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I was working for a Contractor on a job site as an hourly subcontractor when the contractor told me he was going to severely under estimate the amount of hours from 80 that I had put in to 50, I walked off the job site immediately, I have proof that the kind of hours had absolutely nothing to do with my performance on the job site, he was simply trying to stiff me, do I have a right to compensation for the hours that I worked, can I obtain this through a lien, and is it a good idea to contact the homeowner personally before submitting a formal notice of intent?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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What would it cost me to file five liens, and 2) can I still file a lien in Kansas since I did not get an intent to lien signed ahead of time? I have two designers that owe us on five different properties. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I am a maintenance technician for a tax credit apartment building. Part-time position was what I was hired for and a couple of months into the job a maintenance technician from 2 other properties managed by the company we worked for decided to quit. The property manager I work for asked me to do some work on the other properties. So I thought I would be a team player and help. So the first project was carpet in an entire townhouse roughly 700 sq ft. I provided the carpet,seam tape and fuel back and forth which is a 90 mile round trip. I've provided 19 lbs of r22 freon several tstats and plenty of plumbing supplies etc... I provided the property manager with proper invoices for the materials and labor. Each item description of the unit used on and specifically detailed information on why I was charging them. So my property manager then tells me that they will not pay me back for the materials used to make the repairs. These properties are tax credit or 55+ low income housing and the residents have been asked to go without ac during 100° weather. What are my options for being repaid for my materials and labor? I've already spoken with the property manager about this and that's a dead end....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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There was no estimate on this job....customer had spent a lot of money on chemicals to remove mustard algae...pool looked like pea soup.....I said no way, not my forte....3 phone calls later I said ok.Took longer than she expected.....water was crystal clear and all algae was removed!...Read More
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