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-- / 850

Duke Realty Overview

Duke Realty is a Property Owner / Public Entity who has done 315 projects in the last 12 months and 1530 projects in recent years according to available project information.


Duke Realty brings a collaborative, owner-focused approach and a broad range of industrial construction services tailored to your specific needs. From site selection and scheduling to on-site supervis...

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On average, 4 companies rated Duke Realty with mostly positive feedback on past and ongoing construction projects.

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Very prompt and on time. Never any issues

  2 years ago

They're good to work with. We've worked several projects with them and think they look out for us better than the average owner. Wish payment was faster.. but I wish it was faster for all my projects in general

  2 years ago
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Duke Realty's Project and Payment History

Duke Realty has worked on 315 jobs in the last 12 months. Contractors and vendors reported being paid on-time on 97% of projects in the last 12 months. Duke Realty scores a B for payment and ranks in the top 75% of large property owners.

Slow payment reported (90+ days) for Commercial project in Shreveport, Louisiana at
1625 Corporate Dr, Shreveport, LA 71107


2 months ago

Work worth:

Over $10,000

Mechanics Lien filed at 2256 Junction Ave, San Jose, CA 95131

Claimant not directly hired by GC | Lien filed by Taylor Metal Products

Status: Active

Lien filed on:


Lien value:


Project Type:


Role of Filer:

Material Supplier

Filer hired by:


Property Owner:

Duke Realty

Other Companies on the Project:

Saddleback Roofing Inc.

Taylor Metal Products

Lien threatened for Commercial project in Perris, California at

Notice sent:

3 months ago

Lien threat value:

Over $60,000

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Risk Score
-- / 850
Top 75%Large companies
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About Duke Realty

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1000 S Pine Island Rd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324
111 S Calvert St Ste 1805 Baltimore, MD 21202 4108430700
1301 22nd St # 800 Oak Brook, IL 60523
1350 Houston Ave Houston, TX 77007
1421 Dallas Pkwy Dallas, TX 75254 3178086000
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