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Hello, I had my old cast iron sewer pipes trenches out and replaced and the plumbing company didn’t seem qualified to do backfill and cement work. They didn’t compact the fill nor pin the new cement to old. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Insurance company took the lien agreement out of the noterized contract just because the register of deeds rejected it because it violated 2 of the Michigan Compiled laws for signatures, and than file suit with the rest of the contract that they like without the lien agreement and rejection letter from register of deeds...Read More
Randy Smith
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I am a Michigan residential builder. I am building a house in Michigan for a client who lives in Illinois. The title complany has sent Illinois paper work that they intend for me to use. Issue #1: Do I have to use their paperwork? Specifically for lien waivers... their's requires notary and I have never done this. Hard enough to track down waivers and this just isn't going to fly. I know Michigan does not require notarizing waivers but not sure if they can force me. Issue #2: My company is listed several times on sworn statement. When one item has been paid in full, do I provide a full unconditional even though I still have $$ to draw under other catagories or would I provide a partial unconditional?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganLien Waivers
I had moved in with my daughter to help with the house payments... I was going to move to Hawaii but I wasn't ready and all my money went to her for the house..All my thing were at her home and when things didn't work out she dumped me on my xmotherinlaw...the corona hit....the island closed and is still closed...I have an apartment now in Memphis Mi and want some of my things I left at her house ....I sent her a message on 1/29 stating to bring the small things to her grandmothers and the rest i didn't want....sent her an email stating what I wanted...Her grandmother just told her to bring her my things..my daughter said there isn't much....I think she destroyed or threw my things away....my photos of my travels to Hawaii severl time....europe etc...all my photos family etc on big box that was in her room stored under the stairs.....anyway some things that can not be replaced....can I give them a net worth and through a lien on her house?????on her personally?there also is a gem stone collection worth over $5000 ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganLien WaiversNotice of Intent to LienPreliminary Notice
The invoice received shows dated 7/28/2020, 8/7/2020 .If a deadline is missed to send out the prelim notices and notice of intent can we request an extension or our filing rights?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganLien WaiversPreliminary Notice
I had a big problem with a water leak in my mobile home and I needed a plumber, then a mold company and now a construction company to do renovations to my home. My problem is with the mold removal company -Maher in Walled Lake, MI. First, they wanted $4,200 down -which I paid. Then, they wanted $3,250 more -which I paid. My homeowners insurance paid very little of this because of their mold exclusion-limitation of $500 and they have a $13,000 cap for the maximum they will pay out for my policy. Maher without giving me any pre-warning of the amount and no itemization of what the amount was for, went and billed my homeowners for $15,000! Of this, my insurance paid $5,292 which exhausted the remainder of my $13,000 cap. Now, Maher wants me to pay the full $15,000 to them! I don't have that money. All I have is the $5292 that my insurance company paid. Also, Maher has my dishwasher in their storage and won't return it to me. Do they have a legal footing to sue me and win and/or put a lien on my home? Thank you for your advice!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Should I be signing partial, unconditional waivers inclusive of retainage not yet paid? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganLien WaiversMechanics Lien
We received as a property owner notice of furnishing in michigan from a supplier we never bought any materials from. Based on discussion with supplier they provided electrical materials to a subcontractor we fired and paid him 4 months ago but he did not pay his subcontractor. Please advise how to dispute lien...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganBonding Off Lien
Could you tell me what form I have to fill out to put Lien on Private property in Michigan. The contractor took my money upfront for painting my house and did not finish the job. He owned me $2342. I have a Judgement against him, but he did not pay me back....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganBack Charges
The construction company i hired to replace my fence is claiming they can’t refund me because they were struggling and used my money i paid for their business operations and not all on my project. Is it legal for them to use customers money on anything other than the project at hand?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
3 answersAdd commentMay 18, 2021
MichiganConstruction Contract
We had a brick cleaning contractor that hasn't completed the job and billed for the whole amount due. Then he is trying to charge $300.00 interest after only 7 days after I received the bill. He also said that he is going to lien the property and his lawyer fees are $3,800 which we will be charged. Our problem with paying the whole bill is that he caused damage to our customers brand new stainless steel hot tub with the acid wash he uses and us and the customer had to pay someone to try to buff it out to hopefully fix it. This was out of our pocket not the brick cleaners. We owe him $1,700 and we look it as a fair amount to pay him only $1,000 due to the damage and the uncompleted job. Can you please give me some advice for this situation on what we should do? Plus, is him trying to charge so much illegal?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganMechanics Lien
I am having a hard time getting.the insurance company to compensate for todays lumber prices on a loss I incurred. They originally said the premium had a 10% overage but are balking at giving ke any more money....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganCash Flow
I'm looking to register my LLC in Michigan and need to know if it needs to be a PLLC. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I had my bathroom remodeled and the shower was done wrong and not up to code therefore another company has to redo it. I want the half back I paid to this company along with material that is now wasted so I can pay a new company to redo and buy all new material. I had 4 companies saying it was done wrong and will rot and mold in a short period of time n tiles would crack n fall apart. Do I need a lawyer or maybe take it to a small claims court?? Guy who did my shower had never tiles before and I had no clue on that. Thank you for any information...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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If I the subcontractor did not send a Notice of Furnishing but also the Owner did not submit a Notice of Commencement does anyone have lien rights?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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MichiganNotice of CommencementPreliminary Notice