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This page answers to legal questions related to coronavirus in the construction industry . Browse the questions about coronavirus and the impact it's had on the construction industry below. If you need further help with coronavirus and your business, you can ask a question of your own.

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I'm being told a story and I can't understand how she thinks she can save the house. If I'm being told the truth, she claims she has 2 foreclosures. One is from her company they used their house as collateral. She says they called in loan. She also claims she is in foreclosure on her personal mortgage. From my understanding she owes 55 thousands on the mortgage and the business loan was a half a million. She is in forbearance. She says she's is getting it until March wich my understanding is it ends December all home covid programs end. We live in long Island NY. So how is this house savable and also it will be left to her only child . Won't her get the lien debt if the house is willed to him? Please help me know the truth as it affects my life in unimaginable ways. Thank you....Read More
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My husband has a small construction business mainly himself and IF he needs help he hires other self employed contractor which receive 1099’s. He really doesn’t have payroll per say but has construction bills that need paid. Would he qualify for the “up to” $10000 grant? Also I read somewhere that self employed contractors could draw unemployment. Please advise. Thanks...Read More
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I was sent Bond of affidavit claim form from a surtey company. Do i need to still file a complaint with the courts? Can i get assistance even though ive already completed the administrative process and never got response? Or can i just fill out bond then deposit it with the court? If there a maximum i can seek for damages? Non judicial administrative process do i just go get judgement? Any and all help is appreciated.....Read More
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Can a contractor ask a client with an executed renovation contract that in consideration of COVID-19, we need to charge the client fees to purchase PPE, Sanitation equipment, and hire additional crew to constantly clean and sanitize the job site? ...Read More
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We used to send an employee with the papers, but with Covid we do not know what to do?...Read More
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I have approved contracts with the same client on multiple projects. After completing first half, client decided to terminate rest due to financial situations related to the pandemic. I agreed to suspend the projects for some time to help them with the situation, however they insisted on termination. Should I terminate the project and then file a claim? Would I be able to recover lost profit on those projects if I terminate? Suspension itself has already caused me loss because of the big open window in my schedule....Read More
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I heard that due to the Coronavirus you can increase or add a percentage to your pricing. I was wondering if this was true? And if so, how much increase in percentage would be allowed?...Read More
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I heard that due to the Coronavirus you can increase or add a percentage to your pricing. I was wondering if this was true? And if so, how much increase in percentage would be allowed?...Read More
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I did a job and we had a contract/estimate, in the contract/estimate it stated that troubleshooting was not included along with any work not stated in the estimate. Upon completion of the stated work the homeowner stated that she needed the internet working in her house. This was during the height of the COVID-19 quarantine. We obliged her by figuring out why those plugs didnt have power and proceeded to fix the problem. now that everything is done she is refusing to pay for the work that was done. She is also threatening to call various state and local boards to complain that i am a "crook" i need to know what legal right i have to get paid for the work i did. I didn't get anything in writing that says that she was requesting this work to be done however i do have workers that heard her say these things....Read More
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I heard the federal government is paying $600.00 a week on top of the norm unemployment rate, true?...Read More
Hi, I'm working on a residential remodel contract for a $300,000 renovation. I'm adding a COVID-19 rider to cover us against stop work orders, supply chain fluctuation etc. I've been considering adding an escalation clause to the effect that if items that cover a large area of the project site such as framing lumber, sheetrock, flooring, etc run over 10% more than projected costs then the owner is responsible for the difference. I can see framing lumber has gone up 15% since I bid on the project. My only concern is that this is the first bid I have done, and I don't want the owner to feel nickel and dimed and lose the contract. I built in a 20% markup based on materials and labour so I think if some of the relatively low cost items like framing lumber run higher it might still be ok, but if much higher ones - kitchen cabinets, or doors run 15% higher it will be bad for us. Any suggestions on whether I should add an escalation clause and how best to phrase it? ...Read More
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I received the $600 last week but not this week. What's going on is the $600 a one time thing or weekly. Just wondering why I didn't get it this week.? Thank you... ...Read More
I am a small business owner and had to fully shut down due to COVID. I did qualify for the SBA loan. My business is not making enough money to rehire an employee back. Do I have to rehire her and what options do I have?...Read More
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Hello, we are EC in Florida. We are working on a project, originally we were hired by the someone working with the GC. Then the owner fired the GC and took over under their own license. We never submitted a NOC to the old GC or the new GC. With corona we stopped working there for a month, now that we have to get back to the job we still have not been paid. They want us to go back to finish the job but we are wondering legally what are our options?...Read More
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