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Got kicked off an unsigned paint contract with no warning and with no start or end date. Also had my equipment removed and they are teeing me to retrieve it at there office....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganConstruction Contract
We worked on the house of this contractor, we paid labor and material to Drywall, We need put a lien beacuse this guys don´t want pay us....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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MichiganLien Deadlines
Hello! I am a subcontractor working under a contractor. I do not do construction work, but provide tree removal services. In order to get paid, I've been asked to provide a sworn statement (in MI) along with my other paperwork. I don't know how to fill it out? I had no subcontractors under me. Just my employees. Do I list them? They aren't under contract per se, so I don't know how to fill in the form. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganLien WaiversPay Applications
I'm a law student, we have to find out "Where might we find answers to his questions in the Michigan statutes? What particular statute would apply if your friend has a specific question about a job that is only partially finished, but he still wishes to attach a lien?"...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Hi, I am starting a remodeling and maintenance business in Michigan. I am currently working on my builders license and have a website. My question is, are there things that I can't advertise on my website until I have a builders license? Or say things like replacing a toilet, unless I have or employ a licensed plumber? Thank you, Daniel...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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How much would it cost to put a lien on a property as I have an attorney that I fired and he has put a lien on my house and my hunting camp that I am in dispute with but the fired attorney has put down on my bill 3,450 dollars and I'm filing a grievance against him but I would like to know so I can put it on my letter to them ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganMechanics Lien
is the 90 day to file a lien written in stone. i mean if i did a job and the last money owned to me was to be given but was being lied to when i would get it. then they kept pushing back when i would get paid and the 90 is past days know, am i out of luck? is the 90 day 90 business days or just 90 days?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganRight to Lien
I installed a Garage door and the check had a stop payment on it and now my call has been blocked on here cell and now email address. Question the wife signed the contract for the door install but the husband is president of the trust is that an issue with proceeding with the lien? I do have a signed contract with the wife. They are now out of town....Read More
Anonymous Owner Designee
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Trying to close the lean I have active at the moment ...Read More
adrian Giron
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I have reviewed your prompt payment resources which are extremely informative. Do you have any information on which states prompt payment legislation also applies to design consultants (architects/engineers) and not only contractors. (note: I am looking for resources on all states - not just Michigan which was selected above)...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentOct 9, 2019
MichiganPrompt Payment
We are a GC from MI, did a project for a LL at a mall in Lansing, MI. The Landlord still owes us roughly $53,000. If we send them an Intent to Lien notice, do we only have 10 days then to file the actual Claim of Lien? And, when does the 10 days start, from the time we send the Notice through your service or from the time they receive the Notice? We completed the project in June but there was an issue with the glass that took a while to get the subcontractor back to complete his work. Not sure if the LL is now dragging his feet , ie: playing games with paying us just because the glass correction work took so long ......Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
2 answersAdd commentFeb 7, 2022
Last summer I was hired as a subcontractor to perform about 90 commercial roof inspections using a drone, an rgb camera, and an infrared camera. The end client is a very large commercial real estate and property management company. I have only been paid about 75% of the contract's total value. Up until a couple of weeks ago the company that hired me was saying I will get paid in full when they get paid. I sent an email inquiring about the situation yesterday, and now the company who hired me says I must talk only to their attorney. I do not know if the end client has paid the company that hired me. I sent an email to the end client trying to find out if they've paid the company who hired me, but I'm not sure if they're going to respond to me. I would very much like to file a mechanics lien, but I'm not sure if the law allows me to since this isn't a construction situation, per se. The roof inspections definitely have to do with the properties' maintenance and upkeep. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We install kitchen suppression systems in food trucks. Is there a way to have lien rights against that equipment? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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