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We used a third-party service (not Levelset) to file a notice for us on a public university project in Louisiana. The third-party uses an inhouse machine that post marks the notices as they are printed. For this project, the third-party printed & postmarked the notice several days before our notice deadline, but the envelope was not accepted at the post office until several days after our deadline. The third-party has stated the date accepted at the post office does not make a difference, and that the third-party has no control over when the envelope is accepted at post office. This seems doubtful, though, as any party could post mark a letter on a specific date and then walk it in to the post office days later. At what point does Louisiana consider an envelope to have been mailed?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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LouisianaBond ClaimsLien Deadlines
I have a job that we did in July ... We performed the work and invoiced the Job 100% Minus the 10% Retention in July... I sent Notice of the unpaid invoice on 9/15/2022 and now the Level set system is saying that I must file a (Lien) Notice of Bond Claim on 10/14/2022. It is also saying that I must file a written notice of claim on retainage 10/28/2022 ...... I'm very confused and could use some insight from a professional. I thought that the notice due in October would have been the 3rd month notice for the unpaid work in July.... Also ... when we send notices, they always include the amount for Retainage, so why is it necessary to send a separate notice ... And why the heck would you even bother sending a separate notice for Retention if you had already filed a lien .. ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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TexasBond ClaimsLien DeadlinesMonthly Notice
I am a subcontractor who has worked on a non-public construction project in Iowa. My last day on site was 17 February 2022. I haven't received payment from the general contractor and I would like to make a claim under the Payment Bond (form A312). My questions are: - Is there a maximum period of 30 days to make such claim? - If there is, do the 30 days start counting from completion of the project as whole or from completion of the works which the subcontractor has performed? - Is the action therefore time-barred or am I still entitled to make the claim? - If I am entitled to make a claim, is there a specific form I should use? Thank you!...Read More
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IowaBond Claims
Writing a school schedule, laying asphalt on a stadium, launching a rocket into space - none of these activities are possible without mathematics. Do you agree with me?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBond Claims
I followed the instructions from L&I’s website and filed a summons and complaint for breach of contract against a contractor who took a large deposit, disappeared for 6 months and will not respond or refund our money. After I filed the complaint and researching I realized I didn’t include all the required info on the complaint. For example, i did not include the GC’s middle name but is included on the L&I registration. I did not include his registration effective date or bond effective date. I also was did not include the details of the case, like why he owes us money, the contract we signed or exhibits such as copies of the checks he cashed or letters we sent terminating him. It has been more than 20 days. The GC has not responded but the bond company did file a notice of appearance and sent us a letter to us asking for details. Can I file an amended complaint to include the info I should have included in the first place?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonBond Claims
So, my lien was bonded, what should I do? What is my next step to get my money?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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New YorkBond ClaimsMechanics Lien
How do I find out a contractors bonding company?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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South CarolinaBond Claims
I placed a mechanical lien to a property. The lien was discharged by bond. I need to claim the bond. ...Read More
Shahriar Rafi
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New YorkBond Claims
I own a home in Fla. and git into it with the GC over shoddy work. He subsequently filed a mechanics lien through his attorney. I since have bonded the lien and filed a contest of lien. The 60 day period for him to file suit has come and gone. How do I get the lien extinguished through the statute which says that it is automatic?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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FloridaBond ClaimsLien DeadlinesLien Releases
As I've understood, CA requires all public projects (including schools) to have a bond on projects over $25,000. As a supplier, I've began asking for bond information on all projects over this limit. I've run into several schools that are telling me the bond is not available or being required on the project. Am I missing more specific requirements for these projects? I would assume, if I'm going to the school directly, they would have this information available....Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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CaliforniaBond Claims
