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I spent 14.5 hours deep cleaning a house. I told the owners a deep clean rough estimate started at $280, but I would not know the total cost until I was finished the job. The house hadn't been cleaned in a long time. Plus the had a 100lb pig, 3 dogs. Inside pets. The pet hair and grime was on doors, base boards, walls windows, furniture bed frames, everywhere-every door, windowpane, etc. had to be wiped with a new rag 3x. With crud critter or windex. Ceiling fans~black hunks of dust so think I used 12 swiffers on 3. Dog urine on basement floor. So I'm painting this picture to make one understand the labor & materials were triple of a normal deep clean. They refuse to pay when they get invoice because they say I quoted $280. I threatened calling the Police for "Theft of Service" they begrudgingly paid $280. I was to put a lien on their house. Can I? I also removed mold from the tub. ...Read More
Candace Daniels
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North CarolinaProfessional Development
I'm looking for a particular cost per square foot to build a manufacturer - about 7 million square foot - in Graham NC? What kind of prices are we're looking at? Thank you....Read More
My Nguyen
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North Carolina
I am an architectural designer registered LLC in Texas who produced plans for a developer in North Carolina. I received 75% of the payment but have not received the rest upon completion of the project. The remaining amount is only a little over $300. However, I have a late fee stipulation in the contract that could climb the amount due significantly. What legal options do I have, albeit such a small amount?...Read More
Anonymus Anonymus
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North CarolinaCustomer Relationships
mechanics lein on a commercial property where the owner is not directly tied to the transaction but the tennent is...Read More
joe smith
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