EMCOR Group Permits and New Projects

According to available county records, EMCOR Group has filed 1 permits in 2020. See the number of permits filed, the value of these permits, and where they were filed. Permits are filed with county recorders and this information is published where available. Note that not all active permits may be shown here. Interested in seeing more permit information? Let us know.

EMCOR Group Permit Activity

Number of Permits

In this chart you can see the number of permits filed with various states. EMCOR Group has filed 1 permits in 2020. Permit activity is based on data available to Levelset.

Value of Permits

EMCOR Group filed 1 permits in 2020 for work valued at $600,000.00. Permit value information is based on permits publicly available.

EMCOR Group Permits by State

EMCOR Group has filed 1 permits in Washington.


1 Permits

Permit Pricing Breakdown


$10 - $50k
$50 - $250k
$250 - $500k
$500k - $1 million
$1 million +

EMCOR Group Permits History

Permit filed in Washington on 2/18/2020 at 1747 124th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005 for a Commercial project.

Source: Construction Monitor


19 130815 BZ



Permit Status


Contractors listed on Permit:

EMCOR Group , Albertsons Companies, Inc

Construction Type


Permit Description

Repair Freezer Wall

Recent Reviews

Terrible. Very difficult to get paid. Actually, our last project we did not get paid. Avoid. Do not work with these people

  6 months ago

If you a cleaning company or other trade DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE! They'll do what ever they can to NOT pay you a fair rate and if you take the work they'll whatever they can to NOT pay at all!!! Horrible culture!

  9 months ago

Their payment process is awful. Worked for them 5 months ago and still not paid. Called multiple times and sent paperwork at least 4 times, but they can never find it. Just got an email today that said: "Just received your paperwork" and could expect payment in 30-45 days. Seriously, should have been paid 4 months ago!

  a year ago
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