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Bought my house from him he was the builder mind you brand new house and didn’t register in the state of Washington and now there are problems going on with the house ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonBond Claims
Hi - We placed a STOP Notice/Bond Claim on a project in California where we were hired by a General Contractor who was hired by California High Speed Rail Authority. California High Speed Rail just responded with a letter stating that our Stop Notice/Bond Claim is not valid because this is NOT a Public Works Job though we were required to pay California Prevailing Wages Rates. However, the GC who hired us provided us a Contract without Owner Information. What can we do?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBond Claims
How do I find the bond information for a contractor that was supposedly licensed/bonded, but now is ghosting me?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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South DakotaBond Claims
We are a material supplier, and that amount is for a very large order that I just preliened. It is for a commercial job, not any sort of govt. project....Read More
Pam Izard
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CaliforniaBond Claims
I am wondering if you can help me? Basically, I paid him up front for some work on a property, he has only done a little of it, did a poor job at that and I am selling it and want the remainder of my money back that was not earned or spent on the property and the contractor misappropriated the funds as he states he no longer has the money. The amount is $58,000+...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MontanaBond Claims
I bought a house and had a CL100 performed in Feb. The company that preformed the CL100 only mentioned one small area of wood rot & no mold. In March I had my contractor go under the house as I had some suspicion about a few week spots in the floor. He then notified me that there was a tremendous amount of wood rot, roughly 75% of seal plates and joists. I contacted the CL100 company and he said tough luck it’s past 90 days. What can I do? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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South CarolinaBond Claims
The property owner hasn't given the final payment. I've given notice of intent to move forward with collection options. I intended to file the lien on Tuesday but received notice of the property owner making a claim against my bond. Do I need to wait to file the bond? ...Read More
Bunni Soberanis
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CaliforniaBond ClaimsMechanics Lien
I have contractor never did the job and I paid in full how can I claim through the bond ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasBond Claims
I'm a Sub hire by a sub who was hired by a GC . Can I file a lien since I have a contract with the Sub and not the GC? I was promised payment on portion of our contract, but since we are almost finished with the jobsite. He wants to take over the job but we are almost done with the erection....Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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TexasBond ClaimsConstruction Contract
1. LL- makes agreement to pay tenant 300k+ tenant allowance upon completion and close out including all final unconditionals from contractors and subs. 2. Tenant (my client) agrees and has paid me (GC) out %100 on the project 3. All suppliers and subs have been paid except one issue subcontractor. This subcontractor was in breach of contract and I had the kitchen equipemnt coming at the end of a week. He didn't have man power to provide to us. We issued him warnings in writing stating if he cannot provide any manpower to the job for the week I would hire another contractor to hang the hoods. This is all in our signed contract with him as well. He responded and acknowledged that simply stating "sorry, I won't have anyone out next week because I'm too busy". We hire another guy to hang the hoods. The following week our original hvac returned with men and completed the rest of the project. We backcharged him the 3600 spent to complete that portion with all the backup and proof of cost and payment. He pitched a fit about it and I agree to pay him for half which is more than generous anyways since he impacted our schedule as well. Now, he's been paid out but will not provide a final unconditional though I've hassled his office for it. More like a grudge match. This project has been done for 112 days so he is out of his lien rights but the LL will NOT accept anything short of a final unconditional from him to release the tenant allowance to my client who is now getting all frustrated with me. Can I file a payment bond somehow for the 1800 to give the LL showing that even if he tried to lien it would be covered? Can I file something with the county or contractors board stating he is past his lien rights and cannot file. Has to be something solid to get the LL satisfied to release the tenant allowance. ...Read More
Levi Gilkison
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CaliforniaBond ClaimsBonding Off LienLien Waivers
Hi, We are a Subcontractor to a Prime Contractor that has filed for bankruptcy. We performed work for the Prime Contractor on a State Department project that was bonded. How do we go about filing a claim against the bond? Thanks,...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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VirginiaBond Claims
Hi there is a subcontractor that doesn't have a bond program (they are the ones doing the work), so the owner is having his other company issue the bond. Even the contract is being reissued between the GC and the new sub. However this new sub won't be doing the actual work & neither sub is on each others insurance policies. How can this situation be fixed so that the GC is covered?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoBond Claims
I am a private citizen who hired a contractor for remodeling. He failed to complete the job and the California Contractors licensing board investigated and ended up suspending his license. I have been awarded a claim of approximately $6K but the Surety bond company is postponing paying and continues to tell me that the contractor said he is making payments to me, which he is not. I have been getting this run around for 7 months and have not received a dime yet. Doesn't the surety bond have to pay me? What do I need to do to make the bond company pay me the $6K?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBond Claims
Hi, I tried reaching out once before. Can you connect me to somebody in marketing regarding an opportunity for your company to join our upcoming in-person "Real Estate Technology" themed conference on December 14-16? My company, RETCON, is the organizer of the RETCON 2021 conference at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami in Miami, FL, which is one of the largest real estate technology conferences in the US with 1000+ execs and data leaders registered. Would your company be interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities including speaking roles and virtual booths? The event is coming up and space is limited! I can send sample attendee snapshots. -Thanks, Glenn ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBond Claims