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I was hired by a Colorado GC to install as specified in the plans provided by the architect (this included which specific products to install). There is an issue with the manufacture of the products themselves, but they were installed properly. I am being told that I have punch list items to complete because the products are not working correctly. The products are defective, but install was correct. The GC should have already received 3 draws on this project, but is saying they have not received any payment. There is a pay when paid clause in the contract. The project is in CO. Due to the corona virus, the site (it is a visual arts center owned by a university) is shut down so I couldn't do the punch list even if I wanted to. What steps do I need to take to preserve my lien rights? How can I send an NOI when they aren't even open?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I was an investor on a rehab project. The Owner on Title to the property to be rehabbed was also the Contractor. He never completed the job 4 years ago and was incarcerated shortly after only starting the rehab project(he has been in jail since). I was in litigation for 3 years on a Quiet Title Action on the property in order to gain Title. That case fell apart and was dismissed due to Lawyer Malpractice. I sued in Small Claims for a Judgement in order to obtain a Lien. I recently lost. I am trying to exhaust all possibilities in order to have a Lien placed on this property. ...Read More
Robert Bagnell
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I am a subcontractor who has worked on a non-public construction project in Iowa. My last day on site was 17 February 2022. I haven't received payment from the general contractor and I would like to make a claim under the Payment Bond (form A312). My questions are: - Is there a maximum period of 30 days to make such claim? - If there is, do the 30 days start counting from completion of the project as whole or from completion of the works which the subcontractor has performed? - Is the action therefore time-barred or am I still entitled to make the claim? - If I am entitled to make a claim, is there a specific form I should use? Thank you!...Read More
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We missed the deadlines to be able to file a claim on the prime contractor's bond, but is there still a way that we can get the payment owed to us by the second tier subcontractor?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasBond Claims
We placed a lien for $20K on a property that a subcontractor hired was hired to work on. The owner of the property says he will not pay unless we settle for 12K. He says he can bond out and ignore our invoices and that there is nothing we can do. Is this correct? We are willing to counter over....Read More
Donald Cummings
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How do I find out a contractors bonding company?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I am a subcontractor working on a Federal project. I have completed the scope of my work, and the prime contractor won't communicate with me - I have not been paid. All other subs have abandoned the job. How do I find the name of the contracting officer or rep for the Department of Veterans Affairs, so that I can contact them directly?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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Hi, I tried reaching out once before. Can you connect me to somebody in marketing regarding an opportunity for your company to join our upcoming in-person "Real Estate Technology" themed conference on December 14-16? My company, RETCON, is the organizer of the RETCON 2021 conference at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami in Miami, FL, which is one of the largest real estate technology conferences in the US with 1000+ execs and data leaders registered. Would your company be interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities including speaking roles and virtual booths? The event is coming up and space is limited! I can send sample attendee snapshots. -Thanks, Glenn ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBond Claims
I was hired on a public project to replace the metal roof under a contract from my company to the township of summit county ohio board members. It was a parts and service building next to a police station that we agreed on a certain amount. I also put about 2000 extra dollars into the project. Long story short they swindled me and ended up not paying anything on 7700 dollar invoice. this was completed in June of 2020 and shortly after during my attempts to get paid I came down with covid and it kind of mixed everything I had going up. Im not sure if I even have the right to still pursue and I was hoping I could get some insight on those rights ...Read More
Travis Dyer
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I'm a subcontractor that and I finished my part of this commercial project back in July and I have yet to be paid. The project was completed a few days ago and they're requesting close out documents retainage, warranties etc. I believe the General Contractor disagrees with my itemized final payment and I believe there may be a breach of contract situation on their part....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I am a GC that was hired on a Federal Public job. A contract was entered and I had filed the Millar act bonds in the beginning of the job. They were submitted to the CEO and secretary by registered mail and notary. A rental agreement was also made for the customer to pay additional rental fees. Since then the customer has defaulted on the contract and has been breached. A administration process was conducted by way of notary witness aging. All signature cards were returned and a certificate of non response was received. The affidavit of truth was also certified with the country and then a Apostille was filed in the state. The administration was concluded with a UCC 1 Notice of lien and the parties were served and invoiced. They currently are still binded in the contract with a daily fee for the rental and I am uncertain on how to proceed with the notice of lien and Millar act bonds that were sent registered mail and also entered on the collateral section. I tried opening a miscellaneous case in federal court to process a summary judgement where the case was converted to a summons and complaint. The lien notice does not have any controversy so I assume a summons and complaint is incorrect because of the default. I have a difficult time with moving the courts correctly. I am a self studying paralegal and also contract for my business trust. I am uncertain if I filed my bonds correctly and their customer refuses any contact. The equipment that is in the rental agreement has also been entered into the UCC 1. I know I can do a UCC 3 assignment of debt to the I%RS and treasury with the bonds. I have so many open doors for closure and just cant seem to seal it....Read More
undefined undefined
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So, my lien was bonded, what should I do? What is my next step to get my money?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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My levelset settings are saying "your payment rights are at risk because you missed a deadline". I'm unsure as to what deadline I've missed. Payment issue is on invoices in August. September I sent out a monthly notice, notice of intent and a payment reminder. October I sent out 2nd payment reminder and line/bond claim to the surety Our contract with the company was a time/material contract. They paid all invoices up until the final one. Our contract had zero retainage being held. So there is no retainage claims to be made....Read More
Katherine Simmerman-Morgan
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TexasBond Claims
I need help getting paid from an importer who has a importers bond in California ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBond Claims
A contractor didn't do a good job and as a result we filed against him on both CSLB and Bond company. CSLB investigator found him guilty and his license is revoked now. However, the bond company is more complicated. There are totally two claims, we even sent an official letter that we agreed to divide the bond amount in 50% ($7,500 for each claims). But the bond company attorney contacted the contractor and asked him how to divide the bond amount and he didn't respond which was very obvious. Then bond company sued the contactor, me, and the other claimant, when I emailed them about it, I was told that this is the process and judge should decide about the amount for each claims. I responded the court letter but yesterday I received "Request for Entry of Default" letter from the bond company attorney. It is very complicated now and I don't know what to do with this process. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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