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17 other subs and suppliers have reviewed their experience with EMCOR Group for an average of 1.4 stars out of 5. 10 also included specific feedback. Read about their experience, what they enjoyed, and the constructive feedback they wanted to share.

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On average, 17 companies rated EMCOR Group with mostly constructive feedback on past and ongoing construction projects.






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Terrible. Very difficult to get paid. Actually, our last project we did not get paid. Avoid. Do not work with these people

  11 days ago

If you a cleaning company or other trade DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE! They'll do what ever they can to NOT pay you a fair rate and if you take the work they'll whatever they can to NOT pay at all!!! Horrible culture!

  3 months ago

Their payment process is awful. Worked for them 5 months ago and still not paid. Called multiple times and sent paperwork at least 4 times, but they can never find it. Just got an email today that said: "Just received your paperwork" and could expect payment in 30-45 days. Seriously, should have been paid 4 months ago!

  7 months ago

Horrible invoicing system. Takes forever to get paid. I'm losing money and time right and left with this group. Terrible.

  9 months ago

Red tape galore! Our office work for emcor is drastically more than any other company. They are extreme micro managers and exert overbearing control over every facet of the work then take too long to pay.

  10 months ago

It takes forever to get paid. I received payments for a project a year later.

  10 months ago

Pain to get paid Harder to collect payments than to do the work!

  10 months ago

Very very slow

  11 months ago

They may not pay without a PO but that is all.

  a year ago

Very slow payment. Lots of paperwork. They do not return emails or phone calls. We will not do business with them again.

  a year ago

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EMCOR Group ranks in the bottom 25% of U.S. contractors based on vendors' experiences.