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The invoice received shows dated 7/28/2020, 8/7/2020 .If a deadline is missed to send out the prelim notices and notice of intent can we request an extension or our filing rights?...Read More
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I had moved in with my daughter to help with the house payments... I was going to move to Hawaii but I wasn't ready and all my money went to her for the house..All my thing were at her home and when things didn't work out she dumped me on my xmotherinlaw...the corona hit....the island closed and is still closed...I have an apartment now in Memphis Mi and want some of my things I left at her house ....I sent her a message on 1/29 stating to bring the small things to her grandmothers and the rest i didn't want....sent her an email stating what I wanted...Her grandmother just told her to bring her my things..my daughter said there isn't much....I think she destroyed or threw my things away....my photos of my travels to Hawaii severl time....europe etc...all my photos family etc on big box that was in her room stored under the stairs.....anyway some things that can not be replaced....can I give them a net worth and through a lien on her house?????on her personally?there also is a gem stone collection worth over $5000 ...Read More
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Filing a mechanic lien 65 yrs ago, my father has passed away. Am I still able to pursue for payment and be paid when that person sells w/ interested...Read More
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We are the main contractor hired by our client, but based on Level set research it looks likie this is a public project. I received this email for the current lien we are trying to file. Ref. #397-6887 This is Liz reaching out from the Levelset Support team! Our researcher sent you a message regarding your mechanics lien for your job Oakland University/RFP Katke Cousins on 10/12/2020, and that message hasn't been responded to yet. Would you mind taking a look at this today? Here is what she said: "Hi again - I've been able to find a legal description, but it looks like this may be a public project. We don't offer a product for situations where you were hired by the owner on a public job, but you can ask a construction lawyer for more info on the best way to proceed. You can do that for free here: https://www.levelset.com/payment-help/ask-question/ or in the Ask A Construction Lawyer section on the Summary page of this project. Let me know how you'd like to proceed, and if we don't hear back, we'll continue processing this as is. Thanks!" Please let me know how you would like to proceed -- You can respond directly to this email, live chat with us from your account, or give us a call at 504-708-1287. We will continue processing as is unless we hear back within one business day. ...Read More
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Please I was terminated as a contractor, and it’s been 30 days the company haven’t pay me yet and I need the money . What can I do on this situation?...Read More
I just had windows and siding put on my house . They still have to put in a door and shutters. They want to sign off that it is completed so they can get paid, I said I would sign off upon the completion. They told me that they are going to put a lien on my house . Can they do this ?...Read More
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Title company is requesting a payoff statement. Are you able to assist with this or is this something I do myself?...Read More
What states will allow a Commercial Roofing Contractor the hold a license over 25 years w/o a single marki or W/C claim , I have all of my papers in order to roof here. I am about put as many as 70 guys into this years record breaking year for Storm Damage. I have a second license Q.O. of Michael Sharpe Roofing, LLC Dba: Sharpe Roofing, LLC Michigan Residential Building License-Buildings, to perform commercial flat roofing restoration for people in need and I don't want to break ANY laws or give anyone an opportunity to slowpay or nopayme. Even more so, I have perfect record with the building officials and a reputation for registering in everytown before I even bid a project usually face to face. Thank You...Read More
Generally, we are a subcontractor for commercial projects. However, we also have a large book of residential business in which a homeowner will work directly with us to accomplish a flooring project. Furthermore, all of our own labor is subcontracted. So, in this case are we considered a General or Materials Supplier?...Read More
MichiganConstruction Contract
We (Ever & Branch LLC.) had a residential painting project with this client on their house in Grand Rapids Mi. Project was ended on 10/04/2020. Client was adding everyday new tasks to the project which we follow and fulfill tirelessly comply until we got to the point where the only stage remaining was the touch up. He asked us again to spend another week and redo things. We told him because of his non-ending requests we are going to end this project and remove the touch up fees (which it is the only stage that remain on the project ) from the original invoice which they agreed. and we did cut the price. We have been going back and forth with this customer and nothing get to resolution. we believe the customer was planning all these to delay us and to find excuses not pay his bill. Below was our last email to customer: To add, I am a Painter contractor (no license) and the state of Michigan does not required painter to have license/At the end of 2018, Michigan lawmakers eliminated the state's painter license. Can I then file a mechanic lien against this property? Thank you Ange Kokora...Read More
How can I set up a project account? this is my first time using this program and I am unsure on how to use it. ...Read More
I had a fire I hired a cleaning and painting company they did a good job with it cleaning it was like 18,000 there were a few things in there that they didn’t do that they still billed me for. Then I heard them to do the painting I have a contract with them for about 42,000 which I have paid every penny of the contract that I have between him and me. They did a additional $5000 without ever getting anything in writing for me and they build my insurance company directly a lot of that work was terribly done and not complete I am refusing payment on this and they put a $21,000 lien on my property even though I don’t owe them anywhere near that...Read More
This is a residential project addition in Michigan. We are at final payment with the GC ($5175 remaining). The GC states he will provide a waiver of lien (he did not specifically state Unconditional Lean Waiver) and that all subcontractors have been paid. However, we (homeowner) have discovered some of the subcontractors have not yet been paid in full by the GC (know of 2, not sure if more). Does the GC Lean Waiver (or unconditional Leon waiver) protect the homeowner from one of these subcontractors Issuing a lien against our property? We requested copies of the sub lien waivers from the GC. The GC states that supplying those are not in the contract, and that he did not get lien waivers from everyone. He also states that it will cost the homeowner $100 per waiver if he provides them. What is the GC Legally liable to provide If requested and can he really charge the homeowner?...Read More
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We are a commercial roofing company. If it has been over 90 days that we were on site to perform work for a contract, but yet our service department was there for a "leak call" within that time, does that count towards the furnishing/lien dates? Does that extend our lien rights? ...Read More
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I kept up the property ie. cut grass, shovel snow etc.... am I able to file a lien ...Read More