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I missed the deadline for the notice of intent can I still file a lien?...Read More
Cameron Hord
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North Carolina
i am an individual person not a company. the owner of a property had done remodeling on the intention of the renter would get the money back when he sold the house to someone else or to the renter. the amount she gave the owner was over 20,000.00 and he always made her pay it in cash including for a long time the rent. one of the workers that worked with him was a witness to this. I have signed documents from several people and now the owner has passed away and the renter. this money would go to her daughter. how do i go about this?...Read More
stephanie theriault
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North CarolinaProfessional Development
Does a lien get filed w/ credit reporting ...Read More
Beth Pariseau
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North Carolina
Payment Agreement Owner buys all material Too many contractors want money upfront for labor only Deposit Payments Escrow Benchmarks ...Read More
Jody Roody
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North CarolinaRisk Management
I spent 14.5 hours deep cleaning a house. I told the owners a deep clean rough estimate started at $280, but I would not know the total cost until I was finished the job. The house hadn't been cleaned in a long time. Plus the had a 100lb pig, 3 dogs. Inside pets. The pet hair and grime was on doors, base boards, walls windows, furniture bed frames, everywhere-every door, windowpane, etc. had to be wiped with a new rag 3x. With crud critter or windex. Ceiling fans~black hunks of dust so think I used 12 swiffers on 3. Dog urine on basement floor. So I'm painting this picture to make one understand the labor & materials were triple of a normal deep clean. They refuse to pay when they get invoice because they say I quoted $280. I threatened calling the Police for "Theft of Service" they begrudgingly paid $280. I was to put a lien on their house. Can I? I also removed mold from the tub. ...Read More
Candace Daniels
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North CarolinaProfessional Development
I'm looking for a particular cost per square foot to build a manufacturer - about 7 million square foot - in Graham NC? What kind of prices are we're looking at? Thank you....Read More
My Nguyen
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North Carolina
I am an architectural designer registered LLC in Texas who produced plans for a developer in North Carolina. I received 75% of the payment but have not received the rest upon completion of the project. The remaining amount is only a little over $300. However, I have a late fee stipulation in the contract that could climb the amount due significantly. What legal options do I have, albeit such a small amount?...Read More
Anonymus Anonymus
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North CarolinaCustomer Relationships
mechanics lein on a commercial property where the owner is not directly tied to the transaction but the tennent is...Read More
joe smith
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North Carolina