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Release of lien on a project in VA.

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We are a subcontractor and filed a mechanic Lein on a project in Virginia due to payment issues. We're agreed on the final amount. How can we release the lien on the property? Thank you, Nalan Mutlu nalan@unitedstoneandtile.com

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Nov 11, 2020

To release a filed lien claim in Virginia, you'll need to fill out a lien release form and file it in the county recorder's office where the initial lien claim was filed. The release should include the owner and property information, along with your information and the relevant filing information (county where lien was filed, date filed, and other recording info that can be found on the filed copy of the lien). Additionally, ensure that the release has the proper formatting (font size, margins, etc) required for that specific recorder's office.


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