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On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 8:32 AM Dr Tony wrote: Hi Olivia- thanks! Happy Holidays!🤗 We are dealing with a promissory note of about 37,000+ that has not been paid since 2018! - The party just decided not to pay despite send them emails and their own emails showing they are responsible! It is a signature note and we have copies of the documents and they do also. Does levelset have a follow up process or documentation that would work besides Construction liens etc..or can we design one with the levelset forms to send to them! -- This was an interesting video which gave me the idea of letting them know to make payments again! to the best! 314-348 9334 CST - Dr Tony -- St Louis Mo....Read More
Anonymous Lender
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Hi , Thanks we need or looking for a lien to put on the default parties home for a promissory note that hasn't been paid in 2 years do you have lien language in a document relating to a promissory note not paid and we can then place a lien on their home or business in the state of Arkansas that is not related to construction, materials etc.... or is this for construction only -- advise Dr Tony...Read More
Anonymous Lender
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For the state of Missouri when second tier supplier is furnishing material to a jobsite what are specific noticing/service requirements. If I deliver material to a single condo unit, do I need to send notice to everyone that owns a condo? If I am hired by the association, who is required to receive notices, the association or the individual unit owners?...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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We are a subcontract on Audrain Co Jail project. Per the contract, a bond was not required so we didn't request one. However, Zlien is showing that we need to file a Preliminary Notice now and a Bond Claim will be due in February. But I'm unsure if we can file a Claim against a bond if we didn't request one in the first place. I'm unsure if the GC requested a bond. Are we able to file against their bond if they did?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I did a hotel renovation job and I was not paid all of the money that was due to me. I sent a notice to the owner and one day after it was delivered the general contractor that was supposed to have paid me as a subcontractor sent me a copy of the notice and asked “what’s this?” I responded with “a request for payment of the balance owed to me” From there, no response. It has been a few months since that exchange....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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