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What is the best programming solution and help?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Hello. Spring is coming and I want to clean myself up. I want to get a pedicure so that my feet are beautiful. ...Read More
natiol natali
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ArkansasProfessional Development
I have a customer that owes $2,654.56. We did not file a lien within the 120 days unfortunately. We trusted customer to pay. Is there anything we can do to file an extension? More
Kevin Cheader
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I'm a sub contractor worked for a large scale project for Walmart, but was hired through another contactor, who looks like pocked all the money, has not paid us or given us a call. when I do get a hold of him, all he does is stall, I got text messages as proof that this contractor is stalling. what should I do?...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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ArkansasRight to Lien
I have a problem because the contractor I was working for fired me before finishing the job, just because I was demanding the payment he owed me for the work done, after that he doesn't want to pay me and doesn't answer my calls and He hides me so as not to pay me and I need to recover my money, so I need the help of a lawyer to be able to do it. Tengo un problema porque el contratista al cual le estaba trabajando me corrió antes de terminar el trabajo, solamente porque yo le estaba exigiendo el pago que me debía por el trabajo realizado, luego de eso no me quiere pagar y no me contesta las llamadas y se me esconde para no pagarme y necesito recuperar mi dinero por eso necesito la ayuda de un abogado para poder hacerlo....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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ArkansasConstruction ContractCoronavirusLicensesMechanics Lien
I have quite a bit of money owed to me, 48k. I followed the process on filing a mechanic lien, only issue is that I'm a few days past the deadline, which level set classified it at risk of not getting paid, what are the probabilities of getting paid in this circumstance? spite the fact that I have messages and emails of merchant stalling on issuing a check....Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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Hi, We are a plumbing, hvac, electric service company. What option do I pick for the role we play in the project. I started with general contractor, but then was paused because we would be required to send a pre-construction notice. We don't do construction and are service, so are called out for same day repairs - no time to send a pre construction notice. What do you recommend picking as our role?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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Our client has refused to answer all calls and emails. We are still due our 10% retainage. What can we do at this point to collect?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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Hello forum members. Do you think it's worth it to start moving on your own? Or is it better to turn to professionals? I'm just about to move into a new apartment and I can't make up my mind....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArkansasBonding Off Lien
I have a contractor that I need to place a Lein for non payment. We performed work for this contractor at a residence that he was the contractor for. He doesn't not own the residence we performed work at. ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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Can I cash the check to make improvements. And what bank are u all tied to in little Rock Arkansas ...Read More
Lawanda Kennedy
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ArkansasProfessional Development
My company installed 10k worth of equipment for a customer. He paid the equipment fees up front with intent to pay labor once job was completed. Finished work May of 2022. Cx was on honeymoon and was supposed to make contact with ke after they returned. Cx total labor invoice with discounts was $3300+. When he made contact with me after 3 weeks, he informed me he has had other contractors come and inspect my work to which they gave a much lower price. Now customer doesn't want to pay for my services or finishing materials on-site and installed. He did pay $200 to which I told him I would take it off the total he owes. So current balance is $3100+. ...Read More
Johnathan Wilson
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did work at motel cerimic tiles .and removal of tolets and sinks with some minor frame alterations. and the manager wont pay up nor pay for the material out of my own pocket. .in arkansasa ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I was going to go into business with a contractor to build spec houses. I own the land. He was to do the work and we were to split profits after all expenses 50/50. I funded most aspects of the endeavor; materials, payroll, equipment rental, cash expenditures for materials and equipment. The contractor redirected many of these funds to the construction of his personal residence. His residence is now on the market and I want to attack a lien to recuperate my funds. He actually owes me approximately $235,000. His unfinished home and 15 acres are on the market for $225,000. I would like to lien for the max amount with funds available to pay the brokers/agents and whatever costs are require to pay out escrow. I have receipts for materials, equipment rental but I made payroll ($20K) in cash at his request. We have no formal agreements in writing. He misrepresented himself in multiple ways, I discovered his is a felon on parole, convicted of bank robbery, he as no contractors license, bonding or insurance. The ONLY way I have of regaining my losses are through this method. I will ultimately be filing criminal charges but I want to see if I can get some of my money back first. I sent out a LOI to lien 8.14.22 by e-mail, not exactly sure of the date he received the letter. To add further to the confusion, in order to cover himself, he has put his personal residence in his wife's name. I'm not sure if there is any other avenue to pursue funds. I'm fairly certain he has no money. He has recently been arrested and incarcerated for violation of parole (he pulled a gun and threatened to kill someone). Yep, my mother always told me I know how to pick 'em! ...Read More
Waiting for answerAdd commentAug 21, 2022
ArkansasMechanics Lien
We are a seasoned subcontractor but have never experienced a GC refusing to pay. It appears our luck has run out. Having never been in this situation before, please provide some guidance on the negatives of moving forward with a lien/notice of lien. We want to understand the full implications of what to expect....Read More
Holly Funderburk
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