What happens when the company pulls the permit and doesn’t inform the homeowner about the Notice of Commencement? Are homeowners just expected to know about it? The company I hired intentionally never told me about it or asked me to sign. Why wouldn’t the homeowners signature also be required for the permit? I believe much of what happened probably wouldn’t have if it was. Not only does this leave homeowners liable for paying twice, it can lead to a number of serious adverse effects. My family’s safety and well-being were completely compromised because of the health hazards from the property damage this company left behind. Without the NOC, my roof went on without a midway or final inspection. They left the permit open and refused to take responsibility for any of the damage they created when they caused my pan roof to collapse. This included a 40 foot stretch of fascia torn off my roof that exposed my home’s structure and allowed rainwater in. No one ever said anything to me about it; not their insurer nor the adjuster and I know that they knew. I started battling allergies and chronic migraines I’d never had before. Two years later, my previously healthy 6 year old dog was dead. Another year later is when I discovered the mold and I had no choice but to abandon my home of 22 years. This devastated me. I’m broke and homeless because of the entire ordeal and I’m probably going to lose my home. I’ve been trying for the past 3+ years since the day that this happened to get somebody to help me. I’m at a loss how the hell this could happen to begin with. I do have one last question though…I’d just like to know why this was allowed to happen. Why did having recourse depend on the amount of money I had when this business was licensed, bonded and insured? Suing them civilly shouldn’t be my only option when there were criminal violations as well. I later found out the people who I contacted with weren’t licensed owners as they made themselves out to be. They weren’t company employees. They were unlicensed contractors renting the owners license. There was no oversight whatsoever when their workers were busy destroying my home, not even a foreman was present. Can someone please explain how this is OK? I can’t for the life of me understand…...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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FloridaBond ClaimsConstruction ContractDefectsLawsuitLicensesNotice of CommencementPerformance Bond
I filed my notice of intent the day before my deadline, but on my account it says it’s a day past the deadline. As is the same for the mechanics lien I filed on Monday. Also the deadline. Is this lien going to work or and I S.O.L ? ...Read More
Spencer Glod
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WyomingBond Claims
I was hired on a public project to replace the metal roof under a contract from my company to the township of summit county ohio board members. It was a parts and service building next to a police station that we agreed on a certain amount. I also put about 2000 extra dollars into the project. Long story short they swindled me and ended up not paying anything on 7700 dollar invoice. this was completed in June of 2020 and shortly after during my attempts to get paid I came down with covid and it kind of mixed everything I had going up. Im not sure if I even have the right to still pursue and I was hoping I could get some insight on those rights ...Read More
Travis Dyer
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OhioBond ClaimsCollectionsConstruction ContractLawsuitMechanics Lien
My roof contractor is demanding payment in full (partial payment was paid previously). He recently submitted supplements and my homeowner's insurance has not released all of the funds for the supplements or the depreciation for the roof claim. He came to my door demanding payment of a different amount than he had on a previous invoice he gave me that was from January. The amount he showed me was written in pencil. I told him that the insurance has not paid me in full and the supplements were in the pipeline to be paid but I don't have the money or a revised estimate from my insurance yet, so I will pay him for the work completed at the amount the insurance approved once they send that to me. He waved an estimate from my insurance in front of me with different amounts than the versions I have in my portal and said he can see that I am supposed to get X amount from my insurance for my entire claim so just pay him. This estimate appeared to have my entire claim information on it (for other areas of my home that he is not a contractor on) and he would not let me look at, hold or photocopy the document. Then he tried to say that I should get 20K in depreciation for my entire claim so I should just pay him now. I do not have in writing what the insurance has approved for the supplements, but from a rep I spoke to last week, he submitted supplements for work that he did not do (to include installing drip edge (he did not remove or reinstall any drip edge on my home), starter shingles installed (he used upside down regular shingles that did not match my roof and were obviously from another job) and those items are required per manufacturers guidelines and drip edge is required per buidling code. I texted him to say to send the invoice and we will compare to insurance and pay for what was completed and at the rate the insurance approved. He then said that he will have his attorney file in court for nonpayment and per his contract, I will owe attorneys fees for nonpayment claims. What recourse do I have? isn't he in breach of contract, guilty of fraud (for billing insurance/me for work he did not complete), or anything that allows us to not pay for attorney's fees? I am happy to pay for work completed, but my insurance hasn't paid me yet. I feel he is pressuring me with fraudulent documents and that should matter if it goes to court. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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