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Can I apply a mechanic's lien on work in process for unpaid computer consulting work?

New Jersey

I'm validating a computer system for a small pharmaceutical company. They are unhappy with my last invoice for January and are currently refusing to pay it. I'm still working on the project, and at the end of this month I propose to submit January and February invoices together, and I'd like to cut off access to the document management system where the work is stored, until the bills are paid. Can I do this?

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Feb 23, 2018
First, mechanics liens are for payment security in the construction industry. A mechanics lien claim for non-construction work would not be proper. Specifically, the New Jersey mechanics lien statute provides lien rights for those that provide work, services, material or equipment that improves real property. There's little wiggle room for interpretation, too, as "improvement" under the statute is defined as "any actual or proposed physical changes to real property resulting from the provision of work, services, or material."
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May 24, 2023

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