hold up the job. They always distract from the issue and don't want to discuss. Job is almost done. They havnt reciebed final draw from ups and I just got my final inspections. Is this the time to file lien to give me negotiating power? Should I file myself or reliance attorney? If the latter, then who? Waldorf md. My cell 2318180524. Best to initiate with a text. Thank you. ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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MarylandConstruction ContractLien WaiversMechanics LienPay ApplicationsPreliminary NoticeRetainage
I emailed imy invoice to a company I did work for. They said they wanted more detailed invoice. Then they ask for names of employees, hours worked, what they did and on what day and whats their hourly wage. My invoice I turned in was from joist application. Nothing wrong with it at all. I just need to know what the law requires. Thank you....Read More
By Anonymous General Contractor
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KansasPay Applications
The GC finally met with us and offered to pay a fraction of what they owe. Then when we wouldnt accept the offer they said "thats fine, we can go to court and just chew up your time and money on legal fees" What should we do. At this point they owe us nearly $60,000. ...Read More
By Anonymous Subcontractor
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North CarolinaConstruction ContractLien ForeclosureMechanics LienPay ApplicationsRecovery OptionsRetainage
Does a general contractor required to fill pou a change order in Wisconsin? Or do they need to notify amounts and materials not in quote?...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentNov 3, 2020
WisconsinConstruction ContractPay Applications
We are a remediation company. We did work about a year ago for client. Public adjuster on file. We received the initial payment from the client last month but are still owed the remaining balance from the client. We have discussed and agreed on a payment plan & sent the client a contract to sign. The client has not the sign contract back & the 1st payment is due on 11/16/2020. I have called, text & emailed the client with no response. Can I speak to an attorney? & are these general attorneys or are they specialized in this field. ...Read More
By Anonymous General Contractor
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New JerseyConstruction ContractLien WaiversMechanics LienPay ApplicationsPayment Disputes