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I was never issued a NTO from the GC roofer but was notified of a lien 4 months after the job started. I contested the lien and never received any response from the roofer in the 60 days period and still have not. All inspections on my new construction was done through a Private provider hired by my GC. This has been a 18 months process due all other liens and my builder not willing to care of his obligation. We have paid over $30,000 of other valid liens and other cost trying to get this construction finished on our own but under the builder permit. We are finally at the end stage and all inspections have pass including the roof but now was told by the PP and builder that we could not apply for the CO without a roofer attach to the permit and sign off on by the roofer which we can't get. The city of Cape Coral advised without this they never will be able to issue us a CO. This is on top of all the aggravations we went through the last 18 months from the lender not asking for liens waivers, been notified by us that the subs were not getting , finally stopping the draws , also agreeing for us to keep the construction going but not releasing the funds causing us law suit and costly attorney fees and penalty to the liens holders and also charging us more interest and extension penalties. Also we had to convince the city to ask the builders to ask for revisions to the original plans since the builder didn't follow them and the PP never inspected according to them either. Anyway just wondering how we can keep the roofer from holding up our CO....Read More
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Contractor and I had many verbal disagreements re terms, service etc. they proceeded with work despite my telling them not to. (I was not present). I later find that they FORGED my signature on a Notice of Commencement THEY EXECUTED (same day as the estimate given) ansd their office NOTARY falsely notarized same (I have never been to that office, seen her, presented ID,etc). Then they filed this fraudulent document in Circuit Ct. Due to ongoing disputes, they filed a lien, and am now suing for foreclosure. Is a lien based on a fraudulent NOC valid? ...Read More
FloridaNotice of Commencement
Hi, Does the notice of commencement need to be notarized ?...Read More
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I say that the contractor can sign the NOC as the owners agent, yet I have colleagues that say no! As a GC myself I have signed many NOCs as the owners agent, but I have some jackass at my office that says no you can not!?!?...Read More
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I'm the owner of the house that I'm renting thru rental agancy. I need to change the roof. At the moment I'm out of the country. Can the property manager sign and apply for the NOC?...Read More
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We mobilized to a project out of state. The customer changes scope of work we were not set up to do. They said we can bill for the moblization The actual work was not performed until days later. Which would be the first day for the NTO, they first day of mobilization or the first day work was performed?...Read More
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What does interest in property mean. My mother is having demo work done and her form has that question. She owns the property outright...Read More
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We are in the process of building an ADU addition. Home Improvement Contracts require that start and end dates be provided. They also require specified dates for progress payments. How can I add the dates for progress payments if I don't know how long it will be until we get the necessary permits to begin work? Is there a seperate contract I can sign that guarantees we will get the job once we sumbit the applications for permits? Thank you ...Read More
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I was hired and have a signed agreement as a subcontractor by a restoration company that holds a GC license. The home was damaged in a fire and the company was hired to complete the entire restoration to the home. They have completed the work except for the covered screen lanai that I was hired to build. They have an NOC and their permit has not been closed out yet. The homeowner has refused to sign a new NOC for the screen enclosure portion of the job. I’m not sure if I should proceed to build the job or not. Also should I send a NTO? I would greatly appreciate some guidance. Thanks!...Read More
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As a contractor, is there one Notice of Commencement form we can use for all counties in Florida, or do we need a different form for every county?...Read More
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I am a General Contractor on a privet job over 100k in the state of LA- I filed a notice of contract to the property owner as required and he refused to sign the notice; Therefore, we can not submit a mechanics lien. I have two subcontractors who have not received payment because we (the GC) have not received payment. If these subcontractors submit a mechanics lien on the property and obtain payment- that would drop the cost of our project under 100k. Could we submit a mechanics lien then? ...Read More
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How much notice is required in michigan to give a tenant before construction of an entire property begins...Read More
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If a NOC doesn't need to be terminated why do all the title companies ask for it to be ...Read More
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we had a contractor tell us NOC's were not required to file lein if the amount was under $2500.00...Read More
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