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Had area prepped, grass ,dirt removed and sprinkler relocated. I was thanked for assisting but despite several request for pricing none was provided. On the morning that the work was scheduled I was texted and informed that the crew were on their way. This text also stated the astronomical cost, first time I was given an estimate. I cancelled the job.

  3 months ago

CBM was the concrete contractor for my Centex home in Laurel Glenn , Johns Island. The concrete patio was incorrectly sloped.ie. Water pooled at the foundation against the TV room wall and sun-room wall. Michael and a Centex representative inspected the concrete deck and agreed that it did not meet the building code and agreed to remove and replace. I texted Michael several times to confirm when the work was to be accomplished and asked what it would cost to increase the patio from 12x12 to 15x17. I did not receive an answer. I further informed Michael (last week) that I would assist by removing the sod, sprinklers and excess dirt so that all that was needed was to form and pour. I confirmed again that the work was to be accomplished on 28 April and received a "Yes sir we still good" reply. Continued

  3 months ago

